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Pro Tip: The Right Size and Placement of Pendant Lamps

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
Pro Tip: The Right Size and Placement of Pendant Lamps

Renovating your house can be pretty daunting when it comes to choosing everything new and for an exact purpose, you can't afford to pick the wrong things, because you want to get it right this time. Talking about pendant lights, you need to figure out the correct pendant size, how well it will go with your existing decor or even the ceiling height is important. If you are planning to choose pendant lamps, take a look at our suggestions to choose the perfect match for your home.


What Are Pendant Lights?


A light fixture that hangs from your ceiling to light your room is called a pendant light. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and exquisite styles. Some of the popular shapes that are being used very often are square, linear, teardrop, bell, jar, cylinder and the list goes on. However, these also come in different materials like glass, metal, and even concrete.


How to Choose the Right Pendant Size?


Pendant lamps are almost essential for home décor that adds a finishing touch to your room. However, whether you are planning to create a subtle touch or to make a statement, pendant lights work in both ways. Choosing the right size in the right proportion is a tricky task. If the pendant lamp is too big, it will overwhelm your space or if you pick a small one, there won’t be ample light for the room. Worrying about how to measure the ceiling height difference for your perfect pendant lamp selection? Follow these easy steps to pick the right one:



    • Simply measure the distance from the installation site to your floor.


    • Multiply the measured number of feet by two or three.


    • The multiplied number will tell you the range in inches for the selection of your suitable pendant.


Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Pendant Light


1.Pendant size:


A. Room Width:


Knowing the exact width of your room can help you decide the pendant lamp size your room requires.


Simply add the length and width of your room together in this way a room that is of 4.5m by 3m makes a total of 7.5m.


Divide that number by 12 and now you will find your ideal pendant lamp width. For example, in this case, it comes as 0.625m ie&63cm in width.





Appropriate hanging height is a crucial point to consider because:


  • When you measure the height of your room and multiply it with 3, this means for a room that’s 3m high, it would be 9m.


  • Now divide that number by 12 and you'll get your desired pendant height to fit your room. As in this case, it is 0.75m which is approximately 75cm high.



    1. Floor and Ceiling Distance



  • Not only the right pendant lamp size is an important thing to have a dramatic look, but the space between the pendant matters as well. There are some general rules of thumb to follow while making space for your pendant lamps.


For Living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms


A 2.13m distance is necessary to maintain from the bottom to the fixture of the floor. So people can walk easily under the light fixture.



For Bathrooms:


In case you also want to hang pendant lamps in your bathroom then keep a distance of 2.44m between the top of your tub and the bottom of fixtures. Do not hang it directly over the bathtub itself.


More Pendant Light options:


Try These Ideas:


  • Dining table If you want to add some extra glow then hanging a pendant lamps over your dining table is a great idea. For the dining area, a space of 71-91cm is the maximum required.


  • Kitchen island Another place to suspend a pendant lamp to be the topic of admiration among your party guests.Leave enough clearance for the tallest member in your family to avoid hitting the head while cooking.


  • Entrance hall& for a subtle pendant glow in your hallways, at least 15cm higher than your front door will be suitable.



Where Else You Can Hang These Pendants?


We have talked about some of the particular areas of the house to light these pendant lamps, but that is not enough. As we know that pendant lamps come in many varieties and styles, there are a lot more places in your house that can be decorated with pendant lights.


Keep in mind that you still need to measure different things depending on what particular area you are trying to light with these fixtures as ambient or overall lighting in the room.


  • Above a table & they look fantastic above your table where the lighting is required.


  • On a wall or lighting on top of a door to add some extra lighting, pendant lights are a great option.


  • On any ceiling- hanging lights can suit any ceiling.


  • Outdoor pendant lamps - on your entrance they can add a warm and  welcoming glow for your guests.


  • On a post or fence they can also go with the post box lights or on your fence.


  • In a bedroom pendant lamps radiate a soothing glow and make the bedroom a haven of peace and calmness.





Thesependant lamps can bring some extra glamour to your home, selecting the correct ceiling lighting for a particular area is a thing to keep in mind before purchase. The size and placements are two key factors. The perfect fixtures may require a little measurement and math but the result of your room is well worth the hassle.


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