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6 Living Room Chandelier Ideas You Should Check Out

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:16
6 Living Room Chandelier Ideas You Should Check Out

Are you looking for out-of-the-box living room chandelier ideas?

Good thinking! Chandeliers can become the focal point of the entire room and showcase your unique personal style.

Moreover, chandeliers need not be over-the-board, large contraptions that look out of place in modern homes. Today, you can get chandeliers in all shapes and sizes - from retro to artsy.

Don’t believe us?

Then, you need to check out the living room chandelier ideas covered in this post. You’re sure to find living room lighting ideas that match your aesthetic and take your living room ceiling lighting to the next level.

Read on.

6 Living Room Chandelier Ideas to Transform the Ambience

Before we start rounding up living room lighting ideas, you need to analyze what kind of vibe you’re looking to create with these hanging lights. That will help narrow down your search for the perfect chandelier in a big way.

With that done, you are ready to explore the living room chandelier ideas below.

1. Modern Bronze Chandeliers for a Transitional Vibe

Topping our list of living room lighting ideas is modern bronze chandeliers with clear glass shades. With shades made out of exquisite impurity-free glass and hung on metal suspenders, these fixtures are versatile and functional.

Modern Bronze Chandeliers for a Transitional Vibe

Image via Claxy

For an art deco look in the living space, opt for a chandelier made out of rubbed oil-finish metal. The metallic shimmer will liven up the dullest of rooms. The sleek modern design is high on design and utility both.

If you need strong focused lighting in your living space, opt for a chandelier with multiple lamps in clusters or lines. It’s functional, durable, and smart - just what you need from a living room chandelier!

2. Dome Glass Shade Chandeliers for a Touch of Nostalgia

If you’re up for some adventurous living room lighting ideas, give glass dome shade chandeliers a try. Exposed light bulbs, encased in hand-blown glass shades are sure to stand out in living space. They look industrial as well as classy, plus are easy to maintain and install.

What’s more?

For those with an appetite for drama, an iron chandelier with multiple lights in a linear arrangement is ideal. They look dramatic and produce tons of illumination, grabbing attention instantly.

Dome Glass Shade Chandeliers

If you’re feeling more adventurous than usual, experiment with different metal primary materials and glass textures.

3. Wood Chandeliers for History Buffs

Let’s face it, wood chandeliers will never go out of style. If you aspire for a classy style in formal living rooms, hang a grand wood chandelier above your centre table and capitalize on its wow factor.

With wooden crown frames and candelabra-type light holders, these wooden chandeliers are the perfect centerpiece for living rooms. Intricately-carved frame in white is set off by dark metal tinges of the suspending chain and metal holders.

Wood Chandeliers for History Buffs

Image via Claxy

Insect-resistant and corrosion-free, these beautiful lights are low on maintenance but high on glamor.

They bring an old-world charm in your living room and exude a cottage-chic vibe that’s hard to find in other ceiling lights.

4. Modern Cluster Chandeliers for a Contemporary Living Room

Traditional wooden chandeliers may look glamorous, but modern chandeliers are the best fit for modern homes. Clean lines, neutral colors, and intentional symmetry are a hallmark of these light fixtures. Fuss-free assembly is a bonus point in favor of this design idea.

Modern Cluster Chandeliers

Image via Claxy

If you’re thinking of retro-fitting your old living room, a modern light is one of the bright ideas to try. Spruce up your space with an oak wood-framed chandelier in a cantaloupe shade. Suspended on semi-glossy black chains and rods, these smart chandeliers have an industrial appeal to them.

What else?

For unrivalled sophistication in formal living rooms, use designs with a bold geometry and symmetry. The style will complement your contemporary room decor big time while providing ambient lighting.

5. Antique Candle Chandeliers for a Timeless Quality

If the idea of buying a candle chandelier makes you jittery, calm down. Candle chandeliers from a bygone era can lend an unmatched character to your living room. This is one lighting design you should try, considering its versatility and utility.

So, adorn your ceiling with an ornate chandelier with a burnt copper finish and multiple candlesticks. Or, you can repurpose old chandeliers or flea market finds. A simple DIY lighting fixture can become a showstopper for your living room.

Antique Candle Chandeliers

Image via Claxy

Anything else?

You can resonate old-world charm by using these classic lights. With weathered suspenders, these antique-type lights can be at the centerstage of your living room.

6. Distressed Wood Chandeliers for a Shabby-Chic Appeal

Any list of living room chandelier ideas is incomplete if it doesn’t include wood chandeliers. These lighting fixtures come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from elaborate wood frames to simplistic cage-style ones.

Distressed Wood Chandeliers

Image via Claxy

Hand-crafted from distressed wood, these luminaries look straight out of an interior design magazine. Their decorative style lends a rustic charm to your living room.

For more focused lighting, you can opt for pendant lights flushed on a distressed wood beam. Adjustable chains allow you to lower and raise the lamp with ease. That’s a powerhouse combination of design and function.


1. How do I choose a chandelier for my living room?

There are many living room chandelier ideas that are worth a try. Out of them, choose a design that goes well with your room decor, color scheme, and dimension.

To determine the correct size of your living room chandelier, find the sum of your room’s length and width. Strive for a chandelier with diameter equal to the sum of the two numbers.

2. Can you put a chandelier in the living room?

Yes, you can use a chandelier in a living room. It provides ambient light while adding a soft glow to the room. The only thing you need to consider is that the light fixture should have a dimmer switch that lets you dial down the lighting when it’s cozy.

3. How do I choose a chandelier for my living room?

There are many awesome chandelier ideas for living rooms for you to pick from. Some of them are:

  • Modern bronze chandeliers
  • Dome glass shade chandeliers
  • Contemporary wood chandeliers
  • Modern cluster chandeliers
  • Antique chandeliers
  • Distressed wood chandeliers

4. What is the best light fixture for a living room?

The best light fixture for a living room varies by utility. If you intend to use lights for reading or working, leverage table lamps or ceiling lights. Likewise, if you want soft ambient lighting, wall sconce lights are the best bet. For accent lighting, you can use a combination of glass wall sconces, table lamps, and chandeliers.

5. Are chandeliers still in style?

Yes, chandeliers are classic light fixtures that won’t go out of style anytime soon. Reason being that they offer both style and illumination. Moreover, a statement chandelier can make up for simple room decor by maintaining a wow factor.

However, if chandeliers are too flashy for your taste, you can use clustered mini pendant lights to produce illumination comparable to that of a chandelier. Ceiling string lights and arching floor lamps are other great alternatives.

What Living Room Lighting Ideas Should You Pick?

When it comes to picking a living room chandelier, the choice ultimately boils down to three factors - size, style, and material. Don’t skimp on research and pick a chandelier that scores well on all these three counts.

For more design options and ideas, take a look at our range of chandeliers. And don’t think twice before ordering your pick. Our product quality and prices are unbeatable!


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