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Elevate Your Dining Space with These Dining Room Chandeliers

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:08
Elevate Your Dining Space with These Dining Room Chandeliers

A chandelier can instantly transform a dull & boring decor design into a sleek chic style like no other lighting fixture. Dining room chandeliers are known for enhancing the appearance of your dining space. They convey a soft, glittering aura and introduce a unique texture into the dining space. A dining room is often regarded as a place of luxury where friends and family members gather for a formal dinner occasion. However, in the present times, this space has become multi-functional since it is considered good for activities like entertainment, dining, getting work done, and so much more. A stylish chandelier not only illuminates the dining room but serves as a perfect centerpiece to highlight the table as well. The type of chandelier that you want to select for your dining room will depend on key factors like decoration, room size, and the available electric outlets.


How to Choose a Dining Room Chandelier?

When it comes to selecting a chandelier for your dining room, take into account your lighting requirements, the design theme and the rest of the materials used in the room. If your dining room is finely furnished, opt for those with eye-catching embellishments like dazzling clear crystal garland strands. A chandelier that goes well with the overall design aesthetic of your home decor showcases your unique personality. A single-bulb fixture may be all that you need to brighten up a cozy nook in your dining room or if you're attempting to brighten up a larger area, you could look for the fixtures that feature multiple bulbs or reflects light in various directions. Go with the dining room chandeliers that come with a dimmer switch to have sufficient control over the amount of light they exude to create an ambiance.

1dining room chandelier

Designs of Dining Room Chandeliers:

Discovering a theme that you love for your home is the most exciting thing to do when you are on the hunt for a chandelier. Consider the following types of dining room chandeliers that are well-suited to you and also to match your home's design.

          1.Modern Chandelier Design

Middle-century & modern dining room chandeliers exude illumination to focus on making functional pieces of furniture aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

          2.Contemporary Chandelier Design

Is your home characterized by creative architecture & minimalism? The contemporary design breaks away from other types. The state-of-the-art contemporary dining room chandeliers bring instant opulence and sophistication to the dining space.

          3.Rustic Chandelier Design

The rustic dining room chandeliers are mainly crafted from wood, wrought iron, and Edison-style bulbs with a focus on simplicity & naturalism.

2dining room chandelier

Where Can Buy The Best Dining Room Chandeliers?

Whether you are looking to substitute your old pendant lights with a brilliant chandelier or install a new chandelier to go with your ceiling lights in your dining room, an atmosphere with a splendid interior lighting system will make a great difference. Claxy is proud to deliver a wide and exclusive range of dining room chandeliers that suit all your requirements. The lighting collection of Claxy gives your room an instant character and charm and keeps your house beautifully illuminated. Check out our extensive range of dining room chandeliers perfect for your home available at Claxy. Feel free to buy your favorite chandeliers to match your furniture and your hardware.

3dining room chandelier

          1.Industrial Bronze Candle Chandelier 6-Light Dining Room Fixture

The candle chandelier exudes an industrial flair to your dining space with a rustproof oil-rubbed bronze finish. Flaunting six candelabra-inspired lights and six scrolling arms, it brings a distinct old-world style to your dining space. The silver stripe accent on the frame lends a bit of bling to your dining room. Six curved metal wires extending upward impart rich textural appeal. It is a dramatic addition to your dining room with its vintage look. The light fixture can accommodate sloped or vaulted ceilings and comes with a 47.24-inch adjustable chain.

4dining room chand

          2.Rustic 4-Light Drum Chandelier

The drum chandelier’s lamp-holder, chain, and metal arms give your dining space a bit of industrial charm with its black finish. The light pouring through its fabric lampshade fills the room without any glare. The fabric shade is protected by a wooden ring sporting a wood grain finish. The drum shade is held in place by two criss-cross metal arms.

The mix of finishes encompasses nature-inspired qualities with farmhouse elements whilst maintaining a vintage feel. The wood accent stands out against the black finish and off-white drum shade to supply a dash of drama. You can adjust the chandelier height with the help of a 47.24-inch adjustable chain. This chain is strong enough to support the weight and keep the chandelier in one place.

5dining room chand

          3.5-Light Brass Industrial Chandelier

Finished in electrophoretic brass, this five-light wagon wheel chandelier sports an iron round frame and adds a glint of glamour to your dining room. Crafted from impurity-free hand-blown clear glass, its cylinder shades give a touch of geometry to your aesthetic.

Five glass shades are arranged along with the frame, showing off the beauty of symmetry. A quintuplet of angled rods suspends the light from a canopy for a clean, cohesive look. It brings drama and character to your industrial dining space. You can adjust its 70.9-inch chain to your desired height.

6dining room chand

4.Farmhouse 3-Light Chandelier Cage Shades

This chandelier brings a farmhouse touch to your dining area finished with a rustproof oil-rubbed bronze, it flaunts three metal wire cage shades including one globe shade, one cylinder shade, and one bell shade. The cage shades can be hung at varying heights while giving the dining space a pop of industrial style. Feel free to adjust three cords of the shades to suit your different lighting needs. Its open design allows the lights to shine through freely and you can replace the bulbs easily. Open, airy, and eye-catching, this luminary is sure to shine in your dining space.

7dining room chand

          5.Modern 4-Light Brushed Nickel Chandelier      

The chandelier’s canopy, hanging rod and arching arms flaunt a rustproof brushed nickel finish, revitalizing your dining space with a metallic shimmer. Crafted from alabaster frosted alabaster glass, its glass dome shades send out a cool air of sophistication to the dining area.

Four frosted glass shades are evenly aligned in linear formation when viewed from different angles. Its canopy features an adapter to accommodate sloped ceilings. It serves to provide an attractive eye appeal to complete your contemporary dining space. You can play with its height with three 12-inch long rods and one 6-inch long rod.


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