Modern Pendant Lighting

Modern pendant lighting adds true sophistication and elegant vibe to the space. Search the modern pendant lighting compatible with your overall design aesthetic on claxy.

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What Is Modern Design

Modern design refers to the designs and styles that were made popular during the early to the mid-twentieth century. It features distinguishable aesthetic that emphasizes on earthy palettes, natural materials, streamlined silhouettes and balance while eliminating unnecessary details.

Modern pendant lighting offers a attractive focal point for a room, serving as a contrast or accent to monotone rooms. It brings minimalist sophistication, nostalgic vibe of industrialism and the retro flair of mid-century styles to interiors. Modern pendant lights are available in an array of finishes including brushed nickel, satin nickel, black, white and other finishes that work well with a myriad of shade options.

Characteristics of Modern Pendants

Sleek, elegant, and ultimately modern pendant lighting is a perfect choice for those who enjoy unique lighting solutions. Suspended gracefully from the ceiling, pendant lights make a bold statement without occupying precious floor space. Modern pendants add layers of light to your space while bringing the latest design aesthetic into your decor. Modern pendants are popular lighting solutions because they bring practical light down to the level where you need it. For this reason, modern pendant styles, like minimalist metal pendants, elegant globe pendants, and sleek geometric pendants, are great additions to living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms with modern decor.

Modern pendant lighting is an attractive alternative to plain, traditional light fixtures and illumination. As opposed to classic fixtures that lie flush against the ceiling and uniformly light a room, modern pendant lights hang from the ceiling by cable, wire, stem, or chain. This offers a customizable way to brighten up a room or direct light to specific area within a room. Modern pendant lighting brings in an elegant finish to any room. Not only do they make an attractive centerpiece. They can also add a modern designer look to any room you’d like. We use modern pendant lights in a wide range of styles, finish and sizes to design a modern aesthetic.

Modern pendants can bring the sleek simplicity of minimalism, the rustic edge of industrialism. They also send out the retro vibe of mid-century styling to interiors and come in a wide range of designs. Whether you’re looking for decorative and ornate or simple and stylish, modern pendant lighting is sure to turn heads. As versatile as they are elegant, they make for a striking centerpiece in any room. With an adjustable height, you can also benefit from having greater flexibility over the length of the drop.

Shades and Materials of Modern Pendants

Along with the size and style of a modern pendant light, the pendant light shade is the most important design factor that will influence your lighting choice. Modern Pendant light shades can be found in an incredible range of shapes and designs, ranging from modern abstract designs to drum, cone, bell, and other shade shapes. Depending on your personal style and current home decor, you can choose between more familiar metal pendant lights or glass pendant lights, or more distinct materials like fabric or wood.

Aside from design and material, your choice of shade has more of a functional impact than you might think. Downward facing pendant lights often use bowl, cone, bell, or similarly shades to narrowly focus light in a defined area, and are referred to as task lighting. In general, shades that face up, towards the ceiling, provide ambient light better suited to brightening the entire room. This kind of pendant light is suitable for general room lighting, effectively illuminating the entirety of a bedroom or kitchen rather than just a part of it.

Choose a Right Modern Pendant to Illuminate Your Space

To illuminate the kitchen island or dining table, consider modern and contemporary pendants with linear designs. These fixtures feature rectangular or oval canopies that fit nicely above dining tables and kitchen islands with multiple lamps. Whether you want to provide more light throughout the room or focus on one spot, modern pendants suit you.

Look for fixtures with two or more lights to maximize the amount of illumination produced. Lamps focused downward will supply task lighting, while up lights offer ambient illumination. To add accent pendants to complete your lighting design, you can add a touch of soft, inviting illumination to a living space with single-light modern pendants. Single pendants are ideal for accent lighting, but we can also hang them in pairs or groups for brighter lighting.

Claxy’s modern pendant lighting is always curated to complement all these amazing and sophisticated approaches to modern design. Boasting classic shapes such as a globe, cone or drum shape or a Moravian star design, Claxy’s beautiful selection of modern pendants is sure to fit every stylish home.