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Rectangular Chandelier Lighting Ideas That Amp up the Drama

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

Showcasing a symmetric design and clear lines, a rectangular chandelier is a spectacular and attractive statement piece for your home interior. Providing widespread light, a rectangular chandelier is a great way to make a room look wider or longer since its lamp holders are evenly aligned in linear formation. Playing with geometry and shapes, it can add a touch of modernity to your aesthetic. For any home, a rectangular chandelier featuring a breath-taking look is a great choice for drawing the eyes upward. Combining sophistication with simplistic designs, these versatile light fixtures look great when being mixed with other styles. We’ve pulled together some rectangular chandelier lighting ideas which will keep your living space well-lit, stylish, and functional.


Rectangular Chandelier Lighting Ideas for Your Living Room


1.    A Dreamlike Glow through the Frosted Glass Shade

A rectangular lampshade crafted of frosted glass is guaranteed to wow the guests with its unbeatable character. The light fixture’s canopy, hanging rods, and the edges of glass shade are accented with a black finish. With three exposed bulbs encircled by the frosted glass shade, the chandelier gives a dreamlike glow through the glass shade. This transitional living room showcases a mix of traditional styles and contemporary elements. The luminaire’s black finish gives the room a classic touch along with the black bench, and the black end table. On the other hand, the armless chair featuring multi-color floral fabric, the orange bench, the table lamps, and the floor lamp finished in brushed nickel energize the room with a contemporary touch. The sapphire blue pillows, the sapphire blue throw, the turquoise table lamp stems, and the orange bench bring an extra vibrant twist to the space.


2.    Open Metal Cages Add a Punch to the Room.

A duet of rectangular chandeliers upgrade the home interior of this large traditional living room with their rich textural appeal. Four candle style lights supported by scrolling arms are enveloped in the open metal cages. Suspended by a solid hanging chain, the metal cages of the light fixtures are topped with four arched arms, which adds a punch to the room. Two four-light chandeliers create an explosion of light and cast gorgeous light rays through the space, which makes for a relaxing ambiance for gatherings. They blend perfectly with the black table, the black cabinets, and the black sofa with their black finish while the walls, the ceiling, and the taupe sofa mimic the beige color of their candle style lights. The ruby red cushions and the area rug infuse a bit of excitement into the space.


Rectangular Chandelier Lighting Ideas for Your Dining Room


3.    Crystal Fringe Delivers Contemporary Sparkle

Being fitted with two tiers of glistening crystal fringes, the crystal rectangular chandelier reflects a time of class and elegance. A myriad of crystal prisms are set in rows to form a rectangle. The light fixture’s two-tier design and five rows of crystal fringes create an eye-popping showpiece that delivers a huge dose of contemporary sparkle. A stunning array of light shines through the crystal fringes, introducing a bit of luxe texture into the dining room. Its gray finish is also suggested by the walls and cabinets. The dodger blue drapes, the cerulean upholstery of the dining chairs, and the red flowers scatter the presence of cheerful colors around the room, providing the perfect finishing touch for the room.


4.    The Frosted Glass Accent Adds Unexpected Flair

Being fashioned with an umber finish, the five-light rectangular chandelier lighting’s canopy, hanging rods, rims of the lampshade, and the lamp holders provide a stunning decorative detail and lend a special atmosphere for your dinner time. Being crafted of frosted glass, the light fixture’s rectangular frame adds unexpected flair to the dining room. Hanging on the exposed beams, a quintet of exposed bulbs radiate a charming glow through the opaque and dreamy frosted glass and create intriguing light effects. Its umber finish works well with the black wooden chairs, the umber wooden floor, the gingerbread exposed beams, and the tortilla and umber wooden wall decors, bringing a pop of farmhouse style to the room. The red upholstery of the chairs and the coral tableware introduce just the right amount of color into the space.


Rectangular Chandelier Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom


5.    Oyster Shell Strings Infuse a Playful Touch

Being trimmed with natural oyster shells, the contemporary rectangular chandelier livens up the bedroom with its chrome finish. The light fixture boasts an array of oyster shell strings that are topped off with a sheer rectangular fabric shade. The oyster shell strings dangling inside the fabric shade infuse a playful touch and an understated grace to the room. The beige fabric shade and the opalescent natural tone of the oyster shells are voiced by the beige lampshades of the wall lights, the beige curtains, and the tortilla floor. The sangria red walls give the traditional bedroom an intense pop of color and accurately renders warmth and coziness. The oyster shell element of the luminaire offers an organic aesthetic along with the green plants and the fandango flowers.


6.    A Distressed White Finish Enhances the Shabby-chic Style

The drama is taken up a notch in the bedroom with this all-white rectangular chandelier. Sporting a distressed white finish, the light fixture’s airy cage encompasses four candle style lights supported by scrolling arms. Being topped with a metal cover with wavy edges, the cage serves as an element of surprise that gives the room an instant uplift. Its distressed white finish and the variegated ceiling medallion enhance the shabby-chic style aesthetic. It partners perfectly with the white ceiling, the white walls, the white cabinets, the white drapes, and the white bedding. The blush rattan bench, the peach cushions, the fushcia-and-white quilt cover, and the pink flowers give the room a feminine touch and spread the joyous color palette around the room. These lovely colors make for a calming color scheme that effortlessly takes you to dreamland.


Rectangular Chandelier Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen


7.    The Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Ties the Room Together

A rectangular chandelier lighting above the dining table in the kitchen commands attention and lends a ton of texture. Eight bulbs encased by clear glass shades are arranged in a symmetrical way along the rectangular metal frame. Featuring an oil rubbed bronze finish, the frame is suspended by four iron rods extending upward in a pyramidal shape. The pendant lights, the dining chairs, and the wooden floor carry the light fixture’s dark brown tone throughout the space, helping the look hang together. Its open and airy style allows the light to shine through freely, dispersing a diffused and fantastic glow to illuminate your food-prep, cooking, and dining in the kitchen. The sapphire blue vases and upholstery give the room the perfect amount of color.


8. A Shiny Finish Spruces up the Space

Two rectangular glass chandeliers create a glamorous look that is sure to grab a few glances in the kitchen. Flaunting a brushed nickel finish, they spruce up the space with a touch of glitz. The range hood, the drawer pulls, and the cabinet pulls repeat the chandeliers’ brushed nickel accent, adding a unique touch of character to the space. The chandeliers’ candelabra-inspired bulbs inside the clear glass shades shed light on the countertops and create a wonderful light effect. They contrast the white cabinets and the black countertops, providing a ton of eye appeal along with the drum pendant. The sky glue rattan chairs and the artworks featuring ocean and fish reinforce a beach style aesthetic and serve as a refreshing sight in the kitchen.



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