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How to Coordinate Modern Chandeliers without being Matchy-matchy

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
How to Coordinate Modern Chandeliers without being Matchy-matchy

Your choice for chandeliers will either make or break your room. Selecting the chandeliers of identical look for the whole home has long been considered out of date. Don’t ever try anything like that unless you want an extremely boring home decor style. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to pick the same kind of chandeliers to get a unified look in the house.


A better idea is to outfit your home with the chandeliers looking slightly different from each other but somehow help the look hang together. For a cohesive decor style, you can coordinate or mix and match your light fixtures without being matchy-matchy. A rule of thumb for the coordination is to determine an element or a theme that links everything together. This time we choose the modern chandeliers with theme of black tone for the rooms. Now it is time to show you how.


1.Entryway Chandelier Sets the Tone for Light Fixture Style

Since the entryway of your home gives the first impression of the house to the visitors, the entrance will serve to set the mood for the decor style of your home, indicating your refined taste and favorite aesthetic. This iron chandelier showcases the theme for light fixture style which is black tone. Black matches almost any color scheme or room design and will never go out of style. The modern chandelier’s matte black finish and candelabra-inspired lights add retro flair to the space while its glass trapezoid shade lends geometric touch and inviting appeal to the entryway. It does a good job in transition from outdoor to indoor and impresses the guests with its nostalgic look.


2.Living Room Should be Brightly Illuminated for Gathering

The luminary in the living room should provide sufficient illumination so that you can safely see the way around. Your friends can see all the details of the furniture and decorations in the room and you can spend your time comfortably with your friends chatting, drinking, curling up at a cozy nook with a great novel and having a great time. This three-light modern chandelier can definitely keep your living room brightly-lit. Its black finish provides a stark contrast against the wood tone of the furniture while the its black elements are repeated in wall decors, the pillows and the throw. This looks completely different from the entryway modern chandelier but still maintains the elements of glass and dark tone.


3.A Spherical Chandelier Creates Relaxing Atmosphere

Being an intimate space for dinner, dining room is sometimes multi-function. It can be the place for entertainment, eating with family members or friends, working and more. The light fixture over your dining table can somehow affect your moods or even your appetite. This seven-light globe chandelier can definitely provide ample illumination for eating and lively conversation. The spherical shade of this modern chandelier flaunts an atom-inspired design structure. The luminary’s black accent is echoed in the upholstery of the chair and the table. It radiates a lovely glow and creates a relaxing ambiance. The features of matte black finish and candelabra-inspired lights flowed from entryway to dining room.


4.Dim down the Bedroom Chandelier for a Good Night’s Sleep.

Since we spend at least 6 to 8 hours of our night time sleeping in the bedroom, the light level of our bedroom is important for sleep. Dimming down the lights before bedtime may help us sleep better. That’s why you should go with the light fixtures with dimmers. This crystal chandelier is fully dimmable when the dimmer switch is perfectly compatible with the bulb. The crystal bead strands energize this black-and-white bedroom with a glint of glamour. The modern chandelier’s black frame works well with the black bedding, furniture and gray wall for a transitional look. The characteristic of dark finish has flowed from dining room to bedroom. The chandelier in the bedroom offers a different appearance from that in the dining room to avoid a monotonous look.


5.Statement Cubic Chandelier Glamorizes the Kitchen Island

As most kitchen islands act as a multipurpose space for breakfast area, kitchen workspace, cooking center or even a full dining space, you are in need of statement light fixtures to provide ideal illumination and maintain the island’s aesthetic. This crystal chandelier works best for a polished and neat kitchen and conveys a refined touch. The modern chandelier’s crystal bead strands stand out and liven up the kitchen with a dash of glam appeal. Its semigloss black finish and the white wall and decors in the kitchen makes for a rich contrast. The feature of black color and the crystal accent continues into the kitchen island.


6.Drum Chandelier Emits Soothing Glow for Relaxation.

Bathroom is now more than just a place to bathe. It should be a peaceful and serene refuge for meditation and relaxation. An aroma spa in the  is gonna greatly beat your fatigue after a day’s hard work. The flexibility to adjust the light level for a spa-like atmosphere is important. Therefore, we should also pick the light fixture which is dimmable for the bathroom.

This five-light modern chandelier above the bathtub boasts five matte black conic drum shades, which makes it blend seamlessly into the black-and-white color scheme. The drum chandelier’s brass finish brings a touch of bling to this neutral-colored bathroom. It provides task lighting for makeup application and grooming alongside with the black wall lights. Though the bathroom chandelier does not look anything like that in the kitchen, they share similar black tone and elegant styles, creating a vibrant and unified flow throughout your home.


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