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11 Hallway Chandelier Ideas You Should Try in 2022

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:21
11 Hallway Chandelier Ideas You Should Try in 2022

Awe your guests with a glamorous entry to your home. A single fixture from our carefully-selected roundup of hallway chandelier ideas will brighten up the hallway and keep it from feeling confined.

It’ll also set the tone for the rest of the home’s decor.

Sure, there is no one-size-fits-all advice for choosing the best chandelier for your hallway.

But you can be sure that our list of top 11 elegant hallway chandeliers caters to different décor styles and hallway sizes.

Top 11 Fascinating Hallway Chandelier Ideas

For an area that rarely gets attention from most people, these hallway chandelier ideas will create a polished focal point in your home that’s hard to ignore.

1. 6-Light Distressed Wooden Sphere Chandelier

Light Distressed Wooden Sphere Chandelier

You shouldn’t underestimate the touch of farmhouse vintage style that a wooden chandelier can add to a hallway.

This chandelier can hold six up-lighting 40-watt E12-base bulbs that’ll help illuminate even a large hallway.

You can dim the chandelier’s lights when you pair it up with dimmable bulbs and compatible dimmers.

With a 43.3-inch adjustable chain, the chandelier is one of the best hallway chandelier ideas for ceilings of all heights.


  • $299.00 with free shipping

2. 12-Light French Country Luxury Chandelier

Light French Country Luxury Chandelier

Another classically-inspired fixture, this piece is also among the best hallway chandelier ideas that’ll provide plenty of lighting to illuminate a large space.

The chandelier is two-tiered with wood bead strands that are fitted on the chandelier in an elegant vintage style.

The metallic scrolling arms add to the rich design appeal of this chandelier.

It can accommodate twelve fully dimmable 40-watt E12-base bulbs.

An adjustable 59-inch chain makes it possible to have the chandelier as high or as low as you need — perfect for all hallways.

  • $789.00 plus free shipping
  • 3. Moravian Star Seeded Glass Gold Chandelier

    Moravian Star Seeded Glass Gold Chandelier

    One of our favorite hallway chandelier ideas for contemporary home décor, this Moravian Star chandelier with a gold finish and seeded glass will make for a beautiful addition to your hallway.

    It’s a great choice for a cozy space along with wall lights or ceiling lights..

    The chandelier takes one 60-watt E26-base bulb and you can use fully dimmable bulbs too.

    Use the 47.24-inch adjustable chain to hang the chandelier as high or as low as you need.

  • $219.00 with free shipping
  • 4. 5-Light Rustic Wood Beaded Chandelier

    Light Rustic Wood Beaded Chandelier

    Add texture and glam appeal to your hallway with this rustic wood beaded chandelier.

    It’s a farmhouse chic fixture that’ll add a hint of drama to your hallway while also lighting it up.

    It features six up-lighting 60-watt E26-base bulb holders and you can add fully-dimmable bulbs to them to take control of the mood.

    With three tiers made with wood beads and a 59-inch adjustable chain, it’s one of the best hallway chandelier ideas for a high ceiling.

  • $599.00
  • 5. 5-Light Cottage Distressed Wooden Chandelier

    Light Cottage Distressed Wooden Chandelier

    This chandelier, featuring a distressed wooden frame and candelabra-inspired lights, will add an authentic refined cottage chic French look to your space.

    It is one of our top hallway chandelier ideas that will add a timeless appeal to your hallway while also being a conversation piece — a definite showstopper.

    It can hold five dimmable 40-watt E12-base bulbs that can be fully dimmed if you pair the chandelier up with a compatible dimmer. You also get an adjustable 47.2-inch chain.

  • $349.00
  • 6. Mid Century Brass Globe Glass Chandelier

    Mid Century Brass Globe Glass Chandelier

    For a mid-century modern home décor style, this is one of the best hallway chandelier ideas.

    This chandelier will adorn your hallway with 7 opal glass globes, each compatible with a 40-watt E12-base bulb. They all hang from different lengths on your ceiling.

    Simple and elegant, it’ll light up your hallway without taking too much space. It’s also one of the best hallway chandelier ideas for a narrow space.

    The power cords are adjustable to suit your needs.

  • $289.00
  • 7. Modern Bronze Island Chandelier

    Modern Bronze Island Chandelier

    If you’re looking for hallway chandelier ideas that feature minimalist designs without compromising on character and personality, this bronze chandelier is perfect for you.

