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8 Kid's Ceiling Lights Perfect for Your Little One's Bedroom

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
8 Kid's Ceiling Lights Perfect for Your Little One's Bedroom


A kids’ bedroom should be a tranquil retreat for entertaining, relaxing, doing homework, and of course sweet dreams. Since proper lighting plays a big part in a kid’s room, there are three questions you need to figure out when choosing a light fixture for your little one’s bedroom. Are these light fixtures safe enough? Can they provide sufficient illumination for the bedroom? Are they interesting enough to win the little ones’ hearts? In other words, safety and functionality are top priorities in picking lights for the kids’ bedroom. Moreover, they also have to feature a playful or whimsical appearance to evoke the imagination of the kids.


For task lighting, a table lamp or night light are great helpers for reading or illumination for kids at night. A dimmer switch is necessary for kids who are afraid to fall asleep in the dark. It enables the light fixture to cast tiny amounts of light so that the kids can sleep with a light on. A little light is fair enough to erase the kids’ fears of the dark and good for energy saving. For overhead ambient lighting, luminaries that hug the ceiling are a safe choice for your little ones’ bedroom. Yes, I’m talking about the flush mount or semi flush mount ceiling lights. Now is the time for us to introduce you to some funny-looking ceiling light fixtures to beautifully light up your kids’ bedroom and arouse their curiosity.


1.Apricot-striped and Drum


Dressed in a warm brass finish, this drum ceiling light flaunts an elongated drum shade adorned with a wavy pattern and apricot stripes. A similar egg nog hue appears in the bedding and the table lamp to carry the color through the space. The mini kids’ ceiling light emits a subtle and soothing glow that makes the room a perfect haven. The luminary’s appealing design makes it an instant eye-catcher in space. Along with the light fixture’s apricot color, a coral color radiated by the area rug and the chili red throw make for a perfect contrast to the green wall.



2. Chrome and Sputnik


The kids’ ceiling light’s arms extending outward in every direction are capped off with twelve spherical bulbs. It injects tons of futuristic touch to the room and stimulates your child’s imagination. Its chrome finish reflects an enviously rich downlight, which is sure to impress. Its spherical accent repeats in the bubble murals and the polka-dot chair. In a room that brims with girly elements including the coral drapes, coral bedding, and the plush toys, the luminary stands out to bring an exciting visual effect. It is an ideal finishing touch for a contemporary space while it can also infuse softness into the room with the help of a dimmer switch.


3. Brown and White Star


This star ceiling light mounted to the ceiling resembles a star shining in the sky. Its celestial-inspired design is interesting enough to impress the kids in the room. Its brown and white finish coordinates with the wood tones as well as the white ceiling and bedding. Along with the walls and cabinets all in a calming kelly green color, the luminary creates a tranquil wonderland. It sends out subtle light rays that serve to send your kids to sleep.



4. Green and Floral


Boasting a floral pattern, this lime green light feeds your child’s curiosity with its art deco configuration. The shelves on the wall echo its floral accent and show off the personality of the room. The teal pillows, bumblebee yellow cushions, white furnishings together with the kids' ceiling light spread a joyous and somehow relaxing color palette throughout the room for a good night’s sleep. The space benefits its unique texture from the hues. The luminary introduces an organic aesthetic to the room and ties the space together.


5. Brass and Nautical


This kids’ ceiling lights’ distressed brass finish perfectly complements the beige wood tone of the ceiling and the beds. They showcase a nautical caged look and New English style, making them well-suited to this beach-style kids’ bedroom. The Yale blue bedding evokes a sense of the sea while the neutral wood tone provides the neutral foil for the bright blue color. The Yale blue that induces peaceful energy brings a sense of serenity to the room. The spherical windows and the swimming rings hanging at the back of the beds make the bedroom look more like a cabin on a boat.



6. A Tiffany Ceiling Light


This glass ceiling light creates a look that is sure to grab attention with its brown and white Tiffany style lampshade. The animal and Christmas tree patterns on the kids' ceiling light add eye appeal and impart quirky brilliance to the room. It is fitting for the brown and white cow print bedding and pumps up the playfulness with whimsical accents. The brown and white neutral hues balance out the vivid rose-red color of the wall so that the room won’t appear too loud. The neutral hues and soft wood tones create a peaceful retreat in this rustic bedroom.



7. White and Donut-shaped


Finished in satin nickel, the kids’ ceiling light is crafted of opal glass and offers a donut-shaped configuration. Its glossy finish and cute form grace your kids’ bedroom and remind them of their favorite snacks, which makes their dreams even sweeter. The orange walls, pink and white area rug, the crimson lovely patterned bedding, and plush toys spark creativity and joy. Along with the white ceiling and the beige wood floor, the light fixture provides a peaceful backdrop to the exciting hues and allows them to pop.



8. Ruby Red and Velvet


This kids' ceiling light in the bedroom greets and catches your kids’ eyes with ruby red drum shade. Crafted of metal and velvet, the luminary conveys an understated elegance to the room. A similar red color is suggested by the Persian red chairs. Along with the royal purple blinds and sofa, the light fixture kicks away the kids’ bedtime blues with their vibrant hues. On the other hand, the wall light and the drapes, the wood furniture, and the area rug in neutral colors calm the color palette a bit. These neutral furnishings serve to make for a quiet, contemplative space.


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