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10 Ways to Add Texture to Your Home with a Globe Chandelier

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

If your home decoration style is characterized by clean lines and cool air of modern sophistication, is there any way to balance out and introduce a bit of warmth into the space? The easiest solution is to invest in an eye-catching globe chandelier. Flaunting one single sphere or a cluster of orbs, a globe chandelier is the best way to soften the clean lines and warm up the cool air of modern design.


Ornate or plain, globe chandeliers convey an aura of elegance of their own and serve as an instant conversation starter owing to their lovely circular profile. Being crafted of crystal, glass, and metal, and other materials, they are impressive enough to draw the eye upward to an unexpectedly glamorous play on materials. If you are interested in breathing new life into your living spaces, please take a peek at our roundup of some cool ways to add texture to your home with a globe chandelier.


Globe Chandelier Lighting Ideas for Your Dining Room:


1.   Pierced “Disco Balls”

Being beautifully crafted of resin, a pair of globe chandeliers are guaranteed to command attention with their avant-garde look. Their white orb silhouette boasts a myriad of perforations, allowing for a luminous glow to seep through the holes and creating intriguing light effects and shades on the walls. This living room is a relaxing place for entertainment with luminaries’ whimsical globe shades that are made to resemble a disco ball. The blueberry blue area rug repeats the circular accent of the chandeliers while the drapes and the chairs bring out tones from the light lemon yellow sofa and the soft turquoise armchair.


2.   Opal Glass Lends a Muted Style

The globe chandelier standing alone above the table is an instant texture boost that dresses up the living room. Its opal glass shade lends a muted style to the room while pairing nicely with the white ceiling and the white table. A quartet of chains extending upward in a pyramidal shape suspend the chandelier from the iron band in the middle of the globe shade. Being coated in an antique brass finish, the light fixture is a great fit for the walnut wood tone of the floor and other brown furnishings. Along with the light fixture, the chairs, cushions, and the table lamp stem all in tangerine incorporate color into an otherwise neutral room.


3.   A Bold Statement with A Wooden Sphere

Eight curvy wood strips in a sepia finish were all put together to form an open globe shade, making a bold statement with its rustic design. A cylinder opal glass shade dangling in the middle of the sphere encases a bulb that gives off a dreamy and subtle glow. The wood chandelier’s airy and breezy look allows the light to shine through freely, making for a carefree ambiance whenever you have a gathering with your friends and family members. Its sepia wood-tone plays well with the beige wall and the white window frames. The teal upholstery of the chairs and the teal cushions are matched by the white-and-teal curtains.


4.   Enliven the Space with Chrome Finish

This multi-light chandelier is no wonder the center of attraction in the dining room. Its hanging rods and the lamp holders flaunt a chrome finish which enlivens the space with a metallic pizzazz. With six clear glass globe shades suspended by straight rods, the light fixture casts a welcoming and awesome glow and makes for a breath-taking addition. The luminary’s rounded accent is voiced by the circular rattan area rug and the round table. The walls, doors, and window frames all in blueberry blue bring intense color and rich visual interest to the space.


Globe Chandelier Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom:


5.   A Playful Look with Capiz Petals

Showcasing a glamorous combination of light and art, hundreds of capiz-shell petals form a rounded floral silhouette. The petals feature a dual finish of white and brown, a great match for the white area rug, white bedding, and the brown wood floor. Its flower petal accent also appears in the wall decor while the cushions and drapes repeat its spherical element. The playful light fixture’s curvy look, the mauve walls, and the mauve bedding give off a calming sense of serenity to create a tranquil retreat in the bedroom. The red furnishings introduce small doses of bright colors to add zest to the space.


6.   A Touch of Modernity with a Multi-globe Chandelier

This mid-century bedroom is bathed in the light of a multi-globe modern chandelier. Being exquisitely crafted of hand-blown clear glass, the globe shades of the light fixture are supported by a three-sided triangular metal frame. This ten-light luminary brings splendor into the bedroom and plays with geometry and shapes. Boasting a walnut brown finish, it partners perfectly with the gingerbread cabinet, the butterscotch pillows, and the caramel wood floor. The light fixture’s spherical accent is echoed by the table lamp. The area rug in crimson adds excitement to the room along with the chandelier. Furnishings in brown, crimson, white, and black create a calming color scheme that makes this bedroom a soothing sanctuary.


Globe Chandelier Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen:

7.   Bronze and Metal Bands

A duo of globe chandeliers spice up the kitchen with their fantastic satin nickel finish. These three-light luminaries are boldly fitted with transverse bands for an attractive eye appeal and stand out against the white ceiling, the white countertop, the white walls, and the white cabinet. Their satin nickel finish is the perfect complement to the syrup brown wood floor and the gingerbread wooden legs of the chairs. The drawers pulls and the tapware all carry the chandelier’s glossy finish. The ruby-red chairs and other furnishings in red bring the dramatic finishing touch and the perfect amount of color into the space.


8.   Seeded Glass Brings Dreamlike Vibe

A trio of three-light globe chandeliers add a pop of vintage style to the kitchen with their oil-rubbed bronze finish. Each light fixture is accented with three seeded glass globe shades, creating a dreamlike light effect. Those gently curved scrolling arms suspend the glass shades and complete the aesthetic with stunning decorative detail. Providing oodles of downlight for food prep and cooking, they coordinate with kitchen stools, the drawer pulls, the cabinet pulls, and other brownish furnishings. The rooster decor on the countertop and the artwork on the range hood add weight to the space along with the luminaries.


Globe Chandelier Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom:

9.   A Bit of Exotic Touch

You should try to add an unbeatable character to your bathroom with one of these globe chandeliers. Being dressed in gold, these light fixtures elevate the decor with their pierced filigree look. The drama is taken up a notch when the scrolling arabesque pattern on the globes imparts a bit of exotic touch. Their airy design allows for a delicate and gorgeous glow to seep through the cracks and creates the illusion that there are intricate patterns on the ceiling. The light fixtures’ gold finish also appears in the wall lights and the drawer pulls, pulling the decors into a cohesive unit.


10.   An Atom-inspired Design for a Surprising Twist

The bathroom gets its unique texture from a globe chandelier above the bathtub. The light fixture is an instant eye-catcher that offers a surprising twist and a boost of sparkle to the space with its shiny chrome finish. It flaunts an atom-inspired design structure that crisscrosses and weaves to encircle six scrolling arms. Each arm carries a small spherical bulb while its sparkling crystal bottom accent lends unexpected flair. Its glittering finish is also suggested by the cabinet pulls and tapware, which ties the decor of the bathroom together. The sky blue ottoman and other decors in blue keep a neutral color scheme from falling flat.



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