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Seven Types of Kitchen Light Fixtures Available on Claxy

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

Kitchen light fixtures are very important because they help decorate the house apart from providing sufficient light. When making plans for remodeling or updating your kitchen, you have probably visited various websites searching for kitchen pendant light fixtures by viewing photos online or from magazines to get inspired. Therefore, you have probably noticed how lighting or the illumination from the pendant lights enhances the design. They give off a far-reaching glow all around your kitchen thus there is no need for using other supporting lights.


Whether you enjoy cooking every day, rarely stay in the kitchen because you are too busy to cook, or have someone to prepare the meals for you, your kitchen needs to be both attractive and functional. What you need is good-looking and versatile lighting to provide sufficient illumination for your cooking, cleaning, crafting, and other kitchen chores. Kitchen pendant lights should be a perfect choice for providing proper ambient lighting for work areas, highlighting the kitchen island, and making everything you do in the kitchen interesting.


Seven Types of Lighting Fixtures to Consider for Your Kitchen Include: 


     1.  Dining Area Fixtures

Kitchen remodeling projects involve opening up an existing floor to put an underutilized dining room in use or renovate the space to create a dining area. Fixtures that are chosen for dining areas of a kitchen are generally stylish and attractive. For such space, why not consider some of the uplight Chandeliers from Claxy such as Rustic Shabby Chic Wood Chandelier Distressed White Candle Style and Crystal Pendant Chandelier for Dining Room with Bronze Metal Cube? They bring both a well-designed flair and a decorative appeal to the space lighting up the dual islands efficiently.


2. Kitchen Island fixtures

The kitchen island light fixtures are long and narrow. Typically, they include two or more downward lights which also feature decorative elements. They are designed to provide sufficient light over kitchen islands and other long countertop surfaces for ambient illumination. Use the Farmhouse Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Black Brass Pendant, Five-Light Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting in Wood Finish, Vintage 3-Light Kitchen Pendant Lighting, Golden Bronze, and other kitchen lighting provided by Claxy to glam up your island or countertop.


Decorative Pendant Lights

The decorative pendant lights for the kitchen come in different materials, and styles. Pendant lights at Claxy bring alluring visual impact and add wow factor to the kitchen. Give these light fixtures from Claxy a try: Modern Polygon Wire Cage Pendant Light Brass Socket, Modern Mini Bell Glass 3 Light Pendant Fixture. Your kitchen will never be the same again with these eye-catching pendants.

The decorative features catch everyone’s eyes when the white globe’s light suspends from dark metal rods, showcasing an architectural element and adding character to an elegant kitchen. The pendants can also be used as under-cabinet lights to illuminate task areas in the kitchen.


     4.    Multi-light Pendants

A multi-light pendant provides ample illumination and emanates stunning light rays to the surface of an island. You can light up the island with these multi-light pendant lights from Claxy: Brass Industrial Glass Pendant Lights Barn Shape 3 Pack, Farmhouse 3-Light Hanging Pendant Chandelier Cage Shade, and Farmhouse Mason Jar Pendant Island Chandelier 6-Light.


    5.    Flush Mount or Semi-flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Most kitchens are fitted with a flush mount or semi-flush mount ceiling light. They are installed against the ceiling and take up much less space. Therefore, they are a great choice for ambient lighting, emitting a wonderful glow beyond the center of the room.


    6.    Track Lighting

The track lighting is a lighting preference for any kitchen. Pendant lights can also be mounted to a track where multiple bulbs create ambient light. Each light can be adjusted on the track to suit different lighting needs.

There is something you should know when you use a track light:



    • Tracks are flexible and can be curved.


    • Their installation process is simple.


    • It’s easy to direct the lights to the task areas for general lighting and decorative elements.


    • The track lighting system uses LED lights mostly that generally have a longer lifespan and do not require frequent or regular replacement of bulbs.


    • Determining the number of lights you should use is easy as it depends on the size of your kitchen.


    • A track lighting system is used in highlighting the kitchen ceiling and to complement the contemporary design of the kitchen.





   7.    Chandeliers

Sporting classic touch and grandiose styles, chandeliers complete the aesthetic with a large dose of texture and a ton of eye appeal. Pick one of these kitchen light fixtures from Claxy to spruce up your island: Rustic Shabby Chic Wood Chandelier and  Distressed White Candle Style and Crystal Pendant Chandelier for Dining Room with Bronze Metal Cube.



The kitchen is the heart of every home so it should look great. Proper lighting is important because it helps in enhancing the design of the house. There are so many designs that you can try when it comes to brightening up the kitchen. For example, track lights, chandeliers, pendants, dining area, and kitchen island fixtures. Don't forget to follow the rules when installing your fixtures. Getting the right sizes and hanging heights can also affect how your kitchen looks. Remember not all designs can coordinate with your kitchen so you need to choose wisely.



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