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10 Wood Pendant Light Ideas to Add Rustic Charm

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
10 Wood Pendant Light Ideas to Add Rustic Charm

Pendant lights are a brilliant idea to usher in an unexpected touch of style and design to your home. To bring natural elements and rustic charm into your space, wood pendant lights will be a perfect fit. As a raw material coming from trees, wood shares a strong connection with nature and signifies warmth. Since woodworking has always been a form of art, wood pendant lights that flaunt the uniqueness of design and elegant geometry can pack an artistic punch to the space. These light fixtures can also make your home feel cozy and welcoming. Whether they feature a simple design or an intricate form, they serve as a dramatic focal point that is sure to impress. Feel free to try some of these wood pendant light ideas below to glam up your rooms.


Wood Pendant Light Ideas for the Living Room:



1.Drum Shade and Walnut Brown


To add a bit of rustic touch to this village living room, a wood pendant will fit the bill. The light fixture's syrup brown drum shade pairs nicely with the syrup brown wood-tone of the floor. It is an exquisitely crafted woodwork that gives the room a touch of warmth with its inviting glow. The luminary complements the sofas, the cushions, the bench, and the table in taupe while contrasts the baby blue chairs and area rug. The color combo of baby blue and brown takes the blue color to the next level. Its darker wood-tone sticks out against the light neutral colors and brings much interest to the space.



2.Intersecting and Rectangular


Featuring a tortilla wood-tone, a trio of wood pendant lights somehow enhance the farmhouse chic of the living room. They sport two intersecting rectangular open wood frames that both accommodate two candelabra-inspired lights. Their breezy and airy look adds a refreshing element and gives an organic vibe to the room. These modern pendants emit gorgeous light rays and make the living room a comfy nook to relax and get-together. The table lamp shades, cushions, and wood tables mimic the tortilla hue of the light fixtures. The drapes, the painting, the area rug, and two of the cushions pick up on the colors of the Carolina blue sofas.


Wood Pendant Light Ideas for the Dining Room:



3.Spherical and Crisscross


The spherical wood pendant light is a real conversation piece for this contemporary dining room. A plethora of tiny wooden sticks are crisscrossed and woven into an orb to provide surprising intricacy. The luminary features organized randomness which makes it special and show-stopping. An inviting and lovely glow radiates from the global cage, making your dinner time funnier and more comfortable. The light fixture's sandy brown color works well with the gingerbread hue of the upholstery, the table, and the wooden floor. Along with the drapes and pillows boasting floral pattern, the light fixture gives the room a dramatic decorative impact.


4.Drum and Trapezoid


A pair of wood pendant lights suspending above the dining table to ooze a bit of farmhouse vibe. These light fixtures are fitted with trapezoid lampshades that infuse a hint of bold geometry to the space. The abstract patterns on the drum shades showcase a lively element to the design and offer alluring visual texture to the room. They blend seamlessly in the room as their butterscotch wood-tone plays well with the caramel color of the exposed beams, the door, and the window frame. The beige chairs, white walls, beige cabinets. and beige table lampshades are a neutral base for the luminaries' bright wood tone to pop.


Wood Pendant Light Ideas for the Bedroom:


5.Beehive and Oval


For a bedroom that lacks an attention-grabbing centerpiece, this wood pendant light will do the trick. With a wavy accent, the pendant light's wooden oval lampshade shows off a beehive-inspired configuration. Being a perfect mix of form and function, it elevates the decor and makes for a fun addition to space. Its tawny wood-tone is a right fit for the wood-clad ceiling and the wood floor in gingerbread. The brownish hues and the gray and baby blue bedding constitute a calming color scheme that brings serenity to the room.



6.Open Polyhedron Cage


A wood pendant light that is fitted with a polyhedron lampshade that adds a playful touch to this transitional bedroom. It showcases an exposed bulb and a caged, airy configuration that allows the lights to shine through freely and is sure to grab a few glances. Its latte wood-tone complements the syrup brown wooden floor, chairs, mirror frame, faux cowhide area rug, and table lampshade. The bedding repeats the light fixture's geometric accent and provides an interesting twist along with the luminary. With a dimmer switch, you can dim down the light to a soft gleam and create a tranquil space for sleeping.


Wood Pendant Light Ideas for the Kitchen:



7.Beige and Cylinder Cage


A trio of wood pendant lights hanging above the kitchen island is a good way to achieve the right proportion. The farmhouse pendant lights' canopies, chains, lamp holders, and the metal wires inside the cage all feature a semigloss black finish, giving the kitchen an industrial-inspired style. Their farmhouse feel is further enhanced with two circular wood bands in distressed grayish beige, adding rich visual interest to your aesthetic. Their grayish beige wood-tone nicely coordinates with the sepia hue of the chair and the wood floor. The neutral tones of granite countertop, the cabinets, the doors, and the walls serve as a neutral base for the Carolina blue kitchen island to pop.



8.Square and Curvy Topping


To save a kitchen from becoming boring, a duo of four-light wood pendant lights like this are what you need. The wooden cages encase four candle-style lights to impart a hint of vintage feel yet maintain a rustic edge. These cubic woodworks feature an open design to radiate an even and diffused glow to illuminate cooking and food prep. The cages are topped with curvy wood slats to provide alluring visual interest. The distressed beige finish of the rustic pendant lights partners perfectly with the white kitchen island and white backsplash while they stick out against the kitchen stools and the wood floor in walnut brown. The red containers, fruits, and flowers scatter the presence of energetic red throughout the kitchen to infuse a dynamic vibe into the space.


Wood Pendant Light Ideas for the bathroom:



9.Butterscotch and Hourglass


In a bathroom dominated by neutral colors like this, a wood pendant light that acts as a show-stopper will add an unexpected flair to the space. A few square wood blocks come together to constitute a drum shade that boasts an hourglass-inspired configuration. It exudes beautiful light rays to create a homey atmosphere for taking a bath, chilling out, and meditation. Its butterscotch finish provides a stark contrast to the pale brown chairs, beige brown tiles, and the light taupe floor. Along with the syrup wood-clad ceiling, hickory cabinets, and hickory table, all the furnishings in neutral colors allow the butterscotch drum pendant to shine.



10.Globe and Airy


Constructed of a myriad of wood slats, the wood pendant light sports a globe silhouette encompassing a white burlap shade. Its mini globe shade delivers a cute and airy look and makes for an interesting addition to the bathroom. With an open cage design, it gives off a soft and gorgeous glow right above the vanity, which makes every moment you spend in the bathroom soothing and enjoyable. Its hickory finish is the perfect complement to the gingerbread wood-tone of the vanity and the garnet area rug. Being a blend of natural material and modern style, it gives the space an organic aesthetic along with the plants.


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