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Eight Rustic Chandeliers That Class up Your Home

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:08
Eight Rustic Chandeliers That Class up Your Home

Boasting a rural vibe, rustic designs encompass natural and old-world elements. Rustic chandeliers give off a country vibe that has become quite popular over the last decade. Featuring a blend of simplicity and naturalism, rustic chandeliers show a pop of personality and a touch of warmth. Introducing a down-to-earth charm to your home, they are mainly crafted from wood, wrought iron, twigs, hemp rope, and glass. With a timeless design, they lend a cozy flair to your space and effortlessly offer vintage appeal and country flair to the environment. By adding a rustic chandelier to your home, you will generate an ambiance akin to a rustic cabin in the woods. If you need a new light fixture to complete your rustic farmhouse, or French country look, why not class up your home with the following rustic chandelier lighting ideas?

1Rustic Chandeliers new - living1

1. The Iron Cage Rustic Chandelier Sends out a Vintage Industrial Feel

Nothing merges a retro style and a touch of rusticity quite like this iron rustic chandelier in the living room. A few curved iron bands are put together to compose a rounded silhouette. Nine beige candle-style lights and the bobeches are supported by the sweeping arms protruding from the rounded cage finished in black. Its intriguing iron cage sends out a vintage industrial feel and makes this light fixture a remarkable example of blacksmith's craftsmanship. The candle-style lights emanate welcoming light rays and fill the room with luminous glamour. The armchairs, the area rug, the walls, and the stone fireplace mimic the colors of the luminaire’s candle sticks. The tangerine cushions, the cushions and drapes featuring floral patterns, and the arctic blue throw introduce rich textural appeal and intense colors into the space.

2Rustic Chandeliers new - living2

2.The Hemp Ropes Chandelier Convey a Hint of Rural Charm

Brimming with a pastoral flair, the wrought iron rustic chandelier shows off a circular frame topped with four hemp ropes. Twelve exposed candelabra-inspired lights perched on the bobeches attached to the swooping arms are arranged symmetrically along the circular frame. The light fixture will have every visitor staring up at the ceiling with its unrivaled style and captivating look. The hemp ropes extend upward in a pyramidal shape to convey a hint of rural charm. A dozen of candle-style lights offer a nice pop of brightness and lend a relaxing ambiance to the room. Its oil rubbed bronze finish and the tortilla hemp ropes play well with the exposed-brick fireplace, the gingerbread armchairs, the tawny wood floor, and the beige brown table. The navy blue cushions, steel blue sofa, and area rug in steel blue and white inject some color into this otherwise neutral space.

3Rustic Chandeliers new - dining1-AX5216-4DU

3.A Rectangular Frame Rustic Chandelier Plays With Shapes

The dining room is bathed in an impressive, diffused glow radiated by this four-light rustic chandelier suspended over the wooden dining table. The light fixture’s chains, rods, lamp-holders, canopy, and metal covers at the corners flaunt a semi-gloss black finish. Its rectangular frame crafted of oak wood is finished in orange brown. Featuring a mix of finishes, it encompasses both nature-inspired qualities and pastoral elements. Its rectangular frame encases four clear glass cylinder shades and candelabra-inspired lights. Playing with shapes, the luminaire is an instant texture boost to the space. The wooden dining chairs, the dining table, and the wood floor spread the light fixture’s orange brown wood tone around the space. The sapphire blue upholstery of the chairs gives the room an element of regal sophistication.

4Rustic Chandeliers new - dining2

4. A 20-Light Rustic Chandelier Illuminate the Room with an Explosion of Light

Being a breath-taking centerpiece in the space, this twenty-light rustic glass chandelier illuminates the dining room with an explosion of light. Sporting an oil-rubbed bronze finish, the light fixture is fitted with twenty cylinder seeded glass shades arranged along two metal slats. All glass shades are evenly aligned in linear formation when viewed from different angles. They are paired with two square metal frames intersecting with the metal slats for a handsome look. An awesome glow shines through the opaque seeded glass shades for a dreamy and glamorous light effect that provides a pleasant ambiance for the mealtime. The light fixture’s dark brown hue also appears in the windows, the ceiling decoration, and the chair legs for a cohesive look. The floral-patterned drapes, the yellow flowers, and floral-inspired wall decor introduce a refreshing element to the space.

