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10 Swing Arm Wall Lamp Lighting Ideas to Complete Any Room

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

Finding the perfect lighting fixture for your home is never an easy task. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin. What do you think is the best way to define a perfect light fixture? It should be versatile enough to fit well in virtually any room in your home and should be able to provide ample lighting to even the hard-to-reach areas. Do such kinds of light fixtures really exist? Yes, they sure do. What you need is a swing arm wall light. It adds functional style to your home and takes up minimal space. These light fixtures extend from the wall and offer sufficient illumination for you to perform various tasks more effectively. Follow our lead for the swing arm wall lamp lighting ideas and give your home a little revamp.


Swing Arm Wall Lamp Lighting Ideas for Your Living Room:


1. A Mid-century Modern Vibe

A pair of swing arm wall lamps installed above the sofa and send out a hint of mid-century modern vibe. Their mounting brackets’ brushed nickel finish energizes the home decors with a touch of glitz. Their white lampshades deliver a muted style and a touch of elegance to the room. Flaunting a trumpet-inspired look, the white lampshades create a stark contrast against the rest of the furnishings while they blend seamlessly into the white walls. The light fixtures emit a soft and welcoming glow that creates a wonderful atmosphere for gatherings. The lilac flowers and the violet vase save the living room’s neutral color palette from being boring.


2. Dual Finish Adds Visual Impact

A duo of swing arm wall lamps illuminate the sitting area of the living room. Their canopies and swing arms are dressed in chrome finish while their trapezoid shades feature a white color. Their dual finish showcases an industrial-inspired style and adds alluring visual impact to the room. The lampshades repeat the white color of the walls while their chrome finish is echoed by the stainless steel decorations. The luminaries, the black-and-white artwork, the white walls, the taupe sofa, and the tawny wood floor provide the perfect canvas for the emerald-and-gray area rug, emerald cushion, the green plant, and other furnishings in bold colors to shine.


Swing Arm Wall Lamp Lighting Ideas For Your Dining Room:

3. Cone and Satin Nickel

The dining room can definitely grab a few glances with a pair of wall lamps mounted near the dining table. Coated in satin nickel, the light fixtures flaunt their unique dome shades and elevate the decors with their glossy finish. Each wall light is fitted with an adjustable multi-jointed arm that lets you direct light exactly where you need it. The subtle glow they disperse creates a warm atmosphere for a happy mealtime. The robin’s egg blue vases and containers bring small doses of bright colors into the room and reinforce the beach-style aesthetic of the dining room.


4. Fabric and Trapezoid

A duo of swing arm wall lamps’ canopy, arms, and lamp holders are fashioned with an oil-rubbed bronze finish for a classic touch. Offering subtle texture and an elegant flair, the modern wall sconces’ trapezoid fabric beige shades blend perfectly with the white walls, the white blinds, and the white cabinets. Their dark brown finish is voiced by the artwork, the pulls, the tortilla dining table, and the chocolate brown wood floor. The red chairs add just the right amount of color to the space. The muted colors such as brown, beige, or white balance out the bright color so the dining room will not appear too loud.


Swing Arm Wall Lamp Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom:

5. Black and Dome

Finished in matte black, a dual of wall lamps are playful additions to this kids’ bedroom with their lovely mini dome shades. With an adjustable arm, they are perfect for placement above nightstands or beside the bed as task lights for reading. Giving off warm light rays, the luminaries serve to make this bedroom a serene shelter. The quilt, the pillow, and the artwork on the nightstand bring out the similar green tones from the dark teal ottomans. The botanical-themed patterns on the bedding and the area rug add a refreshing natural touch to the space.


6. Brass and Bell

The swing arm wall lamps above the headboard give a wow factor and a boost of brightness to the bedroom with their antique brass finish. The light fixtures’ functional and multi-jointed swing arms allow you to direct the light up and down. The soft and soothing glow they radiate creates a perfect dreamland for bedtime. Their glistening finish sets them apart from the white walls, white bedding, and the white table lamps. The luminaries somehow tie the decors of the bedroom together as their antique brass finish coordinates with brown furniture and the brass picture frame.


Swing Arm Wall Lamp Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen:

7. Gold and Dome

Flaunting a gold finish, the swing arm wall lamps mounted beside the cabinets give the kitchen dramatic decorative impact and metallic pizzazz. They are a perfect fit for the tortilla wood-clad ceiling and the wood floor. Their mini dome shades bring a ton of eye appeal to the kitchen. They can be moved freely thanks to their adjustable arms and they are a versatile choice for kitchen lighting. They work wonders in the space and make your food prep and cooking more interesting. Along with the wall lights, the navy blue cabinets add zing to the kitchen with their vibrant colors.


8. Glass and Brown

A pair of glass wall sconces introduce a bit of vintage flair into the kitchen with their oil rubbed bronze finish. With the clear glass cone shades boasting excellent light transmittance, the luminaries emanate an awesome and diffused glow to the kitchen. Their oil rubbed bronze finish is well-suited to the chocolate brown kitchen shelves, the copper containers, the tawny wood decorations, and the tortilla wood floor. Four chairs in carrot orange placed near the countertop give the kitchen a unique character while incorporating a bright color into an otherwise neutral space.


Swing Arm Wall Lamp Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom:


9. Shiny and Dome

Being characterized by a shiny brushed nickel finish, a duo of swing arm wall lamps perk up this eclectic bathroom with a glint of glamour. The pivoting arms of the light fixtures can swivel up and down for focused lighting. Their lovely glow provides a restful ambiance to relax. The light fixtures, the mint green wall, the turquoise mirror frame, and other furnishings in turquoise, spring green, and soft light lime spread the joyous color palette around the bathroom. The beige drapes, the beige bathtub, the white stool, and the mocha brown wood floor serve to keep the bold colors from going over the top.


10. Brass and Glass

A trio of glass wall lamps add an exciting visual element to the farmhouse bathroom with their shimmery brass finish. Feel free to adjust their multi-jointed arms and their clear glass cone shades to illuminate your vanity in the way you want. The brass wall sconces directly mounted to the mirror enhance the lighting impact for grooming with little glare and provide great task lighting. Their brass finish stands out against the white walls and the beige tiles while it is also the perfect complement to the tortilla vanity.



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