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10 Outdoor Chandelier Ideas for 2022

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:24
10 Outdoor Chandelier Ideas for 2022

Outdoor chandelier ideas are all about adding a sense of luxury and elegance to your home’s outdoors. Be it your garden, outdoor bar, outdoor kitchen, patio, or party area, outdoor chandeliers can easily spruce up any of these spaces.

During the pleasant spring season or eveen warm summers, you would want to spend more time outdoors with your family and friends.

If you are still relying on those boring old outdoor light fixtures to create the perfect outdoor ambience, let us tell you, you’ll be disappointed.

We have put together a list of the 10 best outdoor chandelier ideas that you can draw inspiration from to give your outdoors a brand new look.

Are you ready to see some amazing ideas?

Then let's get started.

Top 10 Outdoor Chandelier Ideas for Your Home

The charm of a chandelier is undeniable, be it the living room chandeliers or the ones for the outdoors. They come in all sizes, shapes, and styles to spice up your space.

Take a look at the top 10 outdoor chandelier ideas this season.

1. 5-Light Pendant Style Industrial Chandelier

5-Light Pendant Style Industrial Chandelier

First up on our list of outdoor chandelier ideas is this charming industrial-inspired chandelier. The black metal frame and the linear alignment of the bulbs facilitate maximum brightness.

Suspend it over the outdoor kitchen counter or bar to set the perfect mood for the evening.

It is dimmable with dimmable bulbs and switches to create mood lighting and an adjustable chain allows you to fix it at a desirable height.

2. Elegant Industrial Pendant Light with Walnut Wood Frame

Elegant Industrial Pendant Light with Walnut Wood Frame

Minimalistic yet elegant, this industrial pendant light is all you need to add a style quotient to your outdoor spaces. The walnut wood frame creates a beautiful contrast with the matt-black finish elements.

As one of the modern outdoor chandelier ideas, this light can be used to create the perfect ambience in your porch, patio, or outdoor bar.

The eye-catching intersecting rings offer subtle drama that can be further accentuated by installing a dimmable switch and bulb. Club it with trendy industrial pendant lights to complete the look.

3.  8-Light Farmhouse Black Metal with Wood Grain Paint Chandelier

8-Light Farmhouse Black Metal with Wood Grain Paint Chandelier

The modern outdoor chandelier ideas are all about playing with different materials and styles. This is an outdoor chandelier oozing with the industrial style that is perfect for your outdoor kitchen or party area.

It houses 8 light bulbs in a minimalistic open cage design with a faux wood finish. It is impressive how this light fixture combines a farmhouse feel with industrial design features.

You can either opt for 40-watt E12-base bulbs or dimmable bulbs to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

4.  4 Lights Rustic Wood Linear Chandelier

4 Lights Rustic Wood Linear Chandelier

If you wish to keep your outdoor lighting natural and bold, this chandelier with a hand-crafted oak wood frame is the perfect choice.

The other elements on the light fixture like the chain, rod, lamp holders, and canopy are made of solid metal with a black matt finish.

The bulbs are housed individually in clear glass cylinder shades to enhance the aesthetic appeal of this chandelier. You can consider this light fixture for outdoor party areas, bar, kitchen, and other outdoor spaces.

5.  6 Lights Rustic Wood Beaded Chandelier

6 Lights Rustic Wood Beaded Chandelier

Ready for some exquisite outdoor chandelier ideas?

Take a look at this rustic-chic wood beaded chandelier that is ‘oh so perfect’ for the outdoors.

While the distressed silver finish adds a touch of glamour, the wooden beads and metal frame create visual layering. With the help of six 40-watt E12-base bulbs (not included), you can create a warm and pleasant atmosphere in any outdoor space.

6.  French Country Luxury Chandelier Light Fixture with 12 Lights

French Country Luxury Chandelier Light Fixture

Get ready to wow your guests with this fresh lux chandelier. The wooden framework is beautifully complemented by scrolling metal arms with a rustic brown finish. The candle-shaped bulb holders and wooden beads further enhance the elegance of this chandelier.

