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How to Choose a Wire Mesh Chandelier?

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
How to Choose a Wire Mesh Chandelier?


The collection of wire mesh has increased industrial flair to all fixtures at home. They help to create the desired mood. One study showed that extreme lighting could cause negative and positive feelings. This includes feeling more aggressive, wanting spicy foods, and finding someone more attractive. However, wire mesh chandelier assists in calming the effect by switching lights down. Moreover, these chandeliers bring a unique style to any space in the household. It has allowed designers to create various combinations of finishes, metals, and weave patterns. Here are things to consider when choosing a wire mesh chandelier.



The main objective of getting light is long term happiness. This depends on whether you need lighting for a study, general, or crafting. Wire mesh chandelier is perfect for general lighting. It reflects light uniformly from an indirect source of light. Chandeliers can be the main source of light in places like laundry rooms. The lighting fills a room, especially when combined with other sources of light. This will give optimum lighting as well as add elegance to the atmosphere.





Visiting shops and browsing sites

It is essential to browse more information when it comes to selecting a wire mesh chandelier. Firstly, you check the design of the room that you want to place the chandelier. Is it a traditional style? Mid-century or coastal style? This will help you select the one that will match your style.

Begin by reading blogs about popular mesh chandeliers. Go to websites with favorite interior designers. Other shops will allow you to shop according to your desired décor. Additionally, local hardware stores have several unique styles. Do not settle for the one with old wiring. Instead, head to a store with safe wiring that is UL-certified.



Correct size

It may feel overwhelming if you put a large chandelier in a small space. On the contrary, a tiny one will be underwhelming. Chandeliers are designing elements that follow proportion as an objective. There is a controversy about chandelier sizing. However, experts have come up with a formula that helps to get the right size. This is through adding the dimensions of the room in feet, change to inches, which will serve the chandelier's optimal diameter. If this is hard, use an online calculator, including the one at lithology.


Color of materials

A chandelier is like a complement of the room's style. Poor choice of color will make the chandelier look out of place. Before selecting one, think of materials like furniture and theme that are in the room. Do you love bright colors? Dark colors? Or mix metals in the room? This are things to know when choosing the right wire mesh chandelier.




Think of the fixture’s bottom to get the height. If you will be walking underneath, place it not less than 7 feet above the floor. You can select semi-flush or flush mount ceiling fixtures based on the ceiling. The large fixture is needed for a higher ceiling and vice versa.



Choose a chandelier that is easy to clean. Turn off the power, get a stool, and drop cloth that will protect the pieces in case they fall. Prepare the required solution to clean stubborn stains.



Wire mesh chandeliers look better at their aging. Tarnishing is something good and can add more beauty, which comes with aging. Check the instructions maintenance of the fixture. Avoid using cleaning products that will damage its finish.


Tips for decorating a wire mesh chandelier:


1.Place in an unexpected area

Even though most chandeliers appear amazing in dining rooms, master bedrooms, and entryways, putting it in other areas is still great. The kitchen is full of cabinets, fridge, and sink that need extra lighting. You can boost the style of the laundry room and create luxury. Perhaps the children's bedrooms will need a playful chandelier. Do not be confined in one place but try new boundaries.


2.Hang the wire mesh chandelier properly.

There are several guidelines to follow when hanging a chandelier. For instance, if you are putting it above the dining table, place it at least 30 inches above the table. For entryways, let it not hang lower than 7fts. The higher ceiling needs higher chandeliers and vice versa.



3.Make the chandelier center of attraction.

A chandelier should be the focal center in the room. It should be in apposition where vibrant colors are displayed. Get large furniture that grabs attention to allow the light to shine.


Wire mesh chandelier frequently asked questions:


1. Can a wire mesh chandelier be too big?

Yes, if you get a very big chandelier it will overpower your room. So don’t want to go to a very big chandelier. The golden thumb rule of choosing the right size is by adding the length and the width of your room to get the right diameter.


2. How do you wire a chandelier?

First, install a mounting bar on the electrical box. Next, you need to secure the canopy and attach a sizeable chain. Now hang your chandelier and then thread your wire through the chain up to the electrical box. Your wire should be one foot or so longer than the wire mesh. Connect the wires to the power a secure your canopy. Now turn the power on and enjoy your chandelier.


3. Should chandelier be centered over the table?

Yes, it should be positioned at the center of the room proportionally to the dining table. It doesn’t matter the type of chandelier that you will use but it will look a bit strange if used in a different position.



Lighting is a significant aspect. Interior designers are coming up with elements that can give natural light for establishing moods. Also, fixtures need to complement and functional living space. Conversely, poor fixtures can result in dramatic effects. Wire mesh chandeliers diffuse and reflect backlight in the room. It does not cause fire hazards like fabric, plastic, or paper. Also, it increases warmth and makes a room to be brighter while giving privacy. The chandeliers allow light to get through and transform rustic to modern. For these reasons, most popular industries have introduced wire mesh to lighting designs.


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