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8 Iron Chandeliers That Command Attention in Your Living Room

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:14
8 Iron Chandeliers That Command Attention in Your Living Room

With the tendency to be easy to weld, wrought iron is a popular raw material for use in Iron chandeliers. Iron chandeliers can be ornate with a take on a practical look. They are ideal for the farmhouse, antique-inspired, industrial, and transitional home. Being simple yet elegant and come in various styles, they are a great way to make your space look both inviting and charming. They introduce considerable character and drama and can be a perfect option for large rooms such as living rooms. A living room is the social hub of your home. It is the place which you use any time you want to entertain your guests or just get together with your family members and friends. Iron chandeliers provide just the warm and cozy atmosphere that your living room is missing. Let’s see how these iron chandelier lighting hacks work magic in your living room.


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1.An Iron Chandelier Conveys an Air of Sophistication

An wrought iron crystal chandelier is bound to be the center of attention in the living room with its gleaming pizzazz. Its open spherical shade flaunts an atom-inspired design structure that crisscrosses and weaves to encircle an array of candelabra-inspired lights. A good variety of swoon-worthy crystal bead garland strands swagging on the arms catch the light to create a fantastic light effect as well as provide generous ambient illumination. Its dark brown finish blends perfectly with the exposed beams, the wood floor, and the sofas. The expose brick fireplace, the sofas, and the area rug in terra-cotta, the globe chandelier, and dark-brown exposed wood beams fill the space with warm Mediterranean earthy hues. The tangy orange hues of the artworks, the cushions, the throw on the armrest of sofa, and the table lamps evoke the beams of sunlight and infuse a unique touch of character into the room.

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2.A Tiered Iron Chandelier Provides a Perfectly Centralized Focal Point

Nothing provides a perfectly centralized focal point quite like this two-tiered iron chandelier in the traditional living room. The light fixture strikes a round, tiered silhouette accented by the candle-style lights supported by scrolling arms. Finished in oil rubbed bronze, the arms, bobeches, and lampholders are arranged symmetrically along the spherical frame. The tiered frame is ablaze with the brass iron leaf embellishments for a dramatic decorative impact. A mix of finishes makes a rustic yet vintage statement in the space. The light fixture’s dark brown finish is echoed in the fireplace, the frame of artwork, the wooden furniture, and the table lamps. The green plants, the artwork, the table lamp featuring a deer base, and the floral-patterned area rug serve to bring the outdoors inside along with the chandelier.

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3. A Pear-shaped Silhouette Pack a Artistic Punch

A pair of iron chandeliers sport a myriad of metal bars that are bent to form a pear-shaped silhouette. It is encircled by a circular frame lined with a dozen of delicately arching arms. Their pear-shaped silhouette packs a artistic punch and give the room a strong visual presence that makes sure all eyes are on these light fixtures. The pear-shaped cages, the rounded frames, and the arching arms are coated in a distressed tortilla finish while the candlesticks feature a beige finish. The dual-toned look encompasses both farmhouse qualities and vintage elements, yet maintains an industrial edge. Their beige finish is also suggested by the bisque walls and the cosmic latte sofas. The cushions and the planters in mellow and sapphire blue add just the perfect amount of color to the space.

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4.An Iron Drum Chandelier Imparts Rich Textural Appeal

A black iron chandelier adds overwhelming industrial charm and imparts rich textural appeal to the living room with its open drum shade. Flaunting a semi-gloss black finish, the light fixture’s open drum shade is accented with iron rods extending upward in a pyramidal shape. The open cage of the iron drum chandelier is adorned by crisscross iron bars while being topped with candelabra-inspired lights arranged along cage symmetrically. The white candelabra-inspired lights are matched by the white ceiling and the white table lampshades. Its black hue partners perfectly with the wall decors, the sideboard, and the frame of artwork. It is the elegant design and the classic black-and-white color combo that draw the eye upward. The Iron chandelier, the wall decors, and the furniture reinforce a retro style aesthetic. The sandy brown walls, the burgundy cushions, the ochre armchair, and the Indian red sofa offer a vibrant twist.

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5.The Six-Light Iron Chandelier Stands Out with Its Graceful Design

The six-light iron chandelier delivers a large dose of texture and stands out in the living room with its graceful design. Six beige frosted glass shades are supported by the short arms attached to the rounded frame. The mini drum shades are distributed along the frame in a symmetrical way. The circular frame is topped with three iron rods extending upward in a pyramidal shape for a perfect finishing touch. It is the oil rubbed bronze finish that offers a timeless and sophisticated look. A similar brown hue appears in the armchairs, the sofas, the area rug, the cushions, and the roller shades. A lovely glow shining through the opaque frosted glass shades create a dreamy and glamorous light effect and a wonderful ambiance. The light fixture, the bright-colored artwork, and the sangria throw on the sofa keep the room from falling flat.

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6.A Pair of Iron Chandeliers are Guaranteed to Take Center Stage

Two exquisitely crafted iron chandeliers have all the style, charisma and drama required to make everyone stand still to stare and appreciate. Finished in walnut brown finish, they are guaranteed to take center stage with their grandiose look. They will become instant conversation pieces with the intricate scrollworks sporting an arabesque pattern motif. Their airy cage allows the light to shine through freely and create the amazing light effect that will leave everyone enchanted. The beige walls bring out tones from their lampholders while the exposed beams and the window frames pick up on the color of their brown finish. The arched doors, the exposed wood beams, and the wooden furniture highlight the Mediterranean touch of the living room. The basil green sofa, the basil green drapes, and the green plants give the space a glamorous, refreshing vibe.

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7.A Circular Profile Invites Geometry into the Space

A black iron chandelier introduces an element of surprise and whimsy to the living room. Being fashioned with a black finish, the chandelier’s open globe shade is designed to encircle six elongated cylinder glass shades supported by curvy arms. It projects a smooth and charming ambient glow perfect for lighting the living space with its opaque frosted glass shades. The circular profile delivers great geometry and balance and presents a touch of modernity throughout the innovative design. It stands out against the white wall, the white ceiling, and the white sofas with the black finish. The Egyptian blue area rug, the cushions in sapphire blue, Prussian blue, and white, and the artwork featuring sapphire blue and white enhance the coastal style of the room.

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8.The Iron Chandelier Provides an Organic Vibe

Nothing invites drama like this two-tier iron chandelier that are fitted with a myriad of softly flowing arms. Each arm is topped with a beige candelabra-inspired light while the arms and the chain are dressed in black. The beige candlesticks and the gracefully curved arms resemble flowers on the twigs of a tree, bringing a refined touch to the interior. The beige candlesticks are the perfect complement to the beige walls, the beige couches, and the beige area rug. The sofas, one of the artworks, and the vases in a deep shade of royal purple lend a hint of a regal feel to the interior. The light fixture, the flowers, and the artworks boasting the patterns of trees provide an organic vibe to the space while developing a strong visual presence.


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