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8 Amazing Industrial Ceiling Lighting Ideas to Try in Your Living Room

by Remy-Claxy - 2023-05-11 16:32:52
8 Amazing Industrial Ceiling Lighting Ideas to Try in Your Living Room

An industrial ceiling light can add a unique and unexpected element to your living room. It creates a bold statement and makes an amazing addition to your living room. It becomes the center of attention and sets the tone for the surrounding decor. An industrial ceiling light not only brings warmth to your living room, but also gives your home decor an instant uplift. It provides a sharp contrast to a room’s decor, creating a sense of drama. The harsh lines and raw materials of the industrial ceiling lighting can complement softer textures in the room, such as upholstered furniture and rugs.


An industrial ceiling light works best for living rooms with low ceilings. You don’t have to worry about knocking your head on the fixture if it is flush to the ceiling. It casts strong shadows and creates pools of light, which can add depth and interest to the living room. It can add personality and create a unique style in your living room. Ignite your creativity with 8 amazing industrial ceiling lighting ideas that are perfect for your living room below.



1. The Industrial Wood Beaded Ceiling Light Brings an Organic Vibe to the Living Room


The industrial wood beaded ceiling light boasts a bunch of distressed gray wood bead garlands draping down from the frame to form an airy bowl shade. The laidback beaded curtain encircles two bulbs while the lamp-holders and arms showcase a unique two-way swirl design. Its beaded rim and the dangling wood bead bottom accent complete the look and lend a boho-chic style to the space. The wood beads bring a dash of drama to the opulent silhouette of the luminary. Pairing with metal, the wood beads make for a stunning play on materials. Its wood accent gives the living room an organic vibe and enhances the room’s farmhouse appeal. The wood accent repeats on the floor, the table, the beams, and the cabinet. It provides an instant uplift to a living room that is immersed in a neutral color palette.



2. The Modern Industrial Ceiling Light Fixture Provides a Touch of Luxury


Showing off a rustproof electrophoretic gold finish, the modern industrial ceiling light delivers a dramatic decorative impact and makes the living room fizz with a pop of personality. Its four intersecting arms spread light in all directions and each arm carries a crystal glass shade at the end. The square crystal glass shades largely resemble the glittering ice cubes and showcase the beauty of geometry. The sputnik-inspired design brings a modern edge to this modern industrial ceiling light. This fashionable fixture boasts a stunning starburst silhouette, providing depth, dimension, and a dash of drama to the room. It stands out and shines on its own with its glossy gold finish and crystal accent. It adds texture to the space and keeps a black-and-white color palette from getting boring.



3. The Industrial Ceiling Light Fixtures Add an Element of Surprise


Crafted of impurity-free clear glass, the Moravian star glass shades of the industrial ceiling light fixtures are exquisitely hand-welded and pair nicely with the black edges featuring copper alloy covering. Sporting a rustproof semigloss black finish, they give the living room a dash of modern sophistication. The industrial ceiling light fixtures’ stellated multi-point design adds an element of surprise and whimsy to the living space. The glass shades contrast the black finish and add alluring visual interest to the room. Their celestial-inspired design makes them instant conversation pieces that catch everyone’s eyes. Their dark finish contrasts the white ceiling and is echoed in the wall sconce. They add a punch and luxe texture to the living room together with the bright-colored cushions and the turquoise sofa.



4. The Industrial Style Ceiling Lights Create a Look That is Sure to Grab a Few Glances


The industrial-style ceiling lights’ canopy and lamp holder are finished in oil rubbed bronze, bringing an elegant look to the living room. Crafted of impurity-free ultra-clear hand-blown glass, their clear glass schoolhouse-inspired lampshades create visual intrigue with excellent light transmittance. Their clear glass lampshades look like a special drum shade with soft curves. Being a beautifully-detailed glasswork, the industrial ceiling fixtures generate an understated style that will impress. They create a look that is sure to grab a few glances with their lovely schoolhouse-inspired lampshades. Their dark brown finish works well with the sepia wood door, the sepia wood-clad walls, the wooden floor, the wood bench, and the butterscotch sofa. The aegean blue cushion, the aegean blue throws, and the pink cushion introduce just the right amount of color to the room.



5. The Vintage Industrial Ceiling Light Fills the Living Room with Luminous Glamour


Crafting of solid metal and impurity-free glass, the vintage industrial ceiling light is coated in a rustproof oil rubbed bronze finish, lending a dose of vintage industrial charm to the living room. The ceiling light comes with an airy textured glass drum shade for a refined touch. Its airy opaque drum shade is accented with a sunburst pattern, providing a perfectly centralized focal point. A charming glow shines through the airy shade, creating intriguing light effects and a pleasant atmosphere perfect for gathering. The vintage industrial ceiling light’s dark finish partners perfectly with the tortilla wooden furniture and the wood accent in the artwork. The olive green cushion, the flowers, and the wood accent in the artwork help the living room achieve an organic aesthetic.



6. The Modern Industrial Ceiling Light Blends Mid-century Classic and Contemporary Elements


The modern industrial ceiling light’s canopy, arms, and lamp holders are dressed in an electrophoretic gold finish, bringing a dash of metallic glitz to your living space. Crafted from impurity-free hand-blown opaque opal glass, the industrial-style ceiling light provides the perfect blend of mid-century classic and contemporary elements. Nine glass shades are supported by gracefully curved arms that intersect and extend outward in every direction. Its opal glass shades contrast and compete with the gold finish, adding a ton of eye appeal and enhancing the piece's visual interest and beauty even further. Showcasing a sputnik design, it allows the light to gently filter through the opal glass shades and cast intricate shadows. Its brass finish and opal glass shades are well-suited to the tawny wooden furniture, the caramel wooden floor, the white wall, and the throws.



7. The Drum Ceiling Light Keeps the Living Room Feel Open and Airy


Being dressed in a beige finish with reddish tinges, the modern industrial drum ceiling light delivers an unrivaled level of sophistication. It flaunts an open drum shade that keeps the space feel airy. With a crisscross accent on the drum shade, the modern industrial ceiling light adds visual interest and character to the living room. Three exposed candelabra-inspired lights inside the drum shade of the ceiling light are pointing upward and supported by scrolling arms, conveying overwhelming industrial charm to complete the aesthetic. Its open design allows for a luminous glow to seep through the lampshade and creates intriguing light effects and shades on the walls. The light fixture’s beige hue also appears in the walls, the drapes, the carpet, and the cushions. The ceiling light and the artwork offer signature elements to the living room and keep a pale scheme from falling flat.



8. The LED Industrial Ceiling Light Commands Attention

The led industrial ceiling light’s canopy, lamp holder, frame, arms, and hanging rod sport a rustproof electrophoretic brass finish, pepping up your living space with a bit of bling. Its linen drum shade is held aloft by the three-pronged metal frame and three arms attached to the canopy for bringing rich visual interest to the living room. The light pouring through the linen drum shade is gently muted and fills the room without any glare. The led industrial ceiling light’s trapezoid drum shade gives the space a touch of geometry. By adjusting the color temperature of the light, the way that the paints and textile colors appear will be different. The table lamps pick up on the colors of the ceiling light for a cohesive look. The led industrial ceiling light’s brass finish is a perfect fit for the walnut brown table, the patterned mustard yellow cushions, and the dijon yellow vases.


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