5Rustic Chan new - bedroom1 - TJM5231-4DU

5. A Stardust Accent Rustic Chandelier Adds Celestial-inspired Style

Being a fun addition, a rustic chandelier lends an exciting visual element to the bedroom. Crafted from distressed wood and metal, the chandelier sports an open cage shade consisting of two intersecting quatrefoil wood frames. The eye-catching cage encircles 4 candelabra-inspired lights supported by scrolling arms. Its canopy, lamp-holders, hanging rod, bobeches, and arms are accented with a rusty dark brown finish while its wooden frames are finished in hand-painted tortilla. The light fixture’s stardust accent adds celestial-inspired style to the bedroom. Its dual-tone finish makes a farmhouse yet another classic statement in the space. The chandelier’s open design allows the soft light rays to shine through freely to create a soothing ambiance. Its tortilla finish brings out tones from the beige walls, the tortilla sofas, and the tortilla carpet. The cantaloupe-and-green bedding gives the space an instant uplift along with the chandelier.

6Rustic Chan new - bedroom2

6. Sculpted Details and Scrolling Arms In A Rustic Chandelier Make a Designer Statement

This six-light rustic chandelier serves as a focal piece in the small bedroom with its exquisite craftsmanship. Its tortilla column and lampholders crafted of wood are coupled with the black scrolling arms, which fit the transitional style perfectly and make a designer statement in the space. The light fixture’s dangling arching arms connect with lower black arms for an open, elegant look. Its six candelabra-inspired lights exude an old time feel while the column and the lamp holders offer sculpted details and a rustic-shabby style to the room’s aesthetic. The wall lights and the bed repeat its black hue while the wood floor and the picture frame coordinate with its tortilla column and lamp holders. The luminaire, the tortilla decors, and the Yale blue accent of the bedding and the artwork create a calming color scheme that a bedroom should have.

7Rustic Chan new - kitchen1

7.The Metal Leaves Lend a Touch of Whimsy

A vintage rustic chandelier lends a touch of whimsy to this traditional kitchen with its intricate design. Inspired by the trees, the light fixture boasts metal leaves and branch-like curved arms that sprout among five elegant candle-style lights perched on bobeches. Its field drab brown finish and the metal leaf accent impart an extra kick of vintage charm and an element of drama. Five exposed candle-style lights radiate a charming glow that looks stunning in the kitchen. Its field drab brown finish is echoed in the dining chairs and the granite countertops for a coordinated look. The metal leaf chandelier and the flowers help this room achieve an organic aesthetic and provide a refreshing sight that will delight any decor. The red upholstery of the dining chairs and the red containers offer a vibrant twist to the space as the finishing touch.

8Rustic Chan new - kitchen2

8.The Fabric Shades In a Rustic Chandelier Convey an Understated Grace

This wagon wheel-inspired rustic chandelier is bound to take the stage as the premier focus in the traditional kitchen. Its open hoop-shaped structure is topped with six white fabric drum shades to convey an understated grace. The light pouring through the mini fabric lampshades is gently muted and fills the space without any glare. Emitting inviting, gorgeous light rays, it provides beautiful ambiance and adds warmth to the room. A quartet of angled rods suspend the light fixture from a matching canopy for a clean, cohesive look. The white cabinets pick up on the color of the chandelier’s mini drum shades. The dining chairs, the wood floor, the area rug, and the countertop all in gingerbread are matched by its oil rubbed bronze finish. The baby blue drapes bring just the perfect amount of color into the space.


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