Switch from regular bulbs to dimmable ones and you are all set to create a romantic ambiance. This chandelier is apt for a bigger outdoor space as it is bound to draw all the attention.

7. 6 Lights Farmhouse Style Black Candle Chandelier

6 Lights Farmhouse Style Black Candle Chandelier

How would you like to usher in some farmhouse charm to your outdoor space?

This all-black chandelier can add a distinct class to your lounge, outdoor dining oasis, or patio.

This dramatic centerpiece has six arms with bulb holders fashioned like candles. You can either opt for regular bulbs or dimmable ones to create the desired ambiance.

The entire piece is crafted with solid rust-resistant metal, making it one of the best outdoor chandelier ideas for your home.

8. 5 Lights Farmhouse Chandelier

5 Lights Farmhouse Chandelier

There is something about the linear arrangement of lights that always warms the heart. This is a minimalistic farmhouse chandelier that will suit your outdoor dining space or bar area perfectly.

There is a beautiful dual-tone play between the matt black finish of the rods and lamp holders and the cream wood grain finish of the bars. The bulbs housed within the clear glass cylindrical shades are apt to create an inviting atmosphere.

9. Farmhouse Style 6 Lights Black Wagon Wheel Large Round Chandelier

Farmhouse Style 6 Lights Black Wagon Wheel

While we are discussing outdoor chandelier ideas, we need to ensure that the designs are both stunning and functional. This wagon wheel round chandelier is the perfect example of that.

It flaunts the old world charm but in an elevated manner. The clear glass cylinder lamp shades arranged along the frame of the wheel structure make the chandelier extremely appealing.

Lounge, party area, dining space, or the outdoor kitchen, install this chandelier wherever you wish to, and see how beautifully it will brighten up the space.

10. 6-Lights Crystal Raindrop Brass Chandelier

6-Lights Crystal Raindrop Brass Chandelier

We have saved one of the best outdoor chandelier ideas for the last. One look at this chandelier and you are bound to fall in love with it.

The interplay between the brass arched arms and the crystal garlands is simply spectacular.

This gorgeous light fixture is definitely meant for a large outdoor area. To complement this stunning brass chandelier, you can invest in equally attractive brass wall sconces.

To create the perfect mood lighting, install 6 dimmable bulbs. The magic that this chandelier creates can’t be explained, only experienced!


1. What are the latest trends in outdoor chandeliers? 

The latest trends in outdoor chandeliers are:

  • Industrial style
  • Vintage style
  • Farmhouse inspired style
  • Minimalistic contemporary style

2. What are the benefits of outdoor chandeliers?

Some of the major benefits of outdoor chandeliers are:

  • They enhance the aesthetic appeal
  • They add a touch of class
  • They do not damage the walls
  • They illuminate the entire space rather than just a corner
  • 3. How do I keep my chandelier from swinging? 

    You can prevent the chandelier from swinging or twisting by replacing the chain from which it hangs with a sturdy and stiff rod. Ensure that the rod is capable of bearing the weight of the chandelier.

    4. How can I put chandeliers outside? 

    You can suspend chandeliers in the patio, lounge, outdoor bar, outdoor kitchen and grill area, outdoor dining oasis, and even the party area. Ensure that the outdoor chandeliers are durable and weather-resistant.

    Pick the Best Outdoor Chandelier Ideas for Your Home Outdoors

    We hope we have inspired you enough with these outdoor chandelier ideas. Choosing the perfect chandelier for your home is crucial for elevating the overall style quotient of the space.

    It's a great time to change your outdoor lighting and create the perfect ambiance.

    Would you like to explore more lighting ideas and find the latest lighting-fixture designs?

    Head over to the Claxy website to check out our entire collection of the latest lighting fixtures and choose the right designs for your home.


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