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Add an Organic Vibe to Your Living Room with Claxy's Wood Chandeliers

by Remy-Claxy - 2023-06-01 17:26:59
Add an Organic Vibe to Your Living Room with Claxy's Wood Chandeliers

A living room is a cozy living space for your family member, relatives, and friends to chill out and relax. A perfect living room lighting plan should incorporate different light sources. Light fixtures are more than just a source of illumination and they work magic in creating the ambiance you need. If you intend to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your living room, wood chandeliers should be a good option to consider.


Wood chandeliers bring an organic vibe and earthy element to the living room with their distressed or weathered wood tones and metalwork. They are truly works of art that will attract all eyes of your guests. Adding personal touch to your home decor, they play the part of elegance enhancer as well as accent lighting. They can also complement the natural tones in your living room decor and add a touch of character to the space. Scroll on to check out our roundup of wood chandelier lighting ideas.



1. A Rustic Wood Chandelier Introduces a Dash of Old-world Charm to the Living Room


A rustic wood chandelier flaunts a distressed beige finish to add dimensions and lend an unexpected touch to the living room. Six curvaceous wooden scrolling arms are arranged symmetrically around the wooden column. Each arm is supporting a rounded bobeche that is topped with a candelabra-inspired light at the end, which offers the shabby chic rustic style. Its  scrolling arms and candelabra-inspired lights introduce a dash of old-world charm and a thick sense of history into the living space. The sculpted details on the bobeches and the column upgrade the space with rich textural appeal. Its wood accent and the stone wall offer a rough and rugged vibe for the room. The rustic wood chandelier’s beige finish appears in the ceiling, the tables, the sofa, and the cushions to carry the color through the space.



2. The Distressed Wood Chandelier Adds Celestial-inspired Style to the Room


Crafted from distressed wood and metal, the distressed wood chandelier is accented with an off-white finish to offer an understated look. Six wood slats are put together to form a quatrefoil inspired wooden lampshade. The airy shade allows for a soft glow to shine through freely and create a welcoming ambiance in the room. Six elegantly arched arms carry a rounded bobeche that is topped off with a candelabra-inspired light at the end. Its airy lampshade features a stardust accent, which adds celestial inspired style to the living space. The sculpted details on the candle covers deliver a large dose of texture. The distressed wood chandelier blends seamlessly into the room with its off-white finish coordinating with white ceiling, the white drapes, white table lamp, beige sofas, and the white table. The navy blue patterned cushions and the light fixture keep a pale scheme from falling flat.



3. The Rectangular Wood Chandelier Offers an Unbeatable Character to the Living Room


The rectangular wood chandelier’s canopy, hanging rod, lamp holders, arms, and outer metal frame sport an antique rusty dark brown finish, delivering a farmhouse flair to the living room. Its outer wooden frame offers an unbeatable character to the living space with an antique burlywood brown finish. Its beautiful two-tone finish encompasses both nature-inspired qualities and French country style, yet maintains a rustic edge. The light fixture brings eye appeal and a touch of geometry to the living room with two intersecting rectangles. Four exposed bulbs extending upward are evenly aligned in linear formation when viewed from different angles. The light fixture stands out against the white ceiling and shines on its own. The light fixture’s wood accent and its burlywood brown hue play well with the furniture that are crafted of natural materials and other home decors in brown, creating a cohesive look.



4. The Wood-beaded Chandelier Lends a Boho-chic Style to the Living Room


The wood-beaded chandelier’s canopy, chain, top accent, bottom accent, lampholder, rod, and metal frame sport a semi-gloss black finish, delivering a sweet note of rustic touch to the living room. Its metal frame and distressed off-white wood beads add dimensions and lend an unexpected touch to the room, making it a dramatic focal point. Elegant form meets a farmhouse vibe in this chandelier while the beads and metal make for a dramatic play. It boasts cascading wood bead strands on the upper tier and tapering wood bead garlands on the lower tier. The wood beads offer a refreshing element to the opulent silhouettes of this tiered chandelier and lend a boho-chic style to the space. It is a great fit for the wood beams, the drapes, the wooden floor, the wooden table, and the carpet which are all make of natural materials. The light fixture and artwork above the fireplace provide the right amount of style to the otherwise neutral room.



5. The Farmhouse Wood Chandelier Showcases a Hint of Rusticity and an Industrial Glamour


Crafted from distressed wood and metal, the farmhouse wood chandelier flaunts an open cage shade consisting of two intersecting quatrefoil wood frames. The eye-catching cage encases 4 candelabra-inspired lights supported by scrolling arms. Its canopy, lamp-holders, hanging rod, bobeches, and arms sport a rusty dark brown finish while the intersecting wooden frames are finished in hand-painted distressed tortilla. The light fixture’s stardust accent adds a touch of whimsy to the living room. Its beautiful dual finish showcases a hint of rusticity and an industrial glamour. The quatrefoil wood frames offer the perfect contrast to the rest of the light fixture. Its tortilla and dark brown finishes are echoed in the chairs, the table, and the cushions. The farmhouse wood chandelier creates a strong visual presence to this small living room and save the space from being boring.



6. A Wood-beaded Chandelier Commands Attention without Overpowering the Rest of the Space


The large wood-beaded chandelier’s canopy, chain, wood beads, and lamp-holders sport a hand-painted distressed white finish, lending the casual elegance that is sure to shine in any space. Its metal frame, top accent, and bottom accent wrapped by tortilla hemp rope and the dangling tassel give the living room an unexpected touch and a warm farmhouse feel. Elegant form meets a farmhouse vibe in this chandelier while the beads and metal make for a dramatic play. The chandelier boasts tapering wood bead strands on the upper tier while the glamorous wood bead garlands showcase a circular silhouette on the lower tier. Four candelabra-inspired lights are arranged symmetrically inside the wood bead basket. A charming glow seeps through the wood bead basket and creates a welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for gathering. The large wood-beaded chandelier’s white finish is also suggested by the ceiling, the windows, and the walls. The light fixture contributes so much to the visual impact of the living room that features a black-and-white color scheme.


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