    This light fixture exudes an industrial-chic vibe with its glass dome shades and an oil-rubbed bronze finish on the arms and lamp holders.

    The chandelier can hold three dimmable 60-watt E26-base bulbs, and the linear arrangement ensures that your hallway would be evenly and brightly lit with overhead lighting.

  • $199.00
  • 8. 5-Light Farmhouse Chandelier

    Light Farmhouse Chandelier

    Whether you have a transitional, industrial, farmhouse, or modern décor, this 5-light farmhouse light fixture will meet your hallway lighting needs while also making a style statement.

    It has five glass shades each accommodating a 60-watt E12-base bulb. They’re arranged linearly and evenly for a picture-perfect setting.

    In addition to being height-adjustable, the rods of this chandelier have adapters.

    These make it one of the best hallway lighting ideas for a hallway with a sloped ceiling.

  • $249.99
  • 9. 6-Light Farmhouse Black Wagon Wheel Chandelier

    Light Farmhouse Black Wagon Wheel Chandelier

    Add a modern farmhouse flair to your hallway with this wagon wheel chandelier.

    It combines the beauty of geometry, a semi-gloss black finish, and a cream wood grain finish to create one of the top hallway chandelier ideas for a retro-industrial or farmhouse décor style.

    The single-tier wagon wheel shape accommodates six dimmable 60-watt E26-base bulbs. All of which are up-lighting bulbs that can give ambient light to you.

    A great hallway lighting idea, this chandelier comes with an adjustable 47.2-inch chain that you can use to adjust the hanging height of this chandelier.

  • $299.99
  • 10. 6-Light Farmhouse Black Candle Chandelier

    Light Farmhouse Black Candle Chandelier

    Add an eye-grabbing farmhouse-inspired centerpiece to your hallway in the form of this dramatic 6-light farmhouse chandelier.

    With black scrolling arms holding six candelabra-inspired lights, this is one of the few hallway chandelier ideas that will provide plenty of light to a hallway while adding character to your home.

    A 47.2-inch adjustable chain lets you choose the hanging height you want in your hallway.

    It holds six dimmable 40-watt E12-based bulbs and these are all exposed to give maximum light transmittance.

  • $149.00 with free shipping
  • 11. 6-Light K5 Crystal Raindrop Brass Chandelier

    Light K5 Crystal Raindrop Brass Chandelier

    We end our list of hallway chandelier ideas with this luxurious K5 crystal fixture with a brass finish.

    It adds a retro flair to your space and can accommodate six bulbs.

    When the light of the bulbs is reflected against the crystals of the chandelier, there’s maximum brilliance and shine on your hallway. The elegantly draped crystals further add glamor to this piece.

    This crystal chandelier features a 47.2-inch adjustable chain that makes it suitable for ceilings of all heights.

  • $279.00
  • FAQs

    1. Can you put a chandelier in a hallway?

    Yes. You can add a chandelier to your hallway. In fact, it can take your hallway’s appeal to the next level.

    2. How do you choose a hallway chandelier?

    When picking the best hallway chandelier ideas for your home, ensure the fixture is the right size for your ceiling height.

    It should also blend in well with the aesthetics of your home.

    3. How low should a chandelier hang in a hallway?

    When considering the best hallway chandelier ideas, ensure that you keep a gap of 7 feet between the floor of your hallway and the base of the chandelier to avoid head crashes.

    4. How do you pick a hallway light?

    When choosing hallway light fixtures, check the size of your space.

  • For a narrow space, the best hallway chandelier ideas involve tall and slim fixtures.
  • If you have a large space, feel free to experiment with larger chandeliers of different styles.
  • 5. Should hallway lights be bright?

    Yes. The best hallway chandelier ideas will have about 1,200 lumens.

    If you have a long hallway, it’s recommended to have an overhead light at every 8 feet of the hallway’s length.

    Light Your Hallway Up With These Chandelier Ideas

    These hallway chandelier ideas will turn your cramped and dull hallways into bright and sophisticated spaces.

    But don’t let the vibrancy end in your hallways. You can add recessed lighting to your home as well.

    Get elegant light fixtures for the rest of your home as well, such as ceiling lights and wall lights.

    Make your home glow in style with Claxy.


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