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10 Glass Ceiling Light Ideas to Add Flair to Your Home

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
10 Glass Ceiling Light Ideas to Add Flair to Your Home


Glass is a popular material for luminaries since it radiates light very well. It can easily go well with your existing decors and offer a muted style to your home. Glass light fixtures can be both functional and decorative with a bit of pizazz to a room. If you are looking for a light fixture that can be a statement piece without looking too overwhelming and accommodates various ceiling heights, glass ceiling lights will fit the bill. Glass ceiling lights can portray a modern, industrial or a rustic look depending on the overall design scheme of the room where they are suspended and the appearance of the glass they are crafted of. Owing to these facts, such ceiling light is a versatile lighting choice without a doubt. Check out the following 10 glass ceiling lights below to ignite your creativity. 


Glass Ceiling Light Ideas for Living Room:



1.Striped And Bowl


Featuring a bowl shade, this glass ceiling light gives the living room a muted but graceful touch. Its creamy white glass bowl shade flaunts a pleated accent that makes for an amazing addition to the room. Its glass shade goes well with the white ceiling and the white lampshade of the table lamp. This flush mount ceiling light casts a lovely glow for a homey feel in the living room. The light lime green cushions offset other neutral furnishings and add refreshing elements to the room, which is a good try for a subtle take on bold color.



2.Tiffany and Tuscany Yellow


In need of a conversation piece for your living room? This Tiffany mission style glass ceiling light may be just what you want. Its stained glass lampshade showcases tangled lines in dark brown, adding a bit of timeless appeal to the living room. The luminary's Tuscany yellow lampshade lends vibrancy to the space along with a pair of wall lights that share the same color. Its brisk color works well with butterscotch cushions, beige armchairs, and the taupe ottoman. Mismatched velour covered sofas in beige, taupe, and olive green is a good way to show off the room's eclectic personality and character. 


Glass Ceiling Light Ideas for Dining Room:



3.Lotus-inspired and Rippled Glass


Inspired by lotus, the glass ceiling light glamorizes up the dining room with its lovely glass shade that largely resembles a blooming lotus. Each of the lotus petals is crafted of opaque and dreamy rippled glass, creating a romantic and pleasant atmosphere. It serves as an instant texture boost and conveys an understated grace to the room. The baby blue wall, latte cabinet, taupe curtains, and the umber wood tones showcase a Mediterranean color palette. The light fixture's white rippled glass shade somehow stands out from the color palette as an artistic focal point to the room. 



4.Striped and Apricot 


A pair of semi flush mount ceiling lights illuminate this mini dining room and instill a feeling of warmth and intimacy to the space. The edges of rounded trapezoidal drum shades curve up slightly while the apricot stripes drench the mini drum shades, giving the room a dramatic decorative impact. Their vibrant color is well-suited to the caramel wood-tone radiated by walnut cabinets, walnut table, and the floor. The floral-patterned cushions bring out tones from the baby blue and light moss couch, orange cushions, the wall lights, and the ceiling lights. An array of rich colors pop against the gray wall and the gray ceiling, adding an exciting visual element to the room. 


Glass Ceiling Light Ideas for Bedroom:



5.Brushed Nickel and Intersecting Accent


The glass ceiling light's brushed nickel finish and the mini opal glass drum shade sticks out from the black ceiling. An intersecting metal frame embraces the white glass shade and further enhances this clean and sleek design. Along with the white wall, the white bed, and the cabinet, the lampshade lends a soothing feel to the space. The baby blue and navy blue bedding brings a sense of the sea and makes the bedroom resemble a cabin on a boat along with the spherical accent on the bed. 


6.Bronze and Leaf Accents


This glass ceiling light features an alabaster glass bowl shade and a lovely pineapple bottom accent. Its upper part boasts a weathered bronze finish and leaf-inspired patterns, hinting at a vintage flair. Taking the rustic style to the next level, the luminary's brownish bronze finish is definitely fitting for the beige brown exposed brick wall, caramel exposed beams, and the syrup wooden furniture. These brownish hues exude calming and peaceful energy that makes the bedroom a safe shelter to recharge. The barn-red drapes and bedding brings just the right amount of color to the room. 


Glass Ceiling Light Ideas for Kitchen:


7.White and Square


Five glass ceiling lights are characterized by white, square lampshades that injecting a bold geometric vibe into the space. Each corner of the square white glass curves up gently, sending out a cool air of sophistication. Their intriguing look adds excitement and dynamic touch to the otherwise bland ceiling. The cinnamon wood tone and the beige floor serve as a neutral base for the arctic blue, daffodil, and orange accents that provide an interesting twist to the kitchen. Small doses of orange spread the joyous color throughout the kitchen. 


8.Cylinder and Chrome


Consisting of three frosted glass shades, the three-light glass ceiling light casts charming light rays. Its mini lampshades and the chrome-finished canopy adds an element of whimsy and metallic pizzazz.  Its translucent and lovely glass shades bring a modern and elegant look that makes food prep and cooking interesting. The luminary's chrome finish partners nicely with the gray countertops and stateless steel kitchen appliances. Caroline blue cabinets and the ceiling light are eye candy in the kitchen. The cabinets' Caroline blue hue and the canary wood tone are suggested by the area rug and the painting.


Glass Ceiling Light Ideas for Bathroom:



9.Square and Frosted Glass


The ceiling light provides a classic touch to the bathroom with a dark brown finish. Constructed of glass and metal, it offers a square silhouette for a touch of geometric design. Delivering a bit of refined and glamorous touch, its textured frosted glass shade works beautifully with the white windows and white shelf. The ceiling light's dark brown metal frame accentuates and complements the gingerbread wood tone of the cabinet and the floor. The stone tiles feature different shades of brown and lift the bathroom's neutral palette to an even higher level of sophistication. 



10.Drum and Tiered 


The double-tiered drum ceiling light lends glitzy sparkle and retro charm to the space with its antique brass finish. Each tier of drum shade is accented with a number of linked squares whose edges are dressed in brass. Crafted from frosted glass, the light fixture emits an appealing glow that offers a spa-like vibe to the bathroom. The white ceiling and furniture, dusty teal wall, dusty teal cushions, and navy blue upholstery form a soothing color palette. The palette makes the bathroom a calming retreat to relax. These cool colors balance the space and provide a rich backdrop for the intense honey yellow color to shine. 


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