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Top 8 Outdoor Bar Lighting Ideas You Must Try This Season

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:21
Top 8 Outdoor Bar Lighting Ideas You Must Try This Season

Outdoor lighting has to be elegant, functional, and oozing with style. This season, if you are craving some interesting outdoor bar lighting ideas, we have got just the right suggestions for you.

When the weather is warm and the skies are clear, your heart desires to spend more time outdoors with friends and family. As the night draws in, your outdoor bar should be well illuminated and appealing to command all the attention. To achieve this goal, you need to opt for the right outdoor lights.

Here we bring you the 8 best outdoor bar lighting ideas to spice up your space in style.

Let's get exploring.

The Best Outdoor Bar Lighting Ideas to Jazz Up Your Bar

Outdoor light fixtures should fundamentally serve 2 purposes—provide adequate light to your yard and add an aesthetic touch to the space.

Take a look at these 8 brilliant outdoor bar lighting ideas that can flawlessly serve both these purposes.

1. Industrial Pendant Light with a Brushed Nickel Barn Shade

Brushed Nickel Barn Shade

Image Source: Claxy

To get you started, we have this subtle industrial pendant light with a barn shade. The muted white light shade with a brushed nickel finish is one of the chic outdoor bar lighting ideas you can try this season.

The little details of this patio lighting like the hollow design surrounding the light holder, the two-toned color pallet, and the industrial finish make it stand out.

This classy light shade requires one bulb (not included) and is compatible with dimmable light bulbs and switches for the perfect warm glow.

If you are looking for some relaxing outdoor bar lighting ideas, this could be just the right choice for you.

2. Moravian Star Pendant Chandelier with Seeded Glass

Pendant Chandelier with Seeded Glass

How about a few stars in your yard?

Here is one of the more exquisite outdoor bar lighting ideas you can adopt if you desire some drama.

This Moravian star pendant light is made of flawless seeded glass with hard-welded black edges to give that perfect retro look.

The opaque finish of the seeded glass is perfect to create a soothing ambiance for a relaxed evening. A hinged door is provided to replace the light bulb easily.

You can opt to hardwire this chandelier or hang it from the ceiling using the adjustable chain. You can consider pairing it up with the latest outdoor wall lights as well.

3. Oil-Rubbed Bronze Globe Seeