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8 Brass Wall Sconce Lighting Ideas That Elevate Your Bedroom

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:14
8 Brass Wall Sconce Lighting Ideas That Elevate Your Bedroom

When speaking of the perfect lighting for your bedroom, you will always find that wall lights are a great way to change up the mood and improve eye appeal. For many homeowners, brass seems to have been making a strong comeback in home design and decorations. In fact, the trend never went away in the first place for a good number of people. Brass has always been considered a classic finish worldwide. Brass wall sconces have a charming, timeless appeal that is irresistible to the interior design lovers---both pro and amateur. Brass wall light fixtures render a timeless and sophisticated look to your bedroom. Scroll on to see different brass wall lamp lighting ideas that'll give your dreamland a fresh take.


1Brass wall light fixtures


1.Art Deco Wall Sconces Add Playful Touch

Two brass wall sconces flanking the bed infuse a playful touch into this contemporary bedroom. Their canopies, arms, and the metal bands in the middle energize the space with a shimmery brass finish. They are instant eye-catchers that lend charisma and drama through their glittering presence. Both brass wall lights boast the beauty of geometry at their finest. Their white lampshades featuring a trumpet-inspired look deliver dramatic decorative impact while bringing out tones from the white walls, the white bedding, and the white roller shades. Their brass accent blends perfectly with the drawer pulls and the legs of the nightstands and the chair. The light fixtures, the cushions in coral and beau blue, the upholstery of the chair in white and Yale blue, and the beau blue quilt distribute contrasting colors and offer loads of glam to the room.

2Brass wall light fixtures


2.The Trapezoidal Lampshades Deliver Great Geometry

Transitional bedroom lighting does not have to stick to a monochromatic color palette. A pair of brass wall light fixtures bring visual intrigue and warmth to the bedroom with their glittering antique brass finish. They are fitted with trapezoidal lampshades to introduce a bold geometric accent to the room. The pivoting double-jointed swing arms can swivel in multiple directions for focused lighting. Their brass hue plays well with the polygonal chandelier also finished in brass, the tawny rim of the headboard, and the tortilla nightstands, helping the look hang together. The beige drapes cascading down from black hanging rods with faceted glass knobs complete the transitional aesthetic with a hint of traditional appeal. They are perfect complements to the modern brass wall lights and the brass chandelier. The potted plants, the artworks featuring botanical elements, and the wooden nightstands impart a refreshing element to the room


3.Mismatched Brass Wall Sconces Show off the Room’s Character

The brass wall light fixtures do serve as instant head turners that offer a surprising twist to this mid-century modern bedroom. These two-light gooseneck wall sconces share the same gilded accent that elevates the decor. However, they are mismatched in their looks, which shows off the room’s character. The wall light on the left boasts a small spherical shade on the top of the large one. The gooseneck arms of the wall lamp on the right hold the globes pointing to different directions. The legs and pulls of the drawers, some of the decorations, the window frame, and the door frame all mimic the color of their shiny finish. The geometric shades of the light fixtures and geometric patterns in the artwork showcase the typical features of mid-century modern design. They make the space uplifting and cheerful with a mix of rainbow colors.

4Brass wall light fixtures


4.These Mini Brass Wall Sconces are Big in Style

Two plug-in brass wall sconces are diminutive in size but big in style. Each tiny cylinder shade encircles an exposed bulb. Their warm brass finish makes your home fizz with a boost of sparkle. The swivels on their swing arms allow you to adjust the angle of the shade horizontally to suit your lighting needs. They are perfect task lighting to illuminate your bedtime reading. Their gilded accent contrasts the white wall while working beautifully with the gingerbread wooden nightstands and the tawny picture frames. The light fixtures, the vivid auburn pillow, and the area rug in ruby red and white give the room an intense pop of color. The warm hues create a soothing retreat for sweet dreams. A shaggy pillow paired with a smooth area rug is one of the important traits of eclectic style.

5Brass Wall Light


5.The Brass Wall Lights Pull the Decors into a Cohesive Unit

The brass wall lights provide a bold decorative detail that is sure to grab a few glances in this beach style bedroom. This space gets its unique character from these mini wall lamps that deliver a huge dose of modern sparkle and shine. The joints attached to the canopies and the lampholders allow you to direct the light just where you want it. The white interior of their dome shades serves to maximize reflectivity. Their brass hue is the perfect complement to the dresser, roller shades, and the floor that are all in bisque. These decors achieve a level of cohesiveness, which is one of the features that define transitional style. Those vintage-inspired mid-century modern wall lamps alongside a modern bedroom dresser reinforce a transitional style aesthetic.

6Brass Wall Light


6.The Brass Wall Sconces Convey an Old World Charm

The two-light brass wall light fixtures flanking the window fill this traditional bedroom with unrivaled style. The wall lamps and the floor lamp stand out and shine on their own with their glimmering brass accent. The drama is taken up a notch when their candelabra-inspired lampholders and bulbs convey an old world charm to the space. The light fixtures exude a soft, gorgeous glow that creates a relaxing haven in the room. Their brass finish is matched by the gingerbread nightstand, the caramel wood floor, the tortilla area rug, and tortilla upholstery of the arm chair. The pink lampshade of the table lamp, the tomato red cushions, and the floral-patterned roller shades deliver a feminine touch to the space.

7Brass Wall Light


7.Plug-in Brass Wall Lamps Introduce Luxe Texture

Plug-in wall lights are the best choice for the homeowners who want to be free from the hassle of installing a junction box or hardwiring. A pair of plug-in brass wall sconces can be versatile task lights for this eclectic bedroom while introducing luxe texture with their gleaming hue. Crafted from solid metal, they are supported by rounded back plates. Fitted with triple-joint extendable pivoting arms, their conical shades can be moved from side to side so that you can direct light where you need it most. They disperse gentle, charming light rays that make the bedroom a serene shelter. The white ceiling, the white windows, and the white door provide a blank canvas for the pale turquoise walls, the denim blue wall paper, the cushions in lemonade pink and black, and the ruby red area rug to take center stage.

8Brass Wall Light


8.The Beige Linen Shades Provide an Updated Elegance

The brass wall light fixtures sport backplates and swing arms dressed in an aged brass finish which spruces up the room with a glint of glamour. Their double-joint articulating arms give the light fixtures wide-range adjustability to illuminate the space. The beige linen mini cone shades provide an updated elegance and lend a ton of texture to the room. When light is diffused through the linen shade, it reduces glare and helps to eliminate harsh shadows. The overall affect is a softer and more subtle light for the entire space. The red chest of drawers and the red hues in the artworks on the wall are a smart way to both offer a vibrant twist and help the room achieve a tropical aesthetic. The french navy patterned bedding keeps the bold color in check so that the room doesn't appear too loud.


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