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Unique Industrial Pendant Light That Matches Your Rooms

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:14
Unique Industrial Pendant Light That Matches Your Rooms

Looking for an ideal overhead lighting that creates an inviting focal point for your home? You will never go wrong with the industrial pendant light fixtures. Sporting a robust appearance, industrial pendant lighting has been popular for years. Featuring exposed Edison bulbs or classic finishes like brass, oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel, it brings a lived-in look to the space with deep roots in nostalgia. These noteworthy light fixtures will give your home a welcomed refresh that evokes an instant urban industrial aesthetic.


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What is an Industrial Pendant Light?

When speaking of industrial style pendant lighting, the ideas that come into your mind are probably the materials they are crafted of: raw wood, metal, rope and glass. As a style of lighting that used to be found only in factories, warehouses, and gymnasiums, it shines in your interior spaces with elegance and practicality. It possesses the classic industrial-inspired vibe that many homeowners crave for pepping up their home. The industrial pendant lighting can get that authentic industrial look that shows off your individual personality. It brings a dramatic change to your living room, dining room, kitchen and also commercial areas such as offices, and conference rooms.

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Pick the Right Industrial Pendant Light for Your Rooms

When choosing lighting for a room, there are many things to consider. First, think about how you use each room to improve your home lighting. The lighting plans for your home usually include three categories: ambience, task, and accent. Industrial pendant lights are a perfect solution of ambient lighting or task lighting. Whether standing alone, clustered together, or arranged in a row, they’re a popular alternative to traditional chandeliers over a dining table, in a living room, and over a kitchen island to act as task lighting in food preparation.

Overhead lighting allows you to save space on a countertop or table. They also add a signature statement that showcases your edgy taste. When choosing an industrial pendant lights for your rooms, it’s important to consider the ceiling height and slope of the space. For spaces with vaulted ceilings, it is more advantageous to choose an industrial pendant Light designed for this purpose. For smaller spaces, choose a space-saving single-light pendant or linear suspension that matches the scale of the space.

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Industrial Pendant Lights for Your Living Room

Living rooms, home offices, and home theater rooms are probably the busiest rooms as well as the most comfortable and versatile spaces in your home. Here, you really need to evaluate what you’re going to use the room for and devise a lighting plan to serve those needs. Do you watch television for a few hours in the room? Read a lot of books? Or host social gatherings? Then, think about how much time your family members will spend in the living room, home offices, and home theater rooms. To achieve an ultramodern yet industrial look in the living room, pick an industrial pendant Light with a blown glass shade that exposes the interior bulb and hangs from a sturdy adjustable wrought iron chain.



Industrial Pendant Lights for Your Dining Room

In most spaces, you’ll want to use the dimensions of the room to determine the size of the light fixture you need. You can use the same rule of thumb in the dining room, too, but if you already have a table, you should choose your industrial pendant lights size based on the size of your table. The diameter should be about half the width of your table. You would love the look of hanging several industrial pendants over a long table.

When hanging light fixtures above your dining table, remember that the bottom of the pendant lights should be no lower than 30 inches above the table top. Since dining rooms are multi-functional spaces that are used for more than just dining, you can adjust the brightness of light and set the mood for your room with a dimmer switch. To glam up your dining space with industrial pendant Light, place a cluster of single pendants in varying heights and sizes for a more dramatic contemporary look.

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Pendant Light for Kitchen

Kitchens definitely need a combination of lighting for general illumination and task lighting. Industrial pendant lights are ideal light fixtures for the kitchen. Their industrial design works beautifully with your stoves, equipment, and utensil storage. The industrial style provides an important transition from the cooking area to the socializing area (such as seating areas). Your kitchen may require a few pendant lights over the kitchen island plus mini pendants underneath your cabinets to illuminate your countertops when you’re cooking. You may also want your sink and stove areas to be illuminated as well.

Hang the industrial pendant Light at a height where you won't constantly bump your head on the pendants while you're cooking. If you have a table area or separate dining room in the kitchen, the industrial-style pendants should be hung between 30 to 32 inches above the surface of the table. For the industrial pendants over an island, they should be about 36 inches above the surface of the island. Just keep in mind that do not hang the lights too close to the cabinet doors, or you may not be able to open the doors fully. Place a trio of small pendants above the table or the kitchen island, or choose a pendant with three or more lights. Ensure you space your industrial pendants equally to distribute light evenly. Always install a dimmer switch on high wattage pendants so that you can control the amount of light needed.

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Where to Buy the Quality Industrial Pendant Lights? can be your go-to online lighting store that helps you purchase quality industrial pendant lights at the best price. If you are changing your dining room pendants or looking for a new light fixture to illuminate your breakfast nook, look no further than The website is home to a wide selection of industrial style pendant lighting. The industrial light fixtures of Claxy keep your home well-lit, while giving your home an instant character and charm. You can buy your favorite industrial hanging lamps to match your equipment, furniture, and other decors.

You can visit to get more information about our light fixtures, and you can also delve further into Claxy through our social media. Add a touch of handsome grit to your kitchen or dining room and elevate a space with chic simplicity with any of these unique industrial-style pendants. Visit our website and pick the industrial pendant light in line with your aesthetic.


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