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Eight Ways to Glam up Your Dining Room with Modern Pendants

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07


Today, a dining room is more than just a place to dine. It has become a multipurpose space where friends and family members get together to enjoy great food, relax, unwind, and chat. To achieve the right atmosphere in the dining room, right lighting can make all the difference. To create a stunning focal point above the dining table, nothing beats modern pendants that render a touch of elegance and sophistication.


Modern pendant lights feature a distinctive aesthetic that emphasizes earthy color schemes, natural materials, streamlined silhouettes, and balance while eliminating unnecessary details. They can bring the sleek simplicity of minimalism and a hint of rusticity. They can not only make for an attractive centerpiece, but also add a modern designer look to your dining room. Scroll on to see different lighting ideas that may help you decide what type of modern pendants would work best for your dining room.



1. Under the Dome


The dining table in this modern dining room is right under the “dome.” A one-light modern pendant flaunting a large dome shade steals the show and softens the clean lines of modern design. A warm and charming glow shines through the airy shade featuring abstract laser-cut patterns, creating intriguing light effects and a homey ambiance for gathering. With a perfect mix of form and function, the luminary is showcasing a syrup brown finish. The dining table, the chair legs, and the kitchen island carry the same brown tone throughout the space.



2. Glass Bubbles Work Wonders


To take a simple dining room design to the next level, what you need is an eye-catching modern pendant. A cluster of rounded glass bubbles were put together to form a small globe shade. Crafted of hand-blown glass, the globe pendant adds instant visual interest to the room and keeps the home decor style interesting. It delivers a boost of sparkle to the space while the crystal-clear glass bubbles gleam with reflected light. The pendant of the room is like the jewel of the crown. The dark brown finish of the pendant adds weight to the room while the chairs, the area rug, and the wooden floor bring out tones from the light fixture.


3. Create a Cohesive Look With a Red Pendant


A passionate red hue dresses the canopy, hanging cord, and the drum shade of the modern pendant, providing a pop of excitement to the dining room. Its textured white interior reduces reflection and exudes an awesome glow. The light fixture's intense color also appears in the exotic-patterned area rug. The bigger painting on the wall mimics the hues of the luminary, the orange chairs, and the color blocks in the smaller painting. Being a neutral base, the gray wall and the orange-brown wood-tone serve to keep the bold colors from going over the top. The pendant gives an instant uplift to the space and somehow ties the decors in the room together.



4. Add a Refined Interest with a Double Drum Pendant


A modern pendant adds a refined interest to the dining room with double drum shades. The tawny outer drum shade encircles the inner drum shade in butterscotch, displaying a muted style to the space. The light fixture radiates soft and inviting light rays which will never cause eye fatigue. Its double drum shades in tawny and butterscotch play well with the caramel hue of the wooden furniture. It stands out against the white ceiling and the spring green wall. The vivid hues of the luminary and the wall are on full display in the room while they allow for each to shine on their own.


5. A Blue Pendant to Make for a Soothing Ambiance


Suspended above the dining table, this one-light modern pendant takes center stage in the modern dining room. It accentuates a cornflower blue shade, displaying a hint of elegant geometry. With a clear glass globe shade, the blue pendant casts a diffused and warm glow to create a soothing ambiance in the room. The brisk blue color of the glass pendant is also suggested by the chairs, decorations on the shelf, and the paintings. The tortilla wood-tone, the white wall, and other white furnishings provide the neutral foil for the cornflower blue color to pop.




6. A Floral Pendant Brings an Organic Aesthetic


The modern pendant that is mounted to the recessed ceiling flaunts an intricate look and floral accent. The whole light fixture resembles three white lilies that are stacked together vertically and diminish in size. The white petals and the black sepals of the lilies offer a high-contrast black and white palette. Its canopy and hanging rod are also dressed in black. Bringing an organic aesthetic, the light fixture is sure to become a conversation piece that adds eye appeal to the room. It repeats the white hue of the upholstery and the ceiling while it contrasts the cinnamon wood-tone of the cabinet.



7. Liven up the Room With a Mid-Century Modern Pizzazz


A PH 5 Pendant Light sporting a brass finish perks up this mini dining room with a touch of glitz. The mid-century modern design of the pendant light with the sculptural layering of three metal shades offers an attention-grabbing look. The smaller shades vary the direction of light to greatly reduced glare. Being decorative yet functional, the pendant is guaranteed to grab more than just a few glances. Its brass finish works beautifully with the apricot upholstery of the stool and the gingerbread color of the wooden chairs along with the dining table. A couple of brownish hues similar to that of the luminary and the furniture appear in the artwork to carry the color through the space.



8. A Pine Cone Pendant for a Touch of Whimsy


A red modern pendant adds an element of surprise and whimsy to this open concept dining room. The light fixture boasts a playful appearance of a pine cone that consists of a few layers of thin metal sheets. It allows light to travel and pass through the gaps to provide an impressive lighting effect. The area rug showing off a floral pattern and the mini pendants above the countertop pick up on the color of the luminary. The pine cone pendant light's vibrant hue sets it apart from the white ceiling and the mint green wall. The whole dining room is bursting with colorful personality while the white ceiling and the cinnamon wood-tone calm the color palette a bit.


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