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These Iron Wall Sconce Lighting Ideas are Just Perfect

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:08
These Iron Wall Sconce Lighting Ideas are Just Perfect

An iron wall sconce is an excellent lighting option to add layers of light to your room and celebrate simple materials like iron and glass. Being crafted of wrought iron, these lighting fixtures include an earthy, natural touch to the space while their updated shades and silhouettes sport more modern elements. The elegant roughness of iron wall light fixture gives lighting the hand-forged look. You could use an iron wall sconce brimming with styles as a quick way to elevate your décor or create a cozy ambiance. If you are looking for a lighting fixture that can blend seamlessly into an array of styles ranging from industrial & farmhouse designs to modern & rustic, scroll through these iron wall sconce lighting ideas that will always work.


1Iron Wall Sconce-living1

1.  Heart-shaped Canopies Provide an Interesting Twist

A pair of two-light wrought iron wall sconces above the fireplace will fill the living room with a dash of drama with their candelabra-inspired wall lights. Crafted of hand-forged wrought iron for durability, they boast heart-shaped canopies and slightly curved arms holding bobèches & candle-style lights. These lighting fixtures showcase the beauty of clean lines with exquisite craftsmanship while providing an interesting twist that includes a mix of finishes & heart-shaped canopies. Their sepia candle-style wall lights blend well with the sepia roller shades, the rattan chair, the brass frame of the artwork, the gingerbread wood tone of the floor & the tables. The blue décor and the artwork reinforce a beach-style aesthetic in the living room. The wall lights, the white ceiling, and the windows offset the multi-colored area rug, the tangerine flowers, the green throw, and the green plants nicely.

2Iron Wall Sconce-living2

2. The Orange Lampshades Command Attention

The drama is taken up a notch in this transitional living room with a duet of iron wall lamps flanking the TV set. They sport a sophisticated scrollwork design that embraces elegant artistry and excellent workmanship. These lighting fixtures are sure to grab a few glances. Their mini pleated orange drum fabric shades bring a touch of loveliness and a ton of eye appeal to the room. The light pouring through the fabric lampshades is gently muted and fills the space without any glare. Two chairs in the living room repeat the lampshades’ orange hue and are mismatched with other chairs and sofas in the room, showcasing the room’s unique texture and character. The orange chairs and the fabric shades bring a vibrant twist to this otherwise boring space.

3Iron Wall Sconce-dining1

3. Glass Wall Sconces Lend a Refined Touch

Two glass iron wall sconces flanking the artwork looks stunning and lends a refined touch to the dining room. Finished in gray, the lighting fixtures’ rectangular canopies and lamp holders establishes a mesmerizing contrast with the glass cone shades. A similar gray hue in the tiles provides a strong visual presence to the space. The clear glass lampshades with excellent light transmittance allow the light to shine through freely and radiate a soft diffused glow. These glass wall sconces paired with the sputnik chandelier enhances the mid-century theme of the dining room. The sea-green walls offer a soothing ambiance to the gatherings in the dining room with these lighting fixtures installed.

4Iron Wall Sconce-dining2

4. The Simple Lines Work Best in a Contemporary Space

The iron indoor wall sconces possess the elegance and beauty needed to glam up the dining room. Flaunting classic lines and forms, they work best in this contemporary space. The mini white drum shades are supported by the black-colored arms attached to the canopies for a refined touch. White lampshades with the drum shade accent are echoed in the drum chandelier hanging above the dining table. The black finish works beautifully with the dining table, the floor, and the console table. The turquoise-and-white dining chairs sporting floral-inspired chair backs introduce a pop of intense color into the room.

5Iron Wall light-bedroom1

5. The Dome Shades Lend an Elegant Ambiance

These pair of glass iron wall sconces with an oil-rubbed bronze finish are arranged symmetrically on the wall. Their simple, understated form features a timeless gooseneck design and offers an extra dose of industrial style. The white glass dome shades soften the contemporary aesthetic of the space providing a warm, cozy & calming ambiance. The gingerbread wood floor and the mocha console table bring out tones from the lighting fixture. The furnishing in a deep shade of royal purple or lilac, the orange ottoman table & the red cushions give the bedroom a hint of a regal, sophisticated feel. These brisk colors are balanced out by the lighting fixtures, the console table, the white walls, and the wood floor.

6Iron Wall light-bedroom2

6. Mid-century Modern Wall Sconces Convey Understated Glamour

A duo of iron wall sconces above the headboards infuses a bit of mid-century modern vibe to this eclectic bedroom. The beige cylindrical shades are adorned by ring holders in the middle that emits a subtle glow for reading before bed. Their canopies, arms, and ring holders dressed in an oil-rubbed bronze finish convey understated glamour. The oil-rubbed bronze finish and the beige lampshade accent are also suggested by the pendant light above the beds and the table lamp on the cabinet, which carries those accents throughout the space. The magenta drapes and the bedding in light red-violet or magenta convey an unrivaled level of sophistication and give off soothing energy that makes the bedroom a comfy retreat.

7Iron Wall light - kitchen1

7. The Cone Shades Show off an Industrial Flair

A trio of wrought iron wall sconces installed above the sink give an instant uplift to this transitional kitchen. Finished in brushed nickel the wall lights elevate the décor with a touch of glitz. Their cone shades and shiny finish show off a mix of industrial flair and classic refinement. They are both horizontally and vertically adjustable as they are fitted with double joints. The lighting fixture provides great ambient lighting for food prep as the white interior serves to maximize reflectivity. The brushed nickel finish perfectly complements stainless steel appliances, adding a pop of a modern pizzazz to the space. The red containers, the red flowers, and the wall lamps impart rich textural appeal and offer the perfect finishing touch to the kitchen.

8Iron Wall light - kitchen2

8. A Brass Finish Adds a Pop of Brightness

Three iron wall sconces are bound to take the stage as the premier focus of this farmhouse kitchen with their glossy brass finish. The lighting fixture gives a pop of brightness to the kitchen design. The iron cone shades lend a geometrical element to the space. These swing arm wall lamps can be freely adjusted horizontally and vertically as they are accented with triple joints to illuminate the space for food prep and cooking. Their brass hue pairs nicely with the brown finish of the star pendant light hanging above the sink, the tawny wood tone of the shelves, the tortilla roller shades, and the gingerbread console table. The baby blue cabinets, sapphire blue oven, the steel blue and beige area rug, and the butterscotch cookers render a stunning decorative detail to the kitchen along with the wall lights.


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