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Claxy’s Industrial Pendants That Amp up the Drama

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

Crafted from raw wood, metal, hemp rope, and glass, industrial pendant lights used to appear in a factory or industrial setting. They are a great way to give a functional vibe to any room and serve as an inviting focal point. Now industrial pendants can blend seamlessly into your dining rooms, entryways, living rooms, kitchens and also commercial areas such as factories, offices, and conference rooms.

Importance of Industrial Pendant Lighting in Workspace


    • Increased Productivity and Accuracy: With proper lighting, the working process runs smoothly with less wastage, which will result in higher productivity.


    • Improved Safety and Security: In a well-lit workshop, workers can move around quickly and safely when carrying heavy machinery.


    • Protection of the Workforce From Fatigue and Headaches: Excess lighting can cause fatigue, eye ache, and headaches. Be sure to install the appropriate lights for the safety of your workforce.


Note Before installing industrial pendant lights, be sure to think about the tasks being carried out in the space, working environment, quality, and amount of lighting. Plan the layering of lighting in your home to create more ambiance.


Best Industrial Pendant Lighting Designs at Claxy

Sporting a robust appearance, industrial pendant lights have been popular for years. To breathe new life into your interior with a new luminaire, the easiest way is to find a light fixture that can perfectly fit into any room. Industrial pendants serve as an ideal overhead lighting solution that creates an inviting focal point in any room. Check out those industrial pendants perfect for your home available at Claxy.


1. Industrial Pendant Light - Bronze and Opal Glass Shade

This pendant design is a perfect option if you're looking for a light fixture that exudes a warm and appealing glow to the space. This type of pendant lighting creates a very comfortable ambiance, making your place feel homey and welcoming. Introducing the glass pendant light into your bedroom, dining room, porch, and the office is a cool way to add strong visual presence to the space.

With its rounded shape, the pendant light adds that refined touch to your space. This model is durable, resistant to high temperatures, and resistant to corrosion. It is fully dimmable with  a dimmable switch and a dimmable bulb.


2. Industrial Style Pendant Light - Best Kitchen Island Fixture

With a soft dark grayish silver coating, the industrial globe pendant showcases the beauty of geometry. The steel frame and spherical shape are attention-grabbing. Perfect for your entryway or reception area.

This industrial pendant is durable and rustproof. Moreover, it adds that aesthetic look with its metallic pizzazz. It offers an open design allowing you to replace the bulb easily and quickly.


3. Industrial Pendant Light - Black Color

The black pendant light comes with a trapezoidal shade that adds a beautiful and eye-catching look to your space. The vintage color contributes to an elegant living space. The geometric shade with this industrial light lends a ton of texture to your office, hall, and other rooms you may want to install it in.

This metal pendant light is fully dimmable with a handy dimmer switch and a dimmable bulb. The bulb can be adjusted from ambient lighting to a soft gleam. It comes with an adjustable chain too.


4. Industrial Pendant Light - Featuring Mason Jars

If you want to add a glamorous pendant light to your home with a playful look and a whimsical touch, look no further than the industrial mason jar pendant lights.

With excellent workmanship, it is durable and rustproof. It flaunts dangling clear glass mason jars of the same size but hanging at varied heights, which resembles the look of aeolian bells. It comes with easily adjustable power cords for you to play with its height.


5. Industrial Pendant Light - Best Vintage Fixture

This pendant light is crafted impurity-free hand blown clear glass which imparts a muted style and retro touch to the space. The oil rubbed bronze finish brings a large dose of industrial feel to your existing decor.

With its clear glass dome shade, it emanates a gentle and diffused glow to the space. Standing alone or clustered together, it serves as an eye-catching centerpiece in your interior.


6. Industrial Pendant Light - Pack of 3

The name says it all. The metal cone shades and the dual finish are an excellent combination that is appealing to the eye. For more brightness and vintage industrial feel in your space, go for these cone-shaped pendant lights.

Its beautiful dual finish encompasses both vintage-inspired qualities and farmhouse elements, yet maintains an industrial edge. Besides, their  metal canopies are expertly cast with a high weight capacity. They are quite durable,  heat resistant, and rustproof. Moreover, they have hardwired connections and compatible power cords.


7. Industrial Pendant Light - Glass Shade

Constructed of hand-blown glass, the industrial brass island pendant lights add an extra glint of glamour  to your space. The bell shade and the shiny finish make for a focal point and send out an industrial-inspired touch in your workspace, living room, and you name them all.

If you're looking to remodel your reception area, entryway, or hallway, this will be a beautiful addition.  Being durable, the light fixture is specifically constructed to resist corrosion and high heat. It is compatible with a single 60-watt bulb, which is fully dimmable.


8. Industrial Pendant Light - Best 3-Light Design  

Crafted from impurity-free hand-blown glass, its three clear glass dome shades lend a vintage industrial charm to your aesthetic with excellent light transmittance. You can achieve industrial lighting goals by adding this piece to your space.

Its glass shades are evenly aligned in linear formation when viewed from different angles, which make it more decorative and appealing. It is fully dimmable with a compatible dimmer switch and dimmable bulbs, and also comes with an adjustable power cord.


Final Thoughts!

If you're seeking affordable light fixtures that offer both practicality and aesthetics, choose one of the industrial pendant lighting available at Claxy. Since lighting is not something you purchase every other day, take your time to pick the one that works best for your home decor.

All Claxy’s industrial lights feature elegant designs, and that's an added advantage. Visit the Claxy website for more information on available industrial pendant lighting and their prices. It's time to refresh your workspace or your home with these fantastic luminaires.



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