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Find Your Favorite Brand of Modern Chandeliers in the US

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
Find Your Favorite Brand of Modern Chandeliers in the US


Modern chandeliers create an attractive atmosphere in your décor. They bring elegance, ambiance, and drama. Moreover, they have different adjustable height to fit your space. These light fixtures come in various styles, finishes, and materials to complement interiors. It is essential to pay attention to the size of the area after choosing the design. Keep reading to know more about every popular famous brand of modern chandeliers in the United States.



Pure lighting


The company was founded in 2007, and it is located in Chicago. Pure lighting is among the best brands of modern chandeliers that take innovation to another level. Every chandelier redefines interior design. It creates LED chandeliers that match perfectly with the surrounding of architecture. LED systems are plastered in the light to fit well on 5-inch to 8-inch drywall. Therefore, you will not have to worry about modification. Explore all possibilities by making your drywall become a masterpiece. The light will glow and bring unique lighting accents to your home.


Edge lighting


This is like a sister company to pure lighting. It is located in Chicago, Illinois, and manufactures LED architectural fixtures. Edge manufactures are dedicated to their work and make energy-saving LEDs as well as stylish. Moreover, as a famous brand of modern chandeliers, Edge Company won awards for its excellent lighting. It offers dynamic solutions for lighting that suits your area. Also, the Edge brand has the ability to customize fixtures according to finish, length, and color.



Pelle designs


Pelle lighting is a design studio founded in 2011. It is located in New York, Flatiron District. The company designs art pieces, lighting furnishings, and accessory items for interior. You can get wall-hanging lights which come in pris sconce, pris major and minor. Fixtures are assembled in a way that can be customized. Additionally, jewel-shaped connectors help to create a system that expands visual geometries language. Linear arms have upward and downward diffusers, which bring warm LED light.


Robert Abbey


Since 1948, Robert Abbey has been a brand of modern chandeliers that is passionate about making high-quality chandeliers alongside lamps and pendants. Initially based in New York, their studio relocated to Foothills of Hickory, North Carolina. It ensures that customers get the proper amount of light in any space. Robert Abbey offers an elegant and unique collection of fixtures that are suitable for everyone.





A-19 factory is found in southern California and makes handmade fixtures. The lighting comes in sophistication and amazing styles. Every piece of the fixture is designed, finished, and assembled before shipping. If you need high-quality lights, purchase from this factory. The distinctive pieces will make your home’s ceilings and walls look adorable.




Cerno is a southern California brand of modern chandeliers who designs good looking chandeliers since 2009. The modern fixtures originate from energy-efficient LEDs with quality design. The brand gets materials such as linen, wood, and aluminum. This makes it possible to make multi-purpose and contemporary lighting. Cerno also designs mid-century aesthetic, floor lamps, and geometric pendants.





It was founded in 2007 by two architects from Seattle. The studio is responsible for producing modern designs. The company is famous for making scrap lights from corrugated cardboard. Purchase their unusual designs that capture imagination and vision. They also make architectural installations, commercial lighting, residential lighting, and works of art.


Hubbardton Forge


This modern American brand of modern chandeliers is based on Vermont. It started in 1974 from a humble crafting art until it grew to lead lighting manufacturers. It has perfect LED technology art. Hubbardton has developed creative, affordable, and advanced technology. Its design lifts your home decor to another level. Explore the different handcrafted modern styles developed in Vermont.



Niche Modern


Located in New York City, the project started as a modern lighting display. It has now become a great architectural collection with quality multi-light fixtures. Artisans are dedicated to crafting glass techniques with a touch of modern innovation.




Revelite comes from the makers of Cerno. The company has taken LED technology to a new level. This innovative brand of modern chandeliers designs fixtures that complement your interior. Paintings will not fade from light exposure because LED cannot emit UV light.


Siemon and Salazar


The Murano craftsmanship is found in southern California since 1999. After Murano glassmaking for two years, Siemon brought Salazar and other brands to help. The studios got visitors who influenced design identity and climate.



Best modern chandeliers


Check out a list of the brands of modern chandeliers available in the market.


Drum chandeliers


Drum chandeliers will give your home an ambiance look. This is a favorite, unique, and bold light at home. Put it at the centerpiece to get an ambient source of light. You can soothe the light through a shade, which will increase refinement and warmth to a room. Drum chandeliers offer you several variations of themes. Select the correct style that will match well with rustic and casual decors.


Candelabra chandeliers


Candelabra chandeliers are among the best-selling modern chandeliers. These candle chandeliers give your space character, depth, and drama. The material creates a modern elegance design. It comes with an adjustable chain to get the desired height. The rule still remains; a tall ceiling will need a long chain while the short one is perfect for a low ceiling. Get a professional electrician to assemble the fixture. After installing, you can set them on a dimmer switch to control moods easily and fast.



Industrial modern chandeliers


Industrial fixtures blend well with urban design. Their trending looks come in various selections. Choose the one that blends with your theme and contrast. Additionally, they are designed into many shapes, sizes, and finishes. This will bring more sense of elegance to your home.


LED chandeliers


LED chandeliers have become popular in the market. They offer visual comfort and artistic lighting options. The brand has a comprehensive collection of fit in all rooms. That is a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and study rooms. Their furnishings bring a romantic setting to your living area. Add decorative accessories to enhance the beauty of the fixture.


Final thoughts


There are several great brands of modern chandeliers in America that need to be recognized. However, Famous brands in the United States give creativity, quality, and innovation in their modern chandeliers. Modern chandeliers add intrigue to the bedroom, living room, kitchen, hallway, entryway, and study rooms. Also, Not forgetting the commercial places, including cafes, bars, hotels, and restaurants. You can complete with buying energy-saving and durable bulbs like LED and CFL.


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