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Ten Tips on Buying Claxy’s Light Fixtures

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

The right Claxy lights make a big difference at home. It will complement the style of the interior and illuminate even the darkest corners. Moreover, choosing lights and bulbs which offer perfect lighting is easier. As a result, you need to have everything in order before you purchase the lighting. This will help you make a decision on picking the Claxy lights that are perfect for your home. Let’s check out some simple tips in choosing Claxy lights:



1.Measurements of the Room

Before you go ahead and buy home lighting you should have a general measurement of the room. A spacious room looks good with a large light fixture to occupy most of the area. On the other hand, small areas need medium-sized shades in order to make the room look more spacious. You need to take the room’s measurement to get the right hanging height and perfect size of the light fixtures you need.  


2.The Height of the Light



    • Measure the height of the room from floor to the ceiling in feet


    • Example: 12 feet high


    • Multiply the height by 5 inches to 3 inches on each foot


    • Example: 12 by 2.5 inches to 3 inches = 30- 36 feet


    • Turn the measurement from feet to inches


    • Example: 30-36 inches


    • The perfect height for the room is about 30 to 36 inches




3.The Diameter of the Light


  • Take the length and width of space in feet


  • Example: 12 feet and 10 feet


  • Add the two measurements


  • Example: 12 feet +10 feet= 22 feet


  • Change the measurements to inches


  • Example: 22 feet =22 inches


  • Answer: The ideal diameter of the light is 22 inches



4.The Type of Room to Hang the Fixture

The placement of light depends on the function of a room. Let’s see how you can hang a fixture in different rooms:

Bathroom: Lights appear attractive above the bathtub. Keep the light 8 feet from the bathtub. You can install a small pendant or mini chandelier at 3 feet above the bathtub for a small bathroom. Always keep the 8 feet rule when you take measurements.

Bedrooms, Living Rooms, and Open Foyers: A low fixture can cause minor accidents like bumping into the light as you walk under the light fixture. Therefore, you should keep the light fixture seven feet high from the floor. On top of that, you should use a low flush-mount or semi flush-mount on an eight-foot ceiling. Lastly, for hallway and open foyers, light fixtures should be installed six feet above the floor.

Kitchen: Put the lights over the kitchen island. This is the way to get correct measurements:


  • Take measurements of the island in inches


  • Mark down the number of lights you want. Determine the diameter and add the diameters.


  • Take the length of the island and subtract from the combined diameter.


  • Add 1 to the number of lights and get spacing.


  • Take the subtracted value and divide it by 4. The answer you get is the spacing between fixtures.

Dining Room: The shape of the table goes with the type of lighting. For example, many pendant lights look good on oval and rectangular tables. A single pendant is well-suited to round and square tables. Furthermore, hang it at least 28 inches from the table.


5.Type of Bulb

There are three types of lighting including task, ambient, and accent lighting. Using the correct type of bulb adds an attractive appearance. Claxy lights use quality bulbs such as LED, incandescent, and CFL. These bulbs are completely dimmable. By adjusting the level of brightness, you can dim the light down from ambient lighting to a soft gleam and set a romantic mood for the room. It provides intensity for lighting the whole space.  You can also use dimmers to achieve lower brightness or reduce the intensity.


6.Installation Costs

Installation costs should be taken into consideration when you do not own a house. Renters should choose Claxy lights that are simple to install. The best one must have simple plugs and chains. Landlords cannot allow you to fix a complex light on their property. Also, it will be difficult to remove the fixture when you want to move out. Therefore, choose something that is temporary. Additionally, consider if the light is easy to install. The most important thing you should keep in mind is that you ought to hire a professional to install the light for you if you are not familiar with the installation.



Light fixtures at Claxy come in different ranges of colors and finishes. For instance, white, black, brown, and brass finishes. Ensure you select the one that coordinates with the rest of your home decor. Also, you can mix and match the colors to add character to the room. Blending colors create an attractive ambiance. You can also stick to the classic color palette like black and white if you are not ready to take risks.


8.Material and Finishes

Materials of Claxy lights include wood, glass, metal, and more. If you love nature, then lights made with wood are ideal. It brings a natural look to the living space. Whether the wood is highly resistant to insects is the fact you should pay attention to when buying a wood light fixture. The wooden lights that are not protected from insects cannot last long. Metals such as aluminum and brass will last for long without getting worn out. Glass is fragile and thus needs extra care. If you cannot handle glass then consider another material. Look at the overall style and furniture available in the house and try to imagine what kind of material will complement the décor.



Fixtures come in different types of styles which include the contemporary look, modern style, vintage, and traditional. For this reason, it is easy to buy the perfect fixture that works beautifully with your interior. The right kind of luminary for your home enhances the beauty of a room in a whole new way.


10. Cost of Maintenance

A good light fixture should be easy to maintain while maintenance mainly involves cleaning. Therefore, you should purchase a simple design so you don’t have to spend much time on cleaning. Some are difficult to clean hence you need to hire a professional cleaner. In addition, the light should be made from durable material. It must be highly resistant to insects and corrosion. This will help to increase durability and lower maintenance costs.



It is important to mix and match Claxy lights in order to get a balance. You can achieve this by selecting the right shape, size, material, colors, finishes, and styles. Your room will never go out of style when you follow the right rule of thumb. In addition to that, Claxy lights will create a warm atmosphere. You can use compatible dimmer switches to set moods. Moreover, you can find light fixtures that work well with different rooms in your home at Claxy.



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