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The Wooden Spherical Chandelier is a Great Pick for Your Home

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
The Wooden Spherical Chandelier is a Great Pick for Your Home


Have you ever walked into a hotel and fell in love with the chandelier? Even though chandeliers are not the most important things to own, they are pretty. They are perfect for the living room area, bedroom, kitchen, or dining room. Everyone wants to be stylish through matching things in the room. Match your mahogany furniture with the wooden chandelier. Moreover, they are not only decorative but also functional. This is because facets reflect light resulting in more brightness. Having earned a place in a world, crystals have sun and fire as the natural source of light. Here are the reasons why the wooden spherical chandelier is a great pick for your home.



Selecting a quality chandelier is somehow hard, seeing that they come in a variety of shapes. However, the wooden spherical chandelier will make you choose the right one. It captures available light, reflects, and refracts it back to your eyes. It is refracted under low light sources such as starlight, candlelight, moonlight as well as cave light. Crystal lacks quality when it does not reflect under semi-darkness. Crystal has the ability to reflect an insignificant light that humans cannot see.


This chandelier is very clear and reflects light spectrums as a rainbow of colors. Excess colors without clearness indicate standards of poor quality. Even the cheapest ones are able to shine when placed at the light. While purchasing a quality wooden spherical chandelier, switch off lights and check the facets as well as colors.


Brings the taste of nature

The wood chandelier showcases a natural finish. Their main objective is to bring nature to your cozy home. There are several benefits of bringing natural materials close to you. According to “USA Today," medics argue that nature helps to improve mental health. This includes increasing happiness while reducing the feeling of depression, anxiety, and stress. Therefore, if you are fighting against one of the mental health issues, purchase a wooden spherical chandelier and look forward to the change.


If you are not a fan of the crystals or other modern materials, I recommend going for a wooden chandelier. It’s easy to maintain and can last for a very long time if good care is taken.



Wood materials are made from trees, which are natural renewable sources. The resources store carbon hence lowers the amount of emission of carbon to the atmosphere. Furthermore, the products are recyclable for various uses. This is enough reason to buy a spherical wood chandelier and save Mother Nature. You can decide to have a wooden floor which will match the chandelier.




Natural materials last longer compared to unnatural ones. Wood materials for homes, buildings, and chandeliers can last for many years. They look better at aging if taken well protected. Wood has extractives which prevent fungus and lowers water tendency of absorbing water.


Wood is easy to maintain and does not like require a lot of attention like the crystals. You can wipe it clean faster within a minute without being afraid of it tearing apart into pieces. Conversely, crystal chandeliers are fragile so one needs to be very careful when handling them.



The modern living room is a common engaging room in the house. Wood spherical chandeliers help to create an inviting environment for your guests. Also, it can be put in the dining room area. The lighting impresses visitors with its spectacular design. You can place it above the table’s center to bring an immersive feeling. Lastly, you can create a more engaging atmosphere in the kitchen by adding a little lighting.




A wooden spherical chandelier can provide enough light in a large room. You will not have to worry about getting two chandeliers to have the required light. Therefore, you will not regret saving money to buy a cost-effective chandelier.





The chandelier comes at an affordable price. It is steady and does not require a complex installation. So chandeliers have to be installed by experts because of their complexity. Hiring experts to install one every time you buy is costly. But for a wooden chandelier, you can do it by yourself hence cutting the costs for experts.


Matching styles


They are a compliment of other interior styles of design. Here are the different matching styles of spherical wood chandelier




The rustic interior is designed specifically to match with natural resources. Natural materials like décor are made from stones, wood, and other wood sources. Rustic styles have irregular and rough surfaces. Therefore, you can use the spherical wood chandelier, seeing that they have weathered finishes. Similarly, the furniture should have a distressed finish color. Also, linens, upholstery, and rugs should have simple designs with a touch of natural aspect.





Farmhouse style is complemented by wood chandeliers. The style has the aim of creating an inviting and comfortable look. This style uses modern trends like mixing metals through using colors of furniture and neutral wall and mixing metals with woods. Complete your farmhouse style by installing a wooden spherical chandelier.




The coastal style looks warm and tropical. This room has neutral colors of walls with a touch of nautical décor. Use a wooden spherical chandelier to add a warm feeling suiting the coastal style. This look will give your visitors a beach house feel.


Final thoughts

The first impression of a home is the entryway. The wooden spherical chandelier is the best option if you are a fan of the simple, stylish chandelier. They are the prettiest pieces of the room when done in the right way. Chandeliers will make visitors marvel by looking at the masterpiece. You will impress your guests, and they will keep on praising you and asking countless questions. Additionally, your home may look imbalanced when you use the wrong chandelier. A wooden spherical chandelier will match your interior design style as well as bring outdoor aesthetic.


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