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Complete Your Rooms with Claxy’s Farmhouse Pendant Lights

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

Remodelling your home to give it a fresh new look and decor can be very challenging as well as exciting because you can play around with new ideas and designs.Post renovation with a change in the old light fixtures is mandatory to compliment the newly refurbished space. Replacing the old fixtures with more stylish, and modern luminaires helps in enhancing the decor. To bring both modern sophistication and pastoral feel into your home interior, you can’t go wrong with farmhouse pendant lights. Nowadays, some of these light fixtures are crafted of clear glass that allows more glow to shine through. They hang from the ceiling with the support of a chain, a metal rod or a cord. Farmhouse pendants encompass both traditional stylistic elements and the best of modern styles. To find a perfect farmhouse pendant for your home, look no further, Claxy will never let you down.


Claxy’s Quality Farmhouse Pendant Lights

Note that each farmhouse pendant can be different, depending on the manufacturer. That's because all companies produce light fixtures of different designs with an array of materials. So, the farmhouse pendant you choose may have some or all of these qualities.

Claxy’s farmhouse pendant lights may have a dome or round shape. It can even feature a metal barn shade and dark power cord. So, if you prefer a cottage-style ambiance, you should pick a wood pendant boasting a touch of geometry. Likewise, for dense areas, you can choose the black hanging rods or cords.

Claxy’s farmhouse pendants are available in different sizes. The ideal farmhouse pendant can be around 6-7 inches wide and 13 inches tall. In most cases, these pendants’ chain, hanging rod, and cord are adjustable.

Claxy’s plug-in farmhouse pendants feature an on-off switch that is easy to operate. It will help if you reach this button quickly whenever needed. More importantly, their pendants are easy to clean and assemble.


On-trend Farmhouse Pendant Lights at Claxy

Now, you can take a look at some of the farmhouse pendants at Claxy. All of these six pendants are on-trend and best-selling. They can improve your room's decor by adding a hint of rusticity.

1. Farmhouse Pendant Light - A Hanging Cage Design

Do you like the cage shape designs of pendants? Well, this farmhouse pendant is a classic example of cage lights. It is available in hardwired and plug-in options to suit your different lighting needs. Hang this pendant and let it spread light right in the center and the surrounding space. Even though this pendant looks slightly big, it weighs merely 1.35 kg. So, you can hang this pendant in almost any space owing to its light weight. There is no need to have strong ceiling support.

Crafted of solid wrought iron, the pendant light’s rusty dark brown finish brings a distinct rustic style to the space. Its exquisitely welded metal cage dome shade infuses a large dose of texture to your home. Featuring fine workmanship, it is durable and rustproof. The metal canopy is expertly crafted and cast with a high weight capacity. It is a prominent addition to your foyer, kitchen, and bar. Feel free to adjust its 47.2-inch cord to your desired height.


2. Farmhouse Pendant Light- A Three-light Design

Many customers want a group of bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Considering this demand, Claxy has produced this ultimate farmhouse chandelier pendant that hangs neatly with three lights. Since this three-light design combines three separate exposed lights, it needs a bit more space. Moreover, it weighs around 4.8 kg.

Do you use a big dining table or study table? Hang this farmhouse pendant above it, and let it fill your space with stunning light rays. The best thing about this unique farmhouse pendant is that it flaunts a mix of finishes. Besides, it is made of solid metal and wood, ensuring this pendant's robust and sturdy nature.

Sporting an oil-rubbed bronze finish with silver accent, the pendant light’s canopy, rod, chain, lampholders, and two interior metal frames introduce a dramatic decorative impact to the space. Its outer frame gives the space a hint of rustic flair with a wood grain finish.

Offering an art deco open design, its metal frames bring eye appeal and a touch of geometry to your home with three crisscross rectangles. This pendant is the perfect fixture to transform your bar, dining room, entryway, kitchen, and living room. It comes with a 47.2-inch adjustable chain.


