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8 Modern Ceiling Light Ideas to Add Style to Your Bathroom

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
8 Modern Ceiling Light Ideas to Add Style to Your Bathroom

As the place for us to begin and end our days, a bathroom will be unappealing if it looks gloomy. Proper illumination is a must to make sure that there’s enough light for makeup and grooming. A smart choice of lighting is a good way to make your bathroom look gorgeous and stylish. Lighting also helps to create a spa-like haven for you to relax and revive in the bathroom. To choose a luminary bringing drama to your bathroom regardless of ceiling height, a ceiling light is what you need. Give modern ceiling light a try as it sports a timeless style, streamlined silhouette, and geometric form. A modern ceiling light lifts up your home style to the next level and kick off a whole new look. Scroll on to see how you can liven up your existing style with a perfect modern ceiling light.


1.Beauty of Geometry


Crafted of clear glass, a mini modern ceiling light shows off the beauty of geometry with its rectangular shade. Its clear glass shade houses an exposed bulb that emits a subtle and inviting glow. It conveys an understated grace and serves as an instant texture boost. The light fixture is adorned by a white accent that gives the room a calming touch. The flush-mount is a perfect fit for the white wall and the beige countertops and also softens the roughness of the stone tile and the bathtub. Along with the soft turquoise tiles and the orange door, the light fixture adds excitement to this otherwise boring space.




2.Dramatic Bubbles


Finished in gleaming chrome, the modern ceiling light makes a bold design statement in this contemporary bathroom. A bunch of clear glass bubble strands are dangling from the chrome canopy like dazzling beads. This spectacular piece’s beauty of glitzy sparkle and grandeur will surely enhance the space. The dramatic bubble strands cast a reflection on the ceiling, which is sure to grab more than a few glances. It stands out from the ceiling, the wall, and the floor and the bathtub all in white. The turquoise and teal tiles spread a vibrant color palette around the room while the light fixture and the white furnishings keep the bold colors in check.


3.The Stunning Curves


Featuring a chrome finish, the modern ceiling light energizes the bathroom with a bit of bling. The semi flush mount ceiling light is fitted with a myriad of curved metal wired attached to the canopy and a large spherical frame. Offering a breezy and airy look, it emanates a diffused and amazing glow to the room. Its chrome finish pairs nicely with the tapware, the pulls, and the finish of the wall light. Along with the bathtub and the white tiles, it provides contrast on the chocolate and black cabinets and keeps the furnishing of the bathroom from becoming too bland.


4.An Organic Touch


This modern ceiling light makes for an attention-grabbing centerpiece in the bathroom with its fantastic cone shade. It is adorned with fake twigs and leaves in dark brown, which brings eye appeal to the room. The wall lights flanking the mirror mimic the botanical accent of the ceiling light and add gorgeous organic aesthetic. Dandelion containers and carmine towels scatter the presence of brisk hues throughout the bathroom, adding visual interest along with the ceiling light. The white wall, the cabinets, and the bathtub accentuate the ceiling light and the wall lamp and also serve as a neutral base for the bright colors to pop.


5.The Lovely Duet


A duo of modern glass ceiling lights blend seamlessly into this traditional bathroom with their antique nickel finish. Their glossy finish helps to unify the stainless steel tapware, the towel hanger, the pulls of cabinets, and the finish of the wall lights. The curvy metal arms on the bowl shades were secured by a turned finial, adding a charming and simple delicacy to the space. Their opal glass shades, the white cabinets, the wall lights, and the white tiles in neutral tones allow the tawny wood floor, the tawny painting frame, and the exotic cherry area rug to pop. These bright-colored furnishings give the space a refined touch and an artistic feel.


6.Sweet Floral Details


A modern ceiling light that flaunts a drum shade in white is undoubtedly the conversation piece in the bathroom. Its playful and intricate floral details give an unexpected sweet touch to the interior. The white furniture, the white drum ceiling light, and white wall lamps mounted on the mirror showcase a clean and minimalistic approach for this contemporary beach style bathroom. The back of the chair in lilac repeats the ceiling light’s floral accent. The fresh flowers and the floral accent of the luminary and the chair somehow offer a refreshing style and a natural touch to the room.


7.A Dreamlike Vibe


A pair of modern ceiling lights show off bowl shades constructed of seeded glass. Their satin nickel finish works beautifully with the stainless steel hardware and the finish of three wall sconces flanking the mirror. The ceiling light’s crystallized appearance generates an understated look that will impress. Their inverted seeded glass shades incorporate both mysterious elements and a dreamlike vibe. These three-light luminaries cast a gentle and soft glow while the baby blue wall and powder blue cabinets provide visual interest to the space. The light fixtures and the blue furnishings create a soothing and peaceful ambiance to unwind.


8.The Crystal Glitz


The crystal ceiling light is a wow-worthy showpiece that will capture deserved attention. Its polished chrome finish coordinates with the shiny hardware, adding a touch of sparkle to the bathroom. A laser-cut metal cover encircles strands of glittering clear crystal for a dramatic look. Its luxurious appearance is reminiscent of beautiful treasures and also brings modern pizzazz to the space. The seven-light luminary radiates subtle and soothing light rays to make your time spend in the bathroom relaxing. It sticks out from the gingerbread wooden cabinet and takes all the decors in the bathroom to the next level. The hot pink flowers and the green plants bring small doses of bright colors and natural touch to the room.


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