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Wood chandeliers give the room a rustic appeal and country charm with their natural look. Get the the wood chandeliers in line with your preference and enjoy free shipping.

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Whether you’ve dreamed of having an elegant foyer since you were a child or really want to really bring a luminous look to your room, choosing the right light fixture is essential to your design vision. With classic candle-shaped bulbs, a wood chandelier allows you to bring some old-world charm into your residence, without transporting your family back to the dark ages. If you’re looking for something less medieval, consider those with a modern drum shade with crystal accents.

Wood chandeliers bring organic warmth and pastoral feel to the space with their distressed or weathered wood tones and metalwork. They are truly works of art that will attract all eyes of your guests. Adding personal touch to your home decor, they play the part of elegance enhancer as well as ambient lighting. Whether your hang them in the dining room, living room or in the entryway, they make a classy statement. Rustic wood orb chandeliers introduce a modern chic to your home while the candelabra wooden fixtures convey a farmhouse look.

Wood chandeliers instantly capture the eye as they are quite different from the chandeliers of generations ago. These light fixtures enhance the atmosphere of any room where you choose to hang them, particularly above a dining table or in a common area like a great room or even a business lobby. Depending on the style you choose, they may be the perfect choice for a mountain cabin or vacation home. When sized appropriately for the space, consider installing a wood chandelier in a corridor or in a finished basement.

Chandelier arm materials include bronze, pewter, chrome, brass, and steel. You can often adjust the height of your fixture by extending or shortening the chain that hangs from the ceiling. Your wood chandelier can be used with a dimmer switch, allowing you to create a romantic ambiance at night. They add a rustic touch to hunting lodges, secluded cabins, and suburban homes. Certain designs feature removable glass shades that surround the bulbs.

Let your lighting fixtures be anything but commonplace by choosing wood chandeliers to brighten your rooms. The main focal point of a dining table or a grand foyer attracts the eye and deserves to be a work of art. These wood luminaries and wooden suspension lights make it easy to add a pop of personality to your home decor while also attending to the task of securing proper lighting for the different rooms of the home. They add a farmhouse style to a home with a unique flavor that stretches far beyond the traditional light fixtures.

If your home is a welcoming, rustic space with dark woods and metals, wood chandeliers in a more rugged style will fit right in. The combination of weathered wood and darker metals is a sturdy option that will look great in your home for years to come. If you have some wooden accents throughout your home, what you need is a wood fixture featuring smaller, sleek styles. This style of fixture can match your overall decor but won’t take over your space with a bold look.

Wood chandeliers come in both classic and modern styles that can transform a living space. They can add a touch of class and work well in homes with high ceilings, or over dining areas. A rustic touch of wood can be a fun spin on more traditional chandelier styles available. They can turn your room into something more rugged, earthy and natural looking. They bring a more organic feel and simplicity to your room, no pretensions, just beautiful lighting.

To make the wood chandeliers look brand-new and work properly, regular cleaning is needed. Clean the metal and glass on your chandeliers with soft water dampened cloth and mild detergent or glass cleaner (for the glass parts only) can also be applied to the metal and glass parts. Keep the metal and glass on the chandelier away from any abrasive materials. Do not let the glass cleaner touch the metal parts as it will damage the fixture’s lacquer or paint. As to the light bulbs, dust the bulbs with a wet cloth and don’t forget to turn off the light before you clean them. For the wooden parts of the chandeliers, wipe them with a smooth cloth to which water or wood polish has been applied. Dry, rough cloth and soap are not suggested for wood cleaning.

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