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Ten Semi Flush Mount Lighting Ideas Worth Considering

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

What type of light fixture can turn a bland ceiling into a focal point while accommodating different ceiling heights? Since some rooms do not have the needed clearance for hanging lights, semi flush mount ceiling lights are a perfect solution for such rooms. They hang several inches down the ceiling, leaving airspace between the ceiling and the fixture. A right semi flush mount ceiling light completes a room. It not only provides ample light to illuminate a space for general use, but simultaneously enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home as well. It will bring excitement and a dash of drama to your space without overpowering the rest of the space. Take a gander at our favorite semi flush mount lighting ideas to give your space plenty of personality in addition to comfort and function.


Semi Flush Mount Lighting Ideas for Your Living Room:


1.   A Bit of Boho Chic

The semi flush mount ceiling light boasts a bunch of distressed gray wood bead garlands draping down from the frame to form an airy bowl shade. The laidback beaded curtain encircles two bulbs while the lamp-holders and arms are showcasing a unique two-way swirl design. Its beaded rim and the bottom accent complete the look and impart a boho chic look to the living room. The wood beads bring an organic vibe and a little pizzazz to the opulent silhouette of the luminary. Pairing with metal, the wood beads make for a stunning play on materials. The coral cushions energize the room with a pop of color and provide a bold decorative detail with the luminary.



2.   An Array of Colors Command Attention

Featuring the copper foil technique, this Tiffany-style ceiling light’s canopy and lamp-holder are constructed of expertly handcrafted impurity-free stained glass. Its stained glass shade boasts floral patterns and commands attention with a beautiful array of colors in the living room. Four of the cushions on the sofas repeat the light fixture’s floral accent while they spread a saturated color palette around the room together with the light fixture. The white walls, tortilla sofas, syrup window frame, umber table, and hickory fireplace balance out the bright colors and keep the room from appearing too loud.


Semi Flush Mount Lighting Ideas for Your Dining Room:


3.   A Show-stopping Sunburst Silhouette

The trio of semi flush mount ceiling lights are showing off a sunburst-inspired look and a glittering brass finish, making for a show stopping addition to this traditional dining room. Their brass finish is echoed by the butterscotch hue appearing in the artwork, helping the look hang together. The luminaries are fitted with metal rods extending from the central dome in uneven lengths like rays from the sun. They playfully evoke a sense of sunshine and bring a touch of warmth to the room. Their mid-century modern style is a special throwback to the past. The lovely glow they radiate onto the artwork resembles a ray of sunlight shining on the forest, creating a fantastic light effect in the space.


4.   A Black-and-White Combo Creates a Contrast

A sleek circular design and double drum shade construction give this double drum ceiling light an elegant appeal. It consists of a translucent black exterior shade and a white interior shade, flaunting a classic black-and-white color palette. Its white interior shade maximizes reflectivity and disperses a gorgeous yet diffused glow to provide a soothing ambiance in the dining room. The tableware, the furniture, and the area rug mimic the black-and-white color combo of the luminary, which ties the decors of the room together. The lime tableware, tangerine flowers, and the orange color blocks in the artworks give the room an extra kick of refreshing elements.


Semi Flush Mount Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom:


5.   A Trapezoid Shade Plays with Geometry

A drum ceiling light is an amazing centerpiece to draw the eye upward with its marigold drum shade. Featuring a trapezoid silhouette, its fabric drum shade sports a touch of geometric design. Emitting a subtle glow, the light fixture turns the bedroom into the cozy escape to have sweet dreams. It blends seamlessly into the room and pairs perfectly with the orange walls, the orange chair, and the artworks accentuating the similar color. Playing up a complimentary color to orange, the blueberry area rug with star accent balances out the bright colors so that they won’t overwhelm the space. Blueberry and orange make for a soothing color palette that gives the room a sense of tranquility.


6.   Schoolhouse Ceiling Light for an Elegant Touch

Flaunting a polished nickel finish, this schoolhouse semi flush mount ceiling light livens up the room with metallic pizzazz. Its elegant mouth-blown opal glass shade is a beautifully detailed glasswork crafted by skilled artisans. The lovely lampshade looks like a special barn shade with curved edges, giving a fresh take on the bedroom’s coastal style. It is a great fit for the beige wood-clad ceiling, the beige walls, and the white bedding in the bedroom. Red, white, and coral create the traditional coastal color scheme that exudes soothing energy and makes for a serene shelter.


Semi Flush Mount Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen:


7.   Mini Ceiling Lights Make an Amazing Statement

The kitchen is brightly-lit by a bunch of glass ceiling lights. Sporting a chrome finish, these mini light fixtures make an amazing statement in the space with a boost of brightness. The luminaries’ opal glass shades enhance their visual depth and beauty and are sure to draw the eye upward. They play well with the white ceiling, white walls, white chairs, and other white furnishings. The fern green cabinets, the olive green shelf, the juniper green and white backsplash, and the baby blue door add just the right amount of bold colors to the kitchen. The light fixtures and other furnishings in muted colors provide visual relief from the intense colors.


8.   Fluted Shades are Instant Texture Boost

Featuring a glistening polished nickel finish, a pair of semi flush mount ceiling lights offer a mesmerizing contrast against the white ceiling, the white subway tile backsplash, and the white cabinets. Their fluted glass bowl shades in beige lend an elegant edge and make for an instant texture boost. The light fixtures’ polished nickel finish is suggested by the range hood, the oven, and the coffee maker. The red-and-white floor, red container, red wall decor, and other furnishings in red bring smaller doses of red color into the kitchen and keep the color palette from getting boring along with the luminaries.


Semi Flush Mount Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom:


9.   A Mimi Bowl Shade Adds Visual Interest

A mini ceiling light adds visual interest to the bathroom with its adorable opal glass bowl shade. Finished in brushed nickel, the light fixture peps up the room with a bit of bling. Emanating a warm and subtle glow, it offers a relaxing atmosphere for you to chill out. A pair of wall lights flanking the mirror pick up on the chrome finish of the ceiling light and repeat its opal glass accent, pulling the room together in a unique way. The olive furnishings, the artworks featuring starfish, and the green plants add a refreshing element and a natural touch to the bathroom.


10.   A Crystal Ceiling Light Serves as Eye Candy

Every visitor walks into this traditional bathroom will be bedazzled by this attention-grabbing crystal ceiling light. Its white fabric drum shade softens the clean lines of the bathroom and coordinates with the white cabinets, white bathtub, and the white ceiling. The luminary plays up the shimmery beads of clear crystal glamorously dangling in the middle of the drum shade, serving as the eye candy to grab attention. The wall sconces, the pulls of drawers, and the tapware all bring out tones from the ceiling light. They somehow carry the chrome finish throughout the rest of the room and create a cohesive look.



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