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10 Farmhouse Chandelier Lighting Tips to Illuminate Your Rooms

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
10 Farmhouse Chandelier Lighting Tips to Illuminate Your Rooms

To bring unexpected warmth and a welcoming look to your interior, farmhouse style lighting can definitely fit the bill. Characterized by wood accent, clean lines, and weathered finishes, it is a smart way to create a cozy, laid-back space. If you are looking for a design-perfect companion to go with those decoration styles exuding old-world charm, such as country, vintage, and cottage, why not give farmhouse chandeliers a try? Get inspired by the farmhouse chandelier lighting ideas we have listed below.


Farmhouse chandelier lighting ideas for your living room:

1.Candle-style and Off-white

This farmhouse chandelier flaunts six curvy scrolling arms and candelabra-inspired lights, infusing an old-world charm and a cottage chic to your aesthetic. Finished in a distressing off-white, the wood candle chandelier nicely coordinates with other decors. Its beige accent repeats in the sofas, armchairs, the area rug, the drapes, and the table lamp shade. The light fixture and these beige decors offer understated elegance to the interior and keep the bold colors in check.



2.A Wooden Globe

Crafted of weathered wood, the wooden frame of the farmhouse chandelier encompasses a mini metal sphere shade accented with crystal. The metal sphere shade features an atom-inspired design that crisscrosses to surround five candelabra-inspired lights. This globe chandelier boasts maple leaf crystal bead strands on the scrolling arms, which brings wow-factor to the room. Along with the mint green decors, it adds a punch and keeps the otherwise neutral-colored room from becoming too bland.


Farmhouse chandelier lighting ideas for your dining room:


3.A Play on Materials

With wood pairing with metal and crystal, this Valencia farmhouse chandelier rocks the room with a glamorous play on materials. The rectangular wooden cage is adorned with a crisscross accent while the cage encases two mini crystal chandeliers. This luminary is ablaze with a myriad of resplendent crystal pendants draping from the metal scrolling arms. The light fixture's tawny hue is echoed in the roller shades, the table lampshade, and the cushions, which makes the light fit just right in the dining room. This attention-grabbing luminary dramatically enhances the character of the dining room and adds easy visual interest.


4.Go Linear and Geometric

With a linear formation of four exposed bulbs, the farmhouse chandelier boasts a metal cage incorporating rectangular and semicircular silhouette. With an open cage design, the light fixture spreads a charming and even glow and offers bold geometric touch. It hand-painted golden oak hue and gilded iron finish contrast the pigeon blue chairs, the cornflower blue kitchen island, and the painting featuring different shades of blue and white, giving this farmhouse dining room an urban twist.


Farmhouse chandelier lighting ideas for your bedroom:


5.Brown and Wooden

The wood chandelier's farmhouse frame and candelabra-inspired lights infuse an old-world style into this bedroom. Its scrolling arms, candle cups, candlesticks, and the column in distressed brown bring sculpted details and country style. The crafted wooden pendants draping on top lend a cottage chic and add eye appeal. The luminary, the mocha brown wall, the tawny wood floor, and the medallion table lamp play up the brown tone. The refined accessories such as light-colored bedding and area rug lift the style to an even higher level of sophistication.


6.Tassel and Tiered

Playful yet dramatic, a three-tiered tassel chandelier pep up the bedroom that combines farmhouse and boho sensibilities. Tapering on the cascading cream tassels, the luminary introduces an unexpected sweetness to the room and blends nicely with the beige bedding and the area rug. Along with the rattan headboard, knitted textiles, and layered textures of bedding, it oozes an irresistible boho vibe and gives the ambiance an instant uplift. The light fixture's interesting design and the small doses of calming colors in the room including Yale blue and thistle, add a pop of character and make the bedroom a tranquil retreat.


Farmhouse chandelier lighting ideas for your kitchen:


7.Bell Jar Lanterns

Inspired by Anglo and Indian design, a trio of lantern chandeliers inject a retro farmhouse appeal to the kitchen. They come with hand-blown clear glass bell jar lantern shades that encircle three candelabra-inspired lights respectively. Suspended by iron chains extending upward in a pyramidal shape, they are exquisitely-crafted and make a designer statement in the space. Accented by a dark bronze finish, they partner perfectly with the Prussian blue cabinets, kitchen island, and black chairs to create a rich effect and help the look hang together.


8.Chicken Wire and Wood

Flaunting a chicken wire and curvy wood bars, this drum chandelier serves as a breath-taking showpiece conveying understated rustic elegance. It provides visual relief from intense hues appearing in air force blue cabinets, floral-patterned red area rug, and the plants. The light fixture in walnut brown works well with wood furniture in tortilla or caramel and also the terra-cotta floor. It somehow sets the tone for the kitchen bursting with a colorful personality.


Farmhouse chandelier lighting ideas for your bathroom:


9.Black and Scrollwork

Finished in black, the farmhouse chandelier's inverted cage dome shade features six candle-style lights that are arranged symmetrically on the edge of the cage. The white wall, white furniture, and the open design of the light fixture make the bathroom light and airy. The black chandelier sticks out from the white backdrop. The light fixture and the blue decors breathe new life into space and save the interior from being boring.


10.Wood and Cubic Lantern

Four exposed bulbs are sitting inside this wood-and-glass cubic lantern framework of the light fixture. It spreads a diffused and homely glow with an open lantern while its distressed finish portrays a timeworn look. The luminary enhances the farmhouse character of the bathroom together with the wooden door and wooden cases. The cabinets, the floor, and the chandelier accentuate the mint green bathtub and wall, adding zing to the bathroom.


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