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Try These Rustic Chandelier Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

When it comes to remodelling a bedroom, you focus too much on bringing new life into the space with new bedding, furniture, or a brighter color palette. In fact, nothing can effortlessly enhance the mood and bring alluring style to your home like a glamorous light fixture overhead. Lighting is an important element of design that should never be neglected. A functional and fashionable lighting plan will make a big difference in your bedroom and provide the ambient light you need.


To glam up your bedroom, chandeliers are always a smart choice to make your bedroom stand out from other plain-looking spaces. If you are looking for a bit of down-to-earth rural charm with the soothing energy for your cozy retreat, try a rustic chandelier hanging over nightstands, the bed, or the center of the room. Rustic designs replicate the appeal of a mountain cabin or charming farmhouse. With a blend of unfinished wood and antique metal, rustic chandeliers have personality and a warm aesthetic. Scroll through these rustic chandelier lighting ideas that will help you find the ideal rustic piece for your bedroom.


1.   A Cubic Shade for a Touch of Geometry

The rustic chandelier’s canopy, rod, and lamp holders are finished with dark bronze while its rectangular cage flaunts a washed gray finish, bringing a touch of geometry to the interior. The wooden cage encases four beige candelabra-inspired lights in the middle. Its rectangular cage is edged with distressed gold and topped with curvy arms, giving the bedroom a perfect finishing touch. The luminary’s dual finish encompasses both nature-inspired qualities and a hint of rusticity. Its curvy accent also appears in the headboard and the wall decors. The light fixture’s distress gold finish is a great fit for the taupe ottoman, the tawny tiles, and the rattan chair. The area rug in rouge, baby blue, and canary imparts a sense of serenity to the dreamland along with the chandelier.


2.   A Wagon Wheel Chandelier Shows the Beauty of Symmetry

An eighteen-light wagon wheel rustic chandelier sports an iron round frame. The exterior of the round frame is finished in black while its interior and the lamp-holders attached to the frame are accented with a dark brown finish. Eighteen lamp-holders are arranged along the frame, showing off the beauty of symmetry in this contemporary bedroom. A trio of angled cords suspend the light from a canopy for a clean, cohesive look. The luminary fits just right in the room with the walnut wood floor, the black door, and other black furnishings. The bedsheet, the red-and-brown pillow, and other red decors introduce surprising elements to the space.


3.   Curvy Details Bring a Breezy Vibe

This rustic chandelier boasts a myriad of metal sheets that are bent to form a pear-shaped silhouette that is surrounded by twelve arching arms. Its metal frame showcases the beauty of elaborate curves and creates a breezy vibe in the bedroom. Its candlesticks feature a tortilla finish while the arms and the pear-shaped frame are dressed in black. The dual-toned look gives the room rich visual effect. The luminary’s black finish is matched by a pair of wall lights flanking the cabinet. The blue-and-white area rug and the blue table lamp stem evoke a sense of the sea and make the bedroom a peaceful haven.


4.   A Wood Drum Shade Adds Zing to the Space

This large drum chandelier in tawny shows off an hourglass-inspired design. Bringing a pop of personality to the space, it is a breath-taking addition to this rustic bedroom and creates a soothing atmosphere for a good night’s sleep. The luminary’s tawny wood-tone perfectly complements the caramel cabinet, the tawny wood floor, and the umber wall decor. The neutral decors accentuate the bright colors of the light fixture and other furnishings. The floral-patterned area rug, mint green pillows, and mint green cushions offer a refreshing touch and zing to the room.


5.   Wood-beaded Chandelier for a Boho Chic

The rustic chandelier consists of two tiers of wood bead strands draping from the top accent and the octagonal metal frame coated in an umber finish. Eight candelabra-inspired lights are arranged symmetrically on the frame for a unique touch of character. Its beige wood beaded curtain contrasts the metal frame and introduces a bit of boho-chic into the space. The armchair and the nightstand repeat the luminary’s umber accent while the beige wood-beads blend well with the beige walls, the beige table lamp shade, and the taupe area rug. The ottoman and pillows in cerulean, navy blue, and cherry create a calming color scheme along with the light fixture.


6. An Intersecting Metal Frame Adds Unexpected Flair

A rustic iron chandelier hanging in the middle of the ceiling is the stunning eye candy for the room with its black finish and the quatrefoil frames. Encompassing two intersecting quatrefoil frames, the light fixture adds unexpected flair to this young girl’s bedroom. Its black finish is voiced by the stems of table lamps, the floor lamp, and the drawer pulls. The quatrefoil frames encircle four exposed candle-style lights dressed in a gleaming brass finish which works beautifully with drapes, the headboard, the ottoman, and the beige brown cabinet. Its quatrefoil accent also appears in the cushion on the armchair. The light fixture, the flowers, and the wood furnishings provide an organic vibe to the space.


7. An Antler Chandelier Imparts a Playful Touch

Being crafted from polyethylene, the antler chandelier inspired by elk horns offers a rough vibe to the space. The authentic-looking luminary in sepia exudes a lovely glow to the space and brings softness to the bedtime. The light fixture and the zebra-inspired area rug introduce a surprising twist and a playful touch to the room with their natural look. The coral-and-baby-blue pillows, candy apple red floor cushions, and the cornflower blue chairs elevate the decors and provide a wonderful pop of color. The white walls, white beds, white windows, and the black floor give the room visual relief from the light fixture and the furnishings in brisk colors.


8. A Wood Globe for a Rugged Look

A globe chandelier accented with a tortilla finish serves as an instant texture boost with its rugged look. A bunch of rough wood slats are put together to form a globe shade. Two candle-style lights are enveloped in the spherical cage, sporting an airy design that allows for a charming and soft glow to seep through the cracks. The wood orb offers a touch of warmth and creates a peaceful retreat in the bedroom. The exposed wood beams and other wood furniture enhance the rustic appeal of the room along with the light fixture. The cherry-and-white bedding adds just the right amount of color to the space.



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