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8 Affordable Lighting Hacks to Energize Your Living Space with Claxy’s Glass Pendant Lights

by Remy-Claxy - 2023-06-09 16:47:51
8 Affordable Lighting Hacks to Energize Your Living Space with Claxy’s Glass Pendant Lights

When you are planning for breathing new life into your living space, there will always be an affordable way to implement your plan. Investing in a great light fixture is definitely one of the feasible ways to do this. A glass pendant light is a great choice when searching for the right kind of light for your living space because there are many different themes that a glass pendant light looks good with.


Placing glass pendant light fixtures strategically in a living space can create an interesting and visually appealing focal point that adds energy to the environment. Adding a glass pendant light on top of a seating area of a living room, a dining table, a kitchen island, or over a bed can brighten up the room, make it more welcoming, and create a lively atmosphere. Here are 8 affordable lighting hacks to energize your living space with Claxy’s glass pendant lights.



1. A Modern Glass Pendant Light Injects Some Color into an Otherwise Monochrome Space


The modern glass pendant light delivers a huge dose of contemporary sparkle and a touch of glitz to this small living room with an electrophoretic gold finish. Crafted from impurity-free hand-blown opaque opal glass, it incorporates a mid-century modern element and a classic touch. Offering a sleek sphere silhouette, the round glass pendant light completes the aesthetic with elegant geometry. Its opal glass shade contrasts the gold finish and adds alluring visual interest to the living space. The small living room pulls a gold color from the light fixture, the painting, the cushion, and the throw on the ottoman. They inject some color into an otherwise monochrome space.



2. The Glass Star Pendant Light Brings a Bit of Celestial Style to the Living Room


Crafted of impurity-free clear glass, the glass shade of the glass star pendant light is exquisitely hand-welded and pairs nicely with the black edges featuring copper alloy covering. Boasting a rustproof semigloss black finish, it gives the living room a dash of modern sophistication. Its stellated multi-point design adds an element of surprise and whimsy to the interior. The clear glass shade emits a welcoming and delicate glow to create a wonderful ambiance. The clear glass shade contrasts the black finish and adds alluring visual interest to the living area. The light fixture’s black finish sends out a vintage industrial feel alongside the black wallpaper, the black couch,  and the black carpet.



3. The Globe Glass Pendant Light Gives off a Mid-century Modern Vibe


The globe glass pendant light’s canopy, central parts of the hanging cords, and lamp holders flaunt an electrophoretic brass finish, pepping up the living room with a touch of metallic pizzazz. Showcasing a cluster of opal glass globes falling to different lengths, it completes the aesthetic with an elegant touch. It largely resembles the appearance of a wind chime, which gives the space a funky, contemporary update. It provides a perfect blend of edgy, sculptural silhouettes and mid-century modern elements. The light fixture’s shiny finish also appears in the sculpture and the candle holder. It stands out again the white ceiling and the white walls and adds just the right amount of color to the room with the white-and-blue carpet.



4. The Space Gets its Unique Texture from a Small Glass Pendant Light


A small glass pendant light adds a touch of shimmer to the dining room with its glistening brass finish. It boasts curving arms attached to both the top accent and the lampshade. Its lamp holders are arranged in a pyramidal shape, rounding out the design with an unexpected touch. Crafted of impurity-free hand-blown glass, its dome shade displays a muted style and gives the interior a refined touch. The light fixture emits a lovely glow through the clear glass shade, which creates an inviting atmosphere perfect for dining and chatting. The dining room gets its unique texture from its shimmery accent and its geometry touch. The pendant light, the mint green cushions, and the patterned red carpet make the dining room come alive.



5. Two Modern Glass Pendant Lights Make the Room Fizz with a Pop of Personality


The modern glass pendant lights flanking the bed spruce up your living space with a glint of glamour and makes the room fizz with a pop of personality. Their open clear glass cylinder shades are encircled and protected by a gleaming brass floating band, adding contrast and a ton of eye appeal to the scene. They have all the style, charisma, and drama required to make everyone stand still to stare and appreciate. Their open glass shades allow the light to shine through freely. Their brass finish coordinates with the stone wall, the headboard, and the wooden floor. The light fixtures accent the style of the bedroom together with the blue nightstands and other blue decors.



6. The Small Glass Pendant Lights’ Double-shade Design Adds a Ton of Eye Appeal


Flaunting a rustproof black finish, the small glass pendant lights bring a dash of drama to the bedroom. Crafted of impurity-free hand-blown clear glass and opal glass, their double bell shades lend understated elegance and industrial chic to the interior. They double up on the glass bell shades, creating layers of nuanced light. Their inner opal glass bell shades are encircled and protected by a bigger clear glass bell shade, boasting elegant geometry and adding a ton of eye appeal to the scene. They draw the eye upward to a beautiful display of glass and metal suspended above. The small glass pendant lights’ black finish is echoed in the nightstands, the frame of the bed, and the wooden fake wall behind the bed for a cohesive look.



7. A Pair of Clear Glass Pendant Lights Offer a Perfect Contrast to the White Decors


Two clear glass pendant lights hanging above the kitchen island are coated in a rustproof electroplated brass finish, revitalizing the whole kitchen with a boost of sparkle. Crafted of impurity-free hand-blown glass, their bell shades give the interior a hint of an industrial feel. A soft, warm glow of the light was emitted through their clear glass to provide sufficient illumination for food prep and cooking. Their glimmering brass finish offers a perfect contrast both to the clear glass shades and to the white decors in the kitchen, which adds depth and cleanliness. Their shiny finish is matched by the cabinet knob and drawer pulls. The clear glass pendant lights and the blue-gray kitchen island are sleek, yet intriguing additions to the kitchen.



8. The Glass Star Pendant Lights in Gold Provide a Perfectly Centralized Focal Point


Crafted of impurity-free seeded glass, two glass star pendant lights with a gold finish above the kitchen island provide a perfectly centralized focal point to the kitchen. Their canopies, chains, edges of glass shades, and lamp holders boast a gold finish for a glitzy sparkle. Their celestial-inspired design creates a stunning visual effect in the space. They are made translucent with seeded glass, giving a subtly mysterious and dreamy vibe to the bold shape. The seeded glass shades pair nicely with the gold edges featuring copper alloy covering. The light fixtures’ gold finish also appears in the chairs, the faucet, the cabinet pulls, and the drawer pulls to carry the color through the space. The light fixtures’ lovely appearance and lustrous finish add an interesting and decorative element to the kitchen.


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