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Ten Glass Wall Sconce Lighting Hacks That are Radiant

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07


A glass wall sconce is a space-saving, high-impact light with a remarkable design. It can make a dramatic statement with its unusual designs that cast exquisite shades on the walls. This wall light also provides refined uplighting with a subtle, chromatic glow. It is the perfect functional wall decor to add the finishing touch to any space. A glass wall light serves to enliven your space, complement other light sources, and complete your design scheme. Being a versatile solution providing illumination for ambient or accent lighting, or for specific tasks like reading, it offers the precise type of lighting you desire. Take a look at the fantastic lighting ideas of glass wall lights below and get inspired.



1. Introduce an Intricate Look


Adding a touch of bling, the glass wall sconce’s brushed nickel finish spices up the living room. It brings eye appeal to the room with its intricate look. It sports ornate curves and figure-eight loops, imparting a playful touch to the space. With a clear glass bell shade and a white candelabra-inspired lampholder, the luminary exudes a charming and gentle glow and conveys an understated grace to the room. Its grayish finish is a perfect fit for the neutral furnishing in gray and black. The pillows, throws, and decorations in periwinkle, violet, and eggplant hint at sophistication along with the light fixture.



2. Give Mid-century Modern Style a Try


A duo of glass wall sconces infuse this farmhouse living room with a dash of mid-century modern flair. The exposed beam in a pale brown wood-tone and the roller shades in sepia work beautifully with the light fixtures dressed in a dark brown finish. The light fixtures showcase opal glass cone shades adorned by ring holders in the middle, contributing much to the visual interest of the room. They are the eye candy high up while the navy blue and light yellow cushions introduce rich colors and shine on their own.



3. A Little Bit of Vintage Touch


A duet of glass wall sconces emphasize clear glass bell shades with their curved edges. Their oil rubbed bronze finish introduces a hint of vintage touch to this shabby-chic dining room. Their goosenecks suspend the lights for a dramatic finishing touch and round out the design with a graceful style. The luminaries' oil rubbed bronze finish contrasts the beige wall and the white drapes while the wooden floor mimics the dark hue of the light fixtures.



4. Create a Refined Look


Four glass wall sconces flank the mirrors and provide ample illumination to the dining room with an inviting glow. Being mounted to diamond backplates, they all boast a walnut brown finish and crisscrossing curved arms. A similar brown hue appears in the wooden table, dark legs of the chairs, and the wall decor to carry the color throughout the space. Their opal glass dome shades are sure to draw the eyes upward with their lovely rounded silhouette and curved edges. Along with the luminaries, mismatched chairs in the dining room show off the room’s character.



5. Globe Shades for a Sense of Geometry


Showcasing a brass finish, the glass wall light elevates the decors in this coastal-style bedroom with a boost of sparkle. Its hand-blown opaque opal glass shade introduces a large dose of texture to the living space. Offering a sleek sphere silhouette, it perfectly blends the mid-century classic and the beauty of geometry. The light fixture completes the aesthetic with an art deco look and makes for a statement piece. Along with the shiny wall decor in brass, it adds excitement and a refined touch to the room. The light fixture’s brass finish and the bedding in blue and sandy color provide a calming and soft palette that creates a personal getaway in the house.



6. Go Industrial


The plug-in wall light’s lamp holder and the lid of the mason jar are dressed in a gunmetal black finish, which is reminiscent of the industrial times. Its mason jar lampshade is mounted to a solid pinewood backplate finished in distressing pale gray. The mini mason jar’s adorable appearance adds an unexpected flair while the tortilla wood-tone of its backplate provides a pristine elegance. Its wood-tone and the bedding in baby blue and coral offer a beach-style color scheme and lend a soothing feel to this serene retreat.



7. Onion Sconces Render a Nautical Touch


A pair of onion wall sconces above the vanity capture deserved attention with their classic look. The luminaries that were used by shipping companies and railroads, is an interpretation of the standard brass globe lights and old-world charm. Their oil rubbed brown finish and elegantly curved goosenecks give the kitchen a dramatic decorating impact. The wooden cabinets bring out a similar brownish tone from the wall lights. The light fixtures enhance the nautical flair of the kitchen along with the galley wood floor and arctic blue vase.



8. Choose a Sconce Finish That Matches Other Decors


A duo of swing arm wall lamps bring visual interest and character to the kitchen. They share the same matte black finish as that of the pendant light while their dark finish partners perfectly with the black countertops, which help the look hang together. With their clear glass cone shades, the wall lights cast a diffused glow to illuminate food prep and cooking. The area rug, the fruits, and furnishing in red spread small doses of bright color throughout the kitchen. The luminaries and furnishings in neutral colors keep the bold colors in check and ensure the red doesn't stick out.



9. Capture the Eye with the Perfect Trio


Boasting a brass finish, a trio of glass wall sconces are guaranteed to capture the eye and add charisma and drama through their glittering presence. Mounted to rectangular backplates, their opal glass cylinder shades radiate soft and amazing light rays to create a relaxing ambiance. This space gets its unique texture from the tapware, drawer pulls and towel bars, and robe hooks that repeat the brass accent of the luminaries. The drama is taken up a notch in the room thanks to the navy blue cabinet and the dark cyan tiles.



10. Wine Glass-inspired Design for an Artistic Touch


The glass wall sconce’s canopy, arm, and lamp-holders are coated in a glittering plated brass finish. Four clear glass shades are exquisitely embedded into the arm while they flaunt a wine glass inspired element, rounding out the design with an artistic touch. With fine workmanship, its glass shades are evenly aligned in linear formation when viewed from different angles. It is a wow-worthy addition and delivers a vintage feel. Its gleaming finish complements the drawer pulls, mirror frames, and tapware and stands out against the chocolate cabinet and bathtub.


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