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Popular Crystal Glass for Crystal Chandeliers

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

If you are looking for proper and fancy lighting to bring new life to your home, nothing is better than a chandelier. Chandeliers are available in varied styles and crafted from different materials. They introduce splendor and eye appeal that helps achieve the desired ambience in your home. Though we have a vast selection of chandelier lighting today, crystal chandeliers are still the best-loved option of most homeowners. Crystal chandeliers will never go out of style and always stay elegant. Here, we are discussing a few things that we bet you probably don't know about crystal chandeliers and the types of crystal glass available in the world of chandelier lighting.



      1.  Jewelry for Your Home

Crystal chandeliers have been a crown jewel of your home because of its glittery effect of crystal. To those crystal chandelier lovers, a crystal chandelier is more than just a source of luminous ray. If you are planning to add a vintage touch to your space, crystal chandeliers suit your needs.


      2.  A Centerpiece for Dining Areas

When you intend to make changes to your place and impress your guests, which area will you choose? The dining area is the best option to make a graceful statement. Crystal chandeliers can render a finishing touch to any of your rooms. Some homeowners use them to impart a rich and elegant look in a room. They are a dramatic centerpiece for the dining area.


      3.  Grades of Crystal

Another surprising fact about a crystal chandelier is, now they are classified into different crystal colors and grades, according to their unique reflection. The crystal chandeliers that are rated for high-quality hand-cut grades are highly reflective and expensive.   


      4.  High-end Finish Can Make a Difference

A stunning crystal chandelier can complete any room and also do wonders in a bland room. Chandeliers now come in different finishes which will turn a space from drab to fab.


       5.  Right Hanging Distance

A suitable hanging height is required to make the most of your crystal chandelier. For instance, to get the maximum sparkle in a dining room, don’t hang the light fixture too high. The higher you place the chandelier, the less glamour of the glittery luminary you can show off.


How Crystal Glasses are Made into Chandeliers

A production of crystal glass prisms was invented in the late 17th century. The method turned out to be very helpful thanks to its easy procedure and cost-effectiveness compared with real rock crystal. Owing to this method, more and more newly designed chandeliers feature a hand-cut and polished finish in many styles and angles to enhance the grandiosity. Crystal glass on chandeliers come in various shapes and sizes.


How Crystal Chandelier Styles Have Evolved Today

  Chandelier crystal styles have  stayed the same over decades and the most popular crystal chandelier style nowadays indicates a throwback to the old days.  A crystal chandelier brings out the vintage yet romantic vibes across your room with the magical drama that can’t be found in other kinds of lighting. The fact is that  no two pieces of crystal are alike. Today, crystal glass is available in a wide range of styles, cuts, and prices. Here’s a quick roundup of the six major types of crystal glass:


        •    Swarovski Crystal Glass

Swarovski has been one of the finest crystals in the world and has been used for decades. These are also available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Swarovski crystal glass has been used in the making of chandeliers too. This collection of crystals emits a fabulous glow for lighting purposes. A company logo has made it easy for the buyers to distinguish from imitated products to the real Swarovski which offers the best chandelier crystal option available today.


          •     Spectra Crystal

As another class of crystals is used in the chandelier, Spectra crystals also give off an amazing glow. But they are only offered in limited sizes and shapes. They have been widely used in contemporary chandeliers.


          •     Egyptian / Moroccan Crystal (Gem Cut)

Gem Cut is one of the most renowned quality crystal glasses from Egypt. As the first quality, machine-cut crystal glass, Gem Cut is characterized by prismatic brilliance, visual effect, sharp cut, and defined polish on the crystal glass, though it is not as famous as Swarovski.


          •    Turkish Crystal

Turkish industry’s history of manufacturing good quality crystal glass used in crystal chandeliers can date back to centuries ago. Its production is quite different from others. Its crystal glass is produced with an intensive process including cutting on iron and sandstone and then further polishing these crystal glasses to make them sparkle.


         •    Italian Crystal

Italian industry is also famous for crystal glasses for a chandelier. What is so special about these Venetian crystals is that they are molded and fire-polished instead of  giving subtle luminous glow to the crystal by cuts. These are moderately priced than cut crystal.


            •    K9 and Chinese Crystal

These are finely-produced crystals for the defined purpose. Chinese crystal offers a great quality at good prices with high visual effect. They can easily replace pricey crystals with good quality and high-end finish in the market.



No matter how much time has passed, decorating your house has been an all-time favorite to do for most homeowners. Crystal chandeliers can add drama and aesthetic vibes to your home. Nowadays, many types of chandeliers are available in different finishes and styles. Before buying new chandeliers for your home, try to explore all of its recent types.



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