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What You Need to Know about Cleaning Glass Pendants

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

Glass pendant lights are one of the most elegant light fixtures in the market. It is installed on the ceiling to give ambient lighting. A perfect glass pendant will not only be attractive, but also be functional. Generally, glass pendant lights are used in the kitchen and dining area.  Moreover, it is important to maintain glass pendants to improve their durability. One important step of maintenance is cleaning. The cleaning process is easy when you have the basic knowledge. Let’s see what you need to know about cleaning glass pendants.


Equipment Needed for Cleaning Glass Pendants

Before you start the cleaning process, you should have the following tools:



    • Sturdy chair or a stepladder


    • Warm water


    • Rubber gloves


    • Newspaper


    • A clean and old towel or bed sheet


    • Glass cleaner or soap


    • Soft microfiber cloth


    • Screwdriver



Light Cleaning Process

Turn off the Power

The most essential point you should note is to switch off the power before cleaning glass pendants. Avoid touching it with wet hands. Handling an electrical light fixture with wet hands can give you a shock. Wait for the bulb to cool before you touch it.


Place a Piece of Cloth on the Ground

Glass pendant lights can accumulate a lot of dust and you do not want to mess up the clean floor. You can take an old towel or bed sheet and place it on the floor. It will hold the dust when cleaning the glass pendant light.


Put a Ladder or Chair

The glass pendant is always installed high up on the ceiling. As a result of this, you need something to reach the light fixture.  Take a stepladder or a chair and place it on the ground. Ensure you are comfortable with the height that prevents you from straining.  Moreover, the chair or the ladder should be sturdy enough to hold your weight. You do not want to slip or feel uncomfortable on the chair or ladder.


Put on Rubber Gloves

Gloves help to prevent exposure of skin to chemicals found in glass cleaners. Some detergents will do harm to your skin and cause burns or skin rashes.  In addition to that, gloves are good preventive measures to protect the hands from bacteria during cleaning. Lastly, cleaning with bare hands can leave fingerprints on the fixtures.


Remove Dust from the Glass

You need a soft microfiber cloth to remove dust from the glass. Take the piece of cloth and clean from the top to the bottom. Also, you should clean the parts attached to the pendant light such as plastic and metal. Do it gently and ensure the excess grime and dirt are removed.


Clean the Bulb

Most homeowners forget to clean the bulbs. Dirty bulbs make the glass pendant light look unattractive. In addition to that, they make the light fixtures less efficient in saving energy. Clear bulbs will shine brightly without leaving blurry shades.


Wipe the Cables

After you finish cleaning the bulb, clean the cables.


Deep Cleaning

After cleaning the glass pendant light, it is good to do a deep cleaning at the end of every year. Here are the steps for deep cleaning:


Switch Off the Power

Like mentioned before, turning off electricity is the first thing you should do. Wait until the bulb cools down.

Remove the Glass Shade

For deep cleaning, you should remove the glass shade.  This will depend on how the piece is put together. Generally, you have to remove the bulb first then the fixture. Take the bulb out of the socket carefully.  Moreover, unscrew the cables that hold the glass.


Use Warm Water

Place a newspaper on the floor. Shake any dust available in the shade. Take a basin and pour warm water into the basin. Add soap until the water becomes soapy. Put the glass shade into the basin and let it soak for a few minutes.


Wipe the Light Fixture

After removing it from water, take a soft piece of cloth and wipe the shade. Clean inside and outside following circular movements.  You can use a glass cleaner if the glass is greasy.  However, you should not put it directly on the glass. Apply glass cleaner with a piece of cloth.

Dry the Pendant

Use a clean and soft towel to dry off the water.

Use a damp piece of cloth to clean the light bulb. Dry it completely.


Fix the Shade

After everything is dry, reassemble the parts and switch on the light.


Precautions and Rules of Cleaning Glass Pendants


  • Switch off the main switch that supplies electricity in the house. You can inform your family members when cleaning the glass pendant to avoid inconveniences like switching on the switch without your consent.


  • Put the chair or ladder evenly on the ground.


  • Clean the fixture at least once a week. This will help to reduce dirt accumulation.


  • Do not use a dishwasher to clean the pendant.


  • Never spray liquids directly on the glass shade


Advantages of Cleaning Glass Pendants


Improve Durability

The process of cleaning glass pendants is the best way to improve durability.  It removes excess dust on the fixture.


Inspection is a Crucial Step in Maintenance

Inspection is a way of maintaining a glass pendant. You can only inspect the light during the cleaning procedure. It will help you to find broken wires or parts that do not function well. Then you can call an electrician or a professional who will deal with the issue before it becomes worse.



Cleaning glass pendants on your own will give you the experience of handling fragile things. Furthermore, you will be able to cut the costs of hiring a professional cleaner.



Cleaning the light bulb will make it emit a lovely glow. A dirty bulb cannot shine well. Additionally, it becomes less effective in saving energy thus you have to replace it.



The most important way for you to maintain glass pendant light is proper cleaning. Besides, the number of glass pendant lights you need depends on the size of your room. For example, a large room looks amazing with several mini pendants suspended at a proper spacing. Moreover, glass pendants come in a wide range of finishes such as black, white, gold, and bronze. Pick the type of finish that complements the rest of your home.



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