Iron Chandelier

An iron chandelier never goes out of style. Claxy brings you varied designs of iron chandeliers suitable for making a bold and colorful statement. Start shopping now!

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An iron chandelier is reminiscent of old-world elements. Iron chandeliers are usually crafted of wrought iron. As a material, wrought iron is filled with inclusions known as slag. In contrast with steel, wrought iron is a low carbon-content alloy. Sometimes, the grain on wrought iron resembles wood, and this occurs due to the fibrous inclusions called slag.

Because of its tendency to be easy to weld, wrought iron is a popular material for use in chandeliers. Iron chandeliers are ideal for farmhouse, antique-inspired, industrial and transitional spaces. They add considerable heft and depth, making them a perfect option for large rooms and bold decor styles. Being simple yet elegant in nature and come in various styles, they serve as a striking addition to your country or primitive home.