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8 Rustic Pendant Lights to Glam up Your Country Style Abode

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
8 Rustic Pendant Lights to Glam up Your Country Style Abode

Rustic home decor is a perfect way to add warmth and coziness to your home decor. If you are living in a country style home and personally deeply in love with rustic decors, you may be apt to give a little makeover to your home once in a while. That is totally what you would do, right? What is your plan when you look to dress up your country style abode in a stylish way ? Splurge on a big renovation project or just add a couple of new decors to your home? Maybe all you have to is to get yourself a rustic luminary and pendant lighting is preferable choice. That is what it takes to bring new life to your country style home. Take a look at the rustic pendants that we consider ideal for a country-inspired abode.


1.Whimsical Design

The lampshade of this intricately designed wood pendant flaunts a few circles and one cube interlocking together. This chandelier-style pendant’s avant-garde look draws even more attention to the high ceilings and the exposed beam. The fixture’s light wood tone fits well with the tortilla wood wall and ceiling. The light wood tone helps the room feel airy and bright. The floor-to-ceiling panel windows in this open concept living room bring sufficient natural light into the room. The sofas, armchairs and the area rug in light neutral colors lend a modern vibe to the rustic home.


2.Black Iron

A duet of light pendants offer a vintage feel to this rustic living room with its black iron cage and cylinder glass shade. Four angled metal rods suspend the light in a pyramidal shape for a nostalgic look. Its black finish pairs nicely with the black table, windows and even the wall-mounted TV. The stone fireplace serves as the centerpiece of the living area for a nature-inspired look. The fresh flowers alongside with other accessories introduce a bold pop of color to the room. The floor-to-ceiling exposed wood beams deliver a rough, yet refined aesthetic.


3.Geometric and Metallic

A pair of lighting pendants that flaunt trapezoid lampshades inject geometric elegance to this rustic dining room. Its open design and symmetrical arrangement of candle lights contribute so much to the visual impact of the space. Its candle lights and hanging rod boast a warm brass finish that stands out from a chocolate hue of the frame, the ceiling lights, and the furniture. The brass finish is compatible with the tortilla wood tone of the floor and the ceiling. Its shimmery metallic glitz livens up this otherwise boring rustic dining room.


4.Glass and Dark Tone

Limpid drops of handblown glass globe shades are suspended at varied lengths and cluster together beneath an iron plate. Four cords hang this glass pendant from the canopy and looks prefect on the wood sloped ceiling. Its clear glass shades complements the dining chairs, curtains, the door, the wall, area rug and French windows all in white, creating a wonderful sense of sophisticated refinement. On the other hand the dark-tone of the pendant’s cord and iron plate, and the cabinets set them apart from the rest.


5.Metal and Coffee Color

Crafted of solid metal, this rustic pendant light is dressed in a coffee finish. It boasts a octagon shade that broadens the geometric sense of the bedroom. It coffee finish is in harmony with the bed color and the nightstand. The thulian pink wall, drawer and pillow alongside with the sweet pink and coffee throw blanket deliver a feminine touch against the rough brick wall. The green and pink contrasting color scheme of the bedding and painting injects excitement into the room. The fluffy area rug and the bedding deliver a layering of texture.


6.Barn and Green

The barn pendant light provides appealing visual interest with a look of a factory work light. It brings a dynamic vibe and a pop of color to the room with its brisk green color. The wood-clad walls and ceiling crafted of whitewashed pine create a homey cabin feel. The gray bedding, white table lamp and the patterned area rug round out the rustic look by adding both depth and character. The bedroom is year-round rustic retreat for tranquility and peace of mind.


7. Wood and Open

Featuring a tortilla finish, this wood pendant bring a dash of French country charm to the kitchen. Its quatrefoil-inspired shade is guaranteed to turn heads and adds a amazing visual effect to your aesthetic. Its open design allows light to flow through and gives the fixtures a lighter appearance. The pendant serves to tie together all of the brown elements in the kitchen. The kitchen’s soothing wood tone color scheme is steeped in shades of tortilla, caramel and mocha.


8.Wood and Drum

This rustic pendant light’s canopy, lamp-holder and the rod are coated in a semigloss black finish. Three metal circular bands were wrapped together to offer an open design of an elongated drum shade. Its beautiful dual finish encompasses both nature-inspired qualities and rustic elements. The wood shade adds a dash of drama to your kitchen island without overpowering the space. The expose beam, bar stools and wood floor in a caramel hue enhance the kitchen’s warm appeal. The white cabinets give this rustic space an air of modernity.


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