Wood Chandelier

Wood chandeliers give this room a hint of rustic appeal and country charm with their earthy and natural look. Get the wood chandeliers that are in line with your preference and design styles of your house on claxy.

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Wood Chandelier Characteristics

Wood chandeliers bring organic warmth and pastoral feel to the space with their distressed or weathered wood tones and metalwork. They are truly works of art that will attract all eyes of your guests. Adding personal touch to your home decor, they play the part of elegance enhancer as well as ambient lighting. Whether your hang the wood chandeliers in the dining room, living room or in the entryway, they make a classy statement in your home. Rustic wood orb chandeliers introduce a modern chic touch to your home while the candelabra wooden chandeliers convey a farmhouse look to the space. 

Wood Chandelier Cleaning Tips

To make the wood chandeliers look brand-new and work properly, regular cleaning is needed. Clean the metal and glass on your chandeliers with soft water dampened cloth and mild detergent or glass cleaner (for the glass parts only) can also be applied to the metal and glass parts. Keep the metal and glass on the chandelier away from any abrasive materials. Do not let the glass cleaner touch the metal parts as it will damage the lacquer or paint on the light fixture. As to the light bulbs, dust the bulbs with a wet cloth and don’t forget to turn off the light before you clean them. For the wooden parts of the chandeliers, wipe them with a smooth cloth to which water or wood polish has been applied. Dry, rough cloth and soap are not suggested for wood cleaning.

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