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Give Your Home a Laid-back Look with Beaded Light Fixtures

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
Give Your Home a Laid-back Look with Beaded Light Fixtures

Cascading a more relaxed, bohemian take on the classic lighting, beaded light fixtures serve as real pieces of art as well as eye-catching jewelry for the space. Showing off the draping beaded garland strands and imitating traditional chandelier silhouettes, these light fixtures are always ready to make for a statement piece. Featuring a breezy and airy look, they can blend perfectly with almost any interior style - whether your home has a more rustic, farmhouse, Scandi, or boho styles. They look just as good in a living room or bedroom as they do dangling above the kitchen island or above the dining table. Composed of rugged materials such as wood, iron, and rope and available in different colors, beaded light fixtures have all of the elegance of glamorous showpieces. Scroll on to see the beaded lighting ideas that will give your home a laidback look.


Beaded Light Fixture Lighting Ideas for Your Living Room:


1. Sepia Wood Bead Garlands Send out a Carefree Vibe

Nothing provides a stunning decorative detail to this beach style living room like a big wood chandelier. The beaded light fixture’s airy shade consists of two tiers of wood beads designed to house five candelabra-inspired lights. Streaming down from the metal frame finished in rusty coffee, the wood bead strands taper out to the frame, then back in again to a small circular base. A gorgeous glow seeps through the cracks of the breezy wood bead garlands to send out a carefree vibe. The beige sofa, the beige area rug, and the tortilla wood tone of the table pick up on the color of the wood beads while its rusty coffee finish is a perfect fit for the pecan wood floor and the caramel cabinet. The ruddy blue armchairs and the cushions in coral and navy blue enhance the beach theme of the room.



2. Distressed Tortilla Finish Brings French Country Charm

The semi flush mount ceiling light serves to add overwhelming French country charm and strong visual presence to the living room. The beaded light fixture boasts a bunch of distressed tortilla wood bead garlands draping down from the frame to form an airy bowl shade. The laidback beaded curtain encircles two bulbs while the lamp-holders and arms are showcasing a unique two-way swirl design. Its beaded rim and the bottom accent complete the look and give a boho chic to the living room. The wood beads’ distressed tortilla finish works well with the rattan roller shades, tawny wood floor, and the tortilla cabinet. Pairing with metal, the wood beads make for a stunning play on materials. The coral cushions energize the room with a pop of color and provide an attractive eye appeal.


Beaded Light Fixture Lighting Ideas for Your Dining Room:


3. The Farmhouse Chandelier Elevates the Design

The farmhouse chandelier elevates the dining room design to new heights with its canopy, arms, top accent, metal frame, and lamp holders dressed in a rusty bronze finish, delivering a sweet note of rustic vibe to the space. Its metal frame and white wood beads add dimensions and send out an unexpected touch, making for a dramatic focal point. The beaded light fixture flaunts 18 tapering wood bead strands swagging from the top accent and 18 cascading wood bead garlands draping from the sleek circular frame. Five candelabra-inspired lights pointing upward are surrounded by the beaded curtain, allowing the lights to cast a diffused and lovely glow throughout the space. This space gets its unique character from the white chairs, the white cabinets, the white floor, white table legs, and the white walls that carry the luminaire’s color.


4. The Tiered Silhouette delivers The Wow Factor

The three-tiered wood beaded chandelier delivers a wow-factor in this traditional dining room with its tiered look. The light fixture features a unique basket-shaped style and a myriad of white wood beads that lend a breezy and laid-back touch to the room. Its shade consists of three tiers of wood beads draping from the metal frame in rusty bronze. Five candle style lights are enveloped in wood bead curtain, granting the light fixture a unique touch of character. It showcases tapering wood bead garlands on the upper two tiers and the wood bead strands swag down to create a fringed effect on the bottom tier. Its rusty bronze finish perfectly complements the burlywood tone of the dining table and the beaver brown upholstery of the chairs. The chandelier, the wood furniture, and the flowers infuse an organic aesthetic into the space.


Beaded Light Fixture Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom:


5. Alternating Crystal Beads and Wood Beads Energize the Space

The ceiling light’s canopy, lamp-holders, metal frame, and the rod are dressed in an antique dark brown finish, delivering a touch of rusticity to the interior. Its circular frame encases the candle style lights to add dimensions and unbeatable character to the bedroom. It is fitted with tapering bead strands swagging from the canopy and cascading bead garlands draping from the sleek circular frame. Its beaded curtain accentuates the alternating clear crystal beads and wood beads in distressed gray, prepping up the space with a bit of bling. The soft color palette consisting of the brown finish of the ceiling light , the bronze table lamps, and other dark brown decors provide a visually soothing feel to the space.


6. The Dangling Tassel Lends a Boho Chic

The two-tier chandelier delivers a pop of farmhouse style to the girl’s bedroom with its canopy, chain, wood beads, and lamp-holders in an ivory finish. The beaded light fixture’s ivory-hued strands on the upper tier cascade down all sides while the glamorous garlands on the lower tier showcase a basket silhouette and are joined at the bottom. Its metal frame, top accent, and bottom accent wrapped by tortilla hemp rope and the dangling tassel at the bottom convey an unrivaled level of boho chic to the space. The globe pendant light, the clock, and the nightstand scatter the presence of the chandelier’s tortilla accent throughout the space. Other bedding in blush pink and steel blue, the blush pink drapes, and the artworks exude femininity while their calming colors evoke relaxation in the bedroom.


Beaded Light Fixture Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen:


7. Acrylic Beads in Hot Pink Command Attention

The chandelier offers a look that is sure to grab more than just a few glances in the kitchen. The beaded light fixture’s canopy, arms, top accent, bottom accent and metal frame are fashioned with a polished nickel finish, making the space fizz with metallic glitz. The refrigerator, the oven, the backsplash, and the drawer pulls mimic the colors in the luminaire, somehow pulling the room together. The chandelier commands attention with the draping acrylic bead strands in hot pink and eight candle style lights supported by scrolling arms. It creates an explosion of light that provides ample illumination for cooking, food prep, and dining. The acrylic bead strands in hot pink, the blush pink peach blossom, and other pink decors add a vibrant twist to the space.


8. Light Teal Beaded Curtain Provides Rich Textural Appeal

A beaded chandelier serves as an instant texture boost in the kitchen with its basket style bead curtain. A trio of rods extending upward in a pyramidal shape suspend the chandelier, rounding out the design with a dose of edge. Its canopy, rods, and jute-wrapped metal frame adorned by a few hoops showcase a beige hue which is the perfect complement to the beige cabinets, the beige range hood, and the beige tiles. The luminaire’s light teal beaded curtain provides a pop of personality and rich textural appeal to the kitchen. The brisk color of the beaded light fixture, the baby blue chairs, and other blue decors add a feeling of relaxed nautical charm to the kitchen.



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