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8 Industrial Pendant Lighting Hacks to Elevate Your Kitchen

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

As the heart of a home, a kitchen is the space where you spend a lot of your time in preparing the food, cooking your meals, and also getting together with your friends or family members. When you intend to purchase new light fixtures for your kitchen, will you prefer the luminaries right on trend or those that will last for long? Maybe there is something that can meet both of your requirements. Give industrial pendant lights a try.


Industrial design seems to be one of the design trends that can stand the test of time owing to its robust materials. During the past decade, industrial design has seen a surge in popularity. Industrial pendant lights are crafted of raw wood, metal, rope, and glass that may have been used in a factory or industrial setting. They effortlessly combine utilitarian elements with a cool, vintage appeal. Allow us to inspire you with the industrial pendant lighting hacks that are perfect for your kitchen.


      1.   Turquoise and Barn

This farmhouse kitchen is perked up by a trio of industrial pendant lights in a bright color above the dining table. Their turquoise metal barn shades flaunt a white interior to maximize reflectivity. The light fixtures feature a hollow design on the upper part of its lampshade and you can directly see the bulb through the hollow part, which makes them unique. The uplifting red color of their cords is matched by a red cabinet while the backsplash, the roller shades, and some of the containers repeat the turquoise hue of their barn shades. The green plant, the furnishings in turquoise, and the wood furniture add a natural touch to the space.


      2.   Dark and Bell

The canopies, cords, and lamp holders of a pair of industrial pendants hanging over the kitchen island are fitted with an oil-rubbed bronze finish. With a dark finish, they contrast the wood-clad white ceiling and the white cabinets while working well with the nut-brown wood floor and the tawny wood table. Exuding an inviting and diffused glow, the luminaries’ clear glass bell shades showcase curved edges and command attention with their muted elegance. The Carolina blue kitchen island, the red cooking utensils, and the apricot containers bring just the right amount of color to the space.


      3.   Caged and Emerald

A duo of industrial kitchen pendant lights are guaranteed to grab a few glances with their brisk emerald finish. Their distressed emerald bowl shades introduce a bit of rustic touch to their industrial look. The wire cages encircle the exposed bulbs and their caged look allows the lights to shine through freely and give off a welcoming glow. Their bright hue blends well with the light teal kitchen island for a refreshing coastal vibe. The tortilla wood floor, tawny wood countertop, and the wooden legs of the white chairs infuse a farmhouse chic into this beach style kitchen.


      4.    Multicolored and Globe

A trio of globe pendants serve as perfect task lighting for food preparation in the kitchen. Their lovely rounded shades feature a classic color combo of black, white, and warm brass, showcasing the beauty of geometry. The range hood, the countertops, the tapware, the drawer pulls, and the white walls bring out white and brass tones from the light fixtures and somehow carry the color palette through the space. The furnishings’ brass accents spruce up the space with their metallic pizzazz. The kitchen island in cornflower blue brings zest and decorative impact to the kitchen along with the light fixtures.


      5.     Bell and Glass

A trio of industrial glass pendant lights style up the space and give the kitchen island a bit of classic touch with their oil rubbed bronze finish. Their hand-blown clear glass bell shades are crafted with the finest artistry and technique. These lampshades give depth and texture to the traditional pendants, making for a graceful addition to the kitchen. The dark brown finish of the luminaries is the perfect complement to the gingerbread wood floor and the tawny wood cabinet. The upholstery featuring floral patterns, teal, and daffodil imparts intense colors and brings an organic aesthetic to the kitchen.


      6.     Globe and Sapphire

Three globe pendant lights over a long countertop radiate a touch of sophistication with their sapphire glass lampshades. Their circular shades soften the clean lines in the space and warm up the cool air of contemporary design. Being coated in an oil-rubbed bronze finish, their canopies and lamp holders blend perfectly with the ochre brown cabinet, the walnut brown chairs, and the caramel wood floor. The bright-colored luminaries make a bold statement and stick out against the white ceiling and the white countertop. The sapphire hue of the globe shades is voiced by the area rug which gives this farmhouse kitchen the major glamour along with the light fixtures.


      7.     Clear Glass and Cylinder

The industrial pendant lights hanging above the dining area of the kitchen are constructed of hand-blown seeded glass with dots of bubbles in the glass. Their glass cylinder shades give the kitchen a dreamlike vibe and flaunt elegant geometry. Being finished in brushed nickel, their canopies, rods, and lamp holders in shiny finish contrast the glass lampshades and add an exciting visual element to the space. The stainless steel ovens, pulls of drawers, and range hood pick up on the silverish color of the light fixtures. The cerulean containers, cerulean cups, and the upholstery in baby blue and blueberry blue add a pop of color to the kitchen and evoke a sense of the sea.


      8.     Apricot and Caged

A duet of industrial pendants boast spectacular clear glass bowl shades that are protected by a wire cage, imparting a factory-inspired chic to the kitchen. Each bowl shade is topped with an apricot cone, adding a bit of playful touch to the space. Their cages, rods, and canopies are dressed in a gleaming brass finish which complements all the pulls of drawers and cabinets and ties the kitchen together. The spring green chairs, butter seat cushions, and apricot containers add alluring visual interest to the kitchen and spread a joyous color palette around the space along with the luminaries.



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