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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Pendant Lamp

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
Advantages and Disadvantages of a Pendant Lamp


Lighting is a very significant factor when it comes to making the best house design. A modern pendant lamp can either break or make your house design. Yet it is the most preferred option by a lot of homeowners. 


Homeowners love this type of lighting so much because it works in many conditions. But just like anything else in the world, modern pendant lighting has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Pendant lighting. 


Advantages of a pendant lamp


The first advantage of a pendant light is that it's smaller than a chandelier. This is the main reason why they are mostly used in tiny houses. The small size is essential, especially for small houses, because it does not consume a lot of space. On top of that, you can also hang them at any desired height. 


A pendant lamp ca exist in many designs; hence you can easily acquire one that matches the theme of your house. Another notable advantage of the pendant lamp is that it can offer a broad spectrum of light. Although the lamp is small, it can produce light that can almost cover the whole room. 



If you need concentrated light in your room, then you should choose a pendant lamp. You can use it in different parts of the house where you need to perform tasks efficiently. Also, pendant lights are very decorative, so they can be used to make your house look glamorous. 


When compared to other light fixtures, pendant lamps are relatively cheap. They have reasonable prices than high-end lighting fixtures. Although they have the same appearance as the traditional lamps, the pendants are more efficient and excellent. Pendant lights also come in different styles that you can choose to make your house appear attractive. You can also replace the bulbs in other styles to match the theme of the room.



Disadvantages of a pendant lamp 


The pendant lamp also comes with some disadvantages. For example, it comes with a lot of stigmas. This means that most people see it as an old fashioned way of lighting. So it does not attract a lot of buyers like the other light fixtures. 


Another notable disadvantage is that pendant lamps may not be suitable in all the areas that you want them fixed. This means that you will be forced to go for a different kind of light fixture so that it can look quite right. Also, most of the buildings have some specifications when it comes to lighting, and they may not be satisfied with the pendant lamps. 


One of the most common problems associated with pendant lights is that they do not produce adequate light for some rooms. The leading cause of this issue is that they are dependent on small-sized bulbs. If a pendant bulb breaks, then replacing it becomes a bit tricky since you must get the exact type or model. Besides, replacing the bulbs separately has proven to be very costly. 


Installing pendant lamps is a very tiresome process. This is because there are specific guidelines for the installation. After all, they are small, and they need to be installed in sets. Besides, if you install pendant lamps without following the guidelines, you will experience poor lighting in your house. 


For every 20 inches, you will need a 60-75 watt pendant light to get enough lighting. Besides, you should place it high enough to prevent any obstructions. Even after setting up everything correctly, some people are not often satisfied by the type of lighting that pendant lamps produce.


This problem has been highly influenced by the fact that the bulbs used are very small. So you will need a lot of pendant lamps so as the room can brighten to its fullness. Besides, some bulbs for this kind of lighting costs a lot of money. 


Pendant lights may require professional services during installation. This one amounts to more costs because you need to pay the experts to install the lamps for you. Besides, you will also need to call the pendants every time you need to make repairs. 



Do I need a modern pendant lamp?


A modern pendant lamp has got improved features than the traditional ones. So having a few of them at your house is not a bad idea. You can use them to save on power because their consumption is very low. Furthermore, pendant lamps can be used in places where a chandelier does not provide enough lighting such as the corners. Lastly, you can use a modern pendant lamp for reading, repairing electronics, knitting, or any other DIY staff that requires concentrated lighting. A modern pendant lamp is easy to use and saves on power, buy yours today and you will not regret it.



The best thing about pendant lamps is that they are the best option for small spaces. Also, you can use them to concentrate light, especially to the areas that need much lighting. Pendant lights are also the best option for people that want a variety of styles. However, installing them is not an easy task. IT requires help from professionals. Also, replacing these bulbs costs a lot of money as you will need the same style for it to work. Another notable disadvantage is that pendant lambs do not provide enough lighting. So you will need to use several of them in one place to provide the lighting that you need. 



Final thoughts


Modern pendant lamps can be a good alternative for chandeliers. However, you will need to install many of them so that the light can be sufficient. But when it comes to adding class to your room or the hallway nothing beats the pendant lamb. So even if it has some setbacks, pendant lamps can be very useful. For instance, the come in handy in places that you need concentrated light. In such a situation using a chandelier will not work. So let us not underestimate the power of a modern pendant lamp.


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