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Eight Farmhouse Lighting Ideas for Home Decors

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

If you are looking for the best farmhouse lighting ideas to style up your home, we have all you want to know here. Farmhouse style is a very popular design style that most homeowners love. This is because it’s stylish and can also be a blend of many different design themes. Lighting is vital to every home. Farmhouse lighting brings stunning decorative detail and drama to the decor.


Take a look at some of our best farmhouse lighting ideas.


Best Farmhouse Lighting Ideas for Your Home Decor:

Crystal Chandelier with Rusted Orbit Accent

A crystal chandelier brings out the wow factor of any space, irrespective of the room you place it in. Furthermore, it is easy to install and can match with a number of interior designs. If you want to create a nice farmhouse look in your room, try this chandelier and it will never disappoint you. This chandelier flaunts crystal beads dangling on the spherical cage featuring rusted orbit.

The best thing about this fixture is that you can hang a cluster of fixtures. For instance, you can use three of them above your kitchen island. But don't forget to consider the general rule of thumb. The crystal accent glamorizes your home and adds panache to the chandelier.


Suspended Track Lighting with Mason Jar Shades

For a  more casual look, a track light with mason jar shades will do the trick. It features some industrial mason jars that help enliven your room. A well-lit room is more beautiful than the ones appearing dull. Track lights can be used in so many places, such as the kitchen, dining room, or your study area. You will fall in love with the way the mason jars are hung at different lengths.


    Copper-hued Birdcage Pendant

This is another simple but elegant farmhouse lighting. It looks just like a birdcage, but it not only houses faux birds but also bulbs. It showcases an open design to allow the light to shine through freely and evenly. No one wants uneven illumination because it’s bad for interior décor.

You can try hanging more than one birdcage pendant light over your dining table. It is an eye-catching addition to your overall design scheme with a large dose of texture. If you are looking to add a playful touch other than the farmhouse flair to your space,  the birdcage design works magic in your home.


Weathered Iron Chandelier

The charming weathered iron chandelier is not a new design idea but it still prevails. This design works best over dining tables but it also fits just right in the bedrooms as well. Another great thing about the charming weathered chandelier is that it contains candelabra-inspired lights that provide enough light and warmth. The scrolling arms are what make this farmhouse lighting fixture unique.

Once you install this chandelier, you will never go back. This is because the rustic look is eyecatching. Your guests will surely be impressed by this chandelier.



Brushed Silver Sconces with Antique Light bulbs

To introduce metallic pizzazz into your interior, why not consider a pair of brushed silver wall sconces? Its shiny finish will spruce up any room in your house. The bulbs feature exposed filaments and add a vintage touch. Apart from offering warmth to your room, the antique bulbs will provide sufficient light to the space. It’s smart to select a wall light like this if you want your house to stand out from others’ homes.


    White Table Lamp

A little farmhouse lighting fixture makes a big difference especially when it comes to the interior décor. This is also the best form of lighting for specific areas. White is a universal color that matches with most designs. This table lamp is great because it concentrates light on the corners. For example, you can use it in the bedroom close to your bed.

Another benefit of buying this fixture is that it’s portable. You can carry it to different rooms and place it anywhere you like to illuminate every nook.



    Minimalist Chandelier

Some people prefer small fixtures that make the room look bigger. If you live in a small house and choose to use big lighting then it will make your room look even smaller. Conversely, hanging a small light in a very big room does not make any sense. The best thing about this minimalistic chandelier is that the bulbs are well exposed. This allows them to produce enough light and warmth for your room.

A minimalist chandelier brings a ton of texture and a unique touch of character to your home. It features a simple metal base that is spherical to show off the beauty of geometry.



    Wood Wall Sconces

If you love anything to do with barn lighting, a wood wall sconce seems to suit you. It features an exposed bulb mounted to a wood canopy. Wrought wood or distressed wood pairs nicely with the light fixture.

Wood wall sconces are attractive especially when you hang them next to your bed. Your room will just look like a real farmhouse where the ideas originate from. The rustic-looking luminary is exposed well enough to brighten up the space.


Final Thoughts

Farmhouse lighting lends a country chic and nostalgic style to your space. Most of these light fixtures are simple in style and yet they provide a dash of drama to any room in your home. Furthermore, it can blend seamlessly into different design schemes. It is also affordable and you don’t have to spend a fortune on them. Why not consider buying one or more farmhouse light fixtures for your home? Some of the best farmhouse lighting designs that you can try include minimalist chandeliers, birdcage pendant, brushed silver scones, and weathered chandeliers. The decor possibilities are endless.



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