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8 Ways to Grace Your Living Room with Modern Wall Sconces

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
8 Ways to Grace Your Living Room with Modern Wall Sconces


As a cozy and multifunctional space for us to gather with friends or family members and relax, a living room is one of the most crucial parts of a home. When it comes to brightening up the living room, the possibilities could be endless. Looking for the light fixtures that serve as both the source of ambient lighting and decorative pieces? Wall lights will be the perfect lighting that adds dazzling beauty to your home. They offer a balance between aesthetic forms and functionality. We have rounded up eight practical lighting tips for modern wall sconces below. Maybe you can try some of these ideas to bring new life to your living room.



1. The Bigger, The Better


For a large contemporary living room like this, one of the best ways to provide ambient lighting is to choose two or more big modern wall sconces that exude appealing light rays throughout the room. Two swing arm wall lamps play off the trapezoidal fabric drum shades and convey an understated grace to open up the space. Along with the table lamps, the wall sconces bring eye appeal to the space with their shimmery brass finish. The wall lights, the table lamps, the white wall, and the white cabinets provide a calming backdrop to the vivid colors of the mustard sofa, the line green armchair, the multi-colored pillows, and the ottoman.



2. A Bit of Mid-century Modern Vibe


A pair of modern wall sconces in white send out a hint of a midcentury modern vibe. One is finished in a brushed nickel while the other one boasts a brass finish. Their trumpet-inspired look and white lampshades create a stark contrast against furnishing. Mismatched wall lights in the living room is a good way to show off the room's personality and character. The brushed nickel finish of one wall light is a great fit for the gray wall and chairs. The brass finish of the other one goes beautifully with the rosewood area rug, chestnut sofa, and tawny wood tone.



3. Try the Art Deco Look


A duo of brass wall sconces accented with a glittering finish flank the artwork and contrast with the white wall. They flaunt an art deco look as each bulb is backed by a disk that resembles an antique camera flash. They bring a bit of brass and finishing touch that elevates the decors in the living room. Their glimmering finish perfectly complements the tawny sofas and the mint green armchair. Mismatched chairs bring sleek glamour to the space and showcase the homeowner’s individual style. The white walls and white windows provide a neutral backdrop for the vivid colors to shine.



4. Bring the Garden Indoor


A duet of five-light modern wall sconces flank the fireplace and serve as stunning eye candy in this living room. The colorful wallpaper is a design-perfect companion to the wall lights with its botanical patterns. The wall lamps incorporate five elongated mini drum shades in beige and five curvy arms finished in brass. Their cute little drum shades resemble the blooming flowers while the curvy arms look much like the twigs. The luminaries’ glossy brass finish add a visual impact to this contemporary living room and go well with the wallpaper’s canary background and the table. The flowers and pillows bring out green and coral tones from the wallpaper’s botanical patterns, adding a natural touch to the room and bringing the garden indoor along with the wall lights.



5. Add Floral Accent


A pair of modern wall sconces serve as a dramatic addition to the room with their cerulean bell shades. The mini lampshades and the scrolling arms look like two bell-flowers that are hanging upside down from their stems. Along with the coral fresh flowers, they inject a floral accent into the room. The cerulean wall lights, vase, and ottoman evoke a sense of the sea, matching the room’s beach theme. Color blocks in the artwork repeat the bright hues of the luminaries, the vase, the ottoman, the chair, the flowers, and the throw. The white wall and white windows offer a neutral base for the saturated vibrant colors to pop.



6. Liven up with a Bit of Bling


Flaunting opal glass shades, a duo of modern wall sconces beside the window offer a rounded silhouette and a ton of texture to the room. Their canopies, arms, and lamp-holders are in a warm gold finish to ooze a bit of bling to the space. Their gleaming finish is a great fit for the curtain rod, the candle container, the stool, the table, and the rattan chair. They complement the bright colors while the furnishings in pink, pistachio, and blueberry bring the perfect amount of color. The multi-colored area rug repeats such subdued hues, showing off a mid-century color palette. The luminaries’ lampshades, the floral wallpaper, the curtain, and the flowers give the room a fresh and airy look.



7. Find the Matching Finish


Modern wall sconces consisting of dual drum shades in black convey an understated grace and designer style to your interior. A shimmery gold finish drenches the wall lights’ canopies, arms, and lamp-holders, delivering dramatic decorative impact to the space. The frame of the mirror and the artwork, candle holders, and the table all share the luminaries’ matching finish. They spread small doses of metallic glitz throughout the room and help the look hang together. The walls, the fireplace, and the decorations play off the hints of daffodil and turquoise to keep the otherwise neutral color palette from becoming too boring.



8. A Playful Addition


This duet of modern wall sconces are hanging on the hooks mounted to the wall. Crafted of opaque and dreamy seeded glass, they cast a gentle and inviting glow to create a cozy ambiance. The lampshades of the glass wall sconces radiate a playful look and resemble tiny buckets on the hooks, injecting much visual interest into the room. Their cylinder shades, the canopies, the lamp-holders, and the hooks are accented by a dark brown finish, pairing nicely with the table, the chair, the ottoman, pillows, the floor, and area rug all in a brownish hue. These brown furnishings, the white wall, and the white fireplace provide the neutral foil for the Persian red pillows to shine.


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