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10 Iron Chandelier Lighting Hacks to Jazz up Your Home

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
10 Iron Chandelier Lighting Hacks to Jazz up Your Home

Being simple yet elegant, iron chandeliers impart a look of sophistication and serve as a tasteful showpiece. They add stunning drama and portray an old-timey style that is rare to find with modern chandeliers. If you want to add a bit of character and depth to your home that features a retro, rustic, farmhouse, or even an industrial touch, iron chandeliers are the right candidates to do the trick. They can provide functional lighting and also create a warm and cozy atmosphere your home is missing. They emanate just the right amount of illumination while coordinating with different styles of home decors in your living space. If it happens to be the right timing to jazz up your interior, an iron chandelier is definitely an amazing addition to your graceful or bold decor styles. Let the following iron chandelier lighting hacks ignite your imagination.


Iron Chandelier Lighting Ideas for the Living Room:



1.Vintage Wagon Wheel


An eight-light wagon wheel chandelier sports an iron round frame in black. Eight beige cylinder shades are arranged symmetrically along the frame, injecting a bit of retro flair to this beach style living room. A quartet of angled rods suspend the light from a canopy for a clean, cohesive look. Its beige lampshades fit just right in the room with the beige sofas, window frames, table lamp shade, and the door. The light fixture, the multi-colored area rug, the sofas, the cushions, and the stem of table lamp flaunt a beach color palette incorporating beige, daffodil, sky blue, and light lime green. They are showcasing colors of the ocean and sky and add surprising and whimsical elements.



2.Floral Accent


A two-tiered twelve-light iron chandelier that sports a floral pattern provides ample light to the living room and commands attention. It boasts decorative details resembling flower buds on the shorter twigs. Slender candle-style lights and spindly longer strolling arms mimic bigger flowers blooming on the branches. The iron frame of this conversation piece features a black finish while the candelabra-inspired lights are in beige. The beige candle-sticks help the luminary to fit well with the beige sofas, walls, windows, and the doors all in white, and the area rug in sandy color. Along with the real flowers, the light fixture provides a gorgeous organic aesthetic to the space. The painting and the vase pick up on the colors of the air force blue cushions, throw, and ottoman, underscoring the coastal touch of the room.


Iron Chandelier Lighting Ideas for the Dining Room:



3.Rectangular Cage


Playing with geometry and shapes, an iron chandelier hanging above the dining table shows off a trapezoid frame. The frame is coated with a dark brown finish while its hanging rods feature a chrome finish. Eight beige candle-style lights are in linear formation when viewed from different angles. Sporting three finishes, the chandelier encompasses both rustic qualities and vintage elements, yet maintains a modern edge. Two Olympic blue chairs stand out while the luminary’s beige candle-style lights pair nicely with the neutral decors. Mismatched chairs in the dining room is a smart idea to show off the homeowners’ personality and character. The containers, plants, and fruits inject smaller doses of bright colors including arctic blue, pineapple, and lime to enhance the transitional color palette.



4.Big and Cone


An iron chandelier steals the show in the dining room with a large rectangular frame finished in black. This show-stopping chandelier is fitted with a dozen of lovely white cone shades, giving this luminary a sense of symmetry. A trio of rods extending upward in a pyramidal shape suspend the light fixture. It shares the same black-and-white color palette with the picture frames and the wall light. Along with the cherry red wall, the light fixture sticks out from the tawny table, tawny chairs, and the tortilla cabinet owing to its classic color scheme. The chandelier’s grandiose configuration sets the mood for the room and makes it look bigger.


Iron Chandelier Lighting Ideas for the Bedroom:



5.Orb and Crystal


A three-light iron chandelier flaunts an atom-inspired design structure that crisscrosses and weaves to surround exposed bulbs. The spherical lampshade of the light fixture shows the beauty of geometry while the teardrop crystal pendants hanging on its arms give the bedroom a touch of sparkle. The exposed bulbs exude a soft and wonderful glow to create a comfy atmosphere for you to relax. Finished in oil rubbed bronze, the globe chandelier is a great fit for the gingerbread tables. Along with the brown furnishing and the light fixture, the chaise lounge and a pillow in teal, the throws, blanket, and pillows in Olympic blue make for a soothing color palette.



6.Drum and Oval


The drum shade of this iron chandelier encases a smaller drum shade in white. Sporting an airy look, the metal outer drum shade is adorned by a conjoining oval accent. This dual-drum-shade chandelier’s distressed bronze finish ushers in a muted style to the room. With an open design, it emits warm and awesome light rays to the room. Its distressed brownish finish works beautifully with the multi-colored wooden wall, mocha cabinets, and the tortilla-and-beige quilt. The painting brings out sky blue and white tones from the bench. Along with the bench and painting, those neutral hues of the drum chandelier, the bedding, and the furniture create a relaxing color scheme and make the room a comfy retreat.


Iron Chandelier Lighting Ideas for the Kitchen:



7.Quatrefoil and Intersecting


A duo of iron chandeliers are the stunning eye candy for the kitchen with their retro oil rubbed bronze finish and the quatrefoil frames. Encompassing two intersecting quatrefoil frames, the light fixtures usher in a playful touch to this traditional kitchen. Its oil rubbed bronze finish plays well with the gingerbread wood floor and the tortilla chairs. Their beige candle-style lights blend well with the area rugs, roller shades, and armchairs. These luminaries and the pendant light provide ample illumination for eating, cooking, and food prep. The white cabinets, countertop, and windows provide the neutral foil for the light fixtures and the bright-colored containers to pop. The luminaries help this kitchen achieve a refreshing aesthetic together with the plants.



8.Elegant Scrolling Arms


Boasting six candelabra-inspired lights, the iron candle chandelier draws the eye up with its old-world charm. Finished in black, it encompasses both rustic-inspired qualities and vintage elements, yet maintains an industrial touch. The candlesticks are definitely fitting for those delicately curved arms to bring a rich visual texture. A couple of brisk colors pep up the space along with the light fixture. The gingerbread wood-tone of the floor and the furniture accentuate the dinnerware in ruby and lime green. Similar dynamic hues appear in the drapes, upholstery, and the cabinet to carry the colors throughout the space. The luminary, white countertop, and the white cabinets serve to keep the bold colors in check.


Iron Chandelier Lighting Ideas for the Bathroom:



9.Cubic and Brown


Showcasing a tawny finish, the iron chandelier adds a bit of drama to the bathroom. Topped with curvy arms, the cubic cage shade offers an airy and breezy configuration and houses four candelabra-inspired bulbs. It gives off a diffused and fantastic glow and makes every minute your spend in the bathroom comfy and relaxing. Its tawny finish coordinates with the taupe tiles on the wall and the brass finish of the pendant lights. The chandelier and the globe pendants infuse a hint of geometric elegance to the space. The artwork and containers in cyan blue keep a pale scheme from getting boring.


10.Brass Leave Pattern


Boasting a shimmery warm brass finish, this iron chandelier invigorates the bathroom and gives the space a glam appeal. Being exquisitely crafted, it shows off a myriad of brass iron leaves and the whole light fixture looks like a tiny tree. The bulbs and the bobeches resemble the blooming flowers on the branches. The whole luminary sends out an artistic touch and also enhances the bathroom’s Victorian look. It emanates romantic and appealing light rays and creates an amazing ambiance for you to unwind yourself. The chandelier and classic black and white checkerboard patterns on the floor lift the palette to an even higher level of sophistication.


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