3. Farmhouse Pendant Light - Fitted with a Cylinder Shade

Another artistic farmhouse pendant at Claxy, this glass pendant chandelier is so unique in its shape and style. With a cylindrical seeded glass shade, a warm and amazing glow gently filters through and casts beautiful shadows, adding depth and character to your living space. Furthermore, the glass is transparent, making sure the light not just directs at the center but also extends throughout the nearby area.

Talking about the weight, well, you don't need a powerful ceiling to suspend this pendant. It is lightweight (merely 2.9 kg) and hangs without much support. The pendant chandelier’s lamp-holder and rounded metal frame flaunt a black finish with a silver accent. The seeded glass cylinder shade is held aloft by the metal frame for bringing rich visual interest to your interior.

The black metal frame contrasts the opaque seeded glass shade and creates a dreamlike vibe. With its intricate details, it can serve as a new showpiece for your bar, dining room, entryway, foyer, hallway, kitchen, and living room. You can adjust the pendant height with the help of a 47.24-inch adjustable chain. This chain is strong enough to support the weight and balance the pendant in one place.


4. Farmhouse Pendant Light - Drum Shade

If cylindrical or cage style can't satisfy your artistic mind, check out this metal drum design. Its airy design and elegant form can easily grab attention. The light fixture is also available in a one-light or a three-light option. The wood grain finish is quite famous these days. That's why Claxy produces the metal drum in this color. The metal body of this pendant is durable, ensuring this pendant stays with you for years.

Being finished in semi-gloss black, the pendant light conveys understated glamour to your interior. Its elongated drum shade features a wood grain brown finish, delivering a rustic look. The luminaire’s two-tone finish encompasses both nature-inspired qualities and rustic elements, yet maintains an industrial edge. Its clean-lined frame is perfectly complemented by the open drum shade highlighting five exposed candelabra-inspired lights inside. Flaunting crisscross accent and being topped with arched arms, the drum shade adds visual interest and character to your living space. This is the perfect fixture to transform your dining room, kitchen, and living room. It is sloped ceiling adaptable and comes with three 12-inch rods and one 6-inch rod.


5. Farmhouse Pendant Light - Rectangular Wooden Cage

This wood pendant includes the use of first-grade wood. The brownish wood tone of the cage blends with the black metal corners to bring rich textural appeal. As a result, it gives off a lovely glow throughout your space to create a homey atmosphere.

The pendant light’s canopy, the hanging rod, the lamp-holder, and the metal covering the luminaire’s corners sport a semi-gloss black finish. A myriad of wood slats accented with a wood grain finish are put together to compose an open rectangular shade.

A mix of finishes make a rustic and industrial statement, yet maintains a modern feel. The rectangular shade is held aloft by the black metal covering the corners and the nails. The luminaire’s canopy features a swivel to accommodate sloped ceilings. It serves as both task and decorative lighting in your bar, bedroom, dining room, entryway, foyer, hallway, kids’ room, kitchen, and living room. You can play with its height with three 12-inch rods and one 6-inch rod.


6. Farmhouse Pendant Light - Plug-in Design

If you prefer plug-in designs over hardwired ones, this farmhouse pendant is for you. The plug-in feature is quite handy, making it very convenient to operate. Just plug-in the wire whenever you want to turn on this pendant.

Crafted from weathered oak, the plug-in pendant light flaunts an antique wooden frame and distressing off-white finish with blackish tinges, introducing a dash of old-world element to your home. Its curvy wooden frame brings a shabby chic style to your aesthetic. It comes with a 16-feet power cord.

The pendant light is insect-resistant and corrosion-proof. Hang this attention-grabbing fixture to your bar, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, entryway, foyer, hallway, kids room, kitchen, and living room to complete your French country or rustic look. The switch on the power cord is just an on/off switch without a dimming function. You can adjust the pendant light’s 59-inch chain to suit your different lighting needs.



All farmhouse pendants at Claxy have unique features that are incomparable to others. Moreover, Claxy is providing a two-year warranty with each pendant. If you are a big fan of rustic and pastoral designs, it's time to go for farmhouse pendants. It will create an explosion of lights in your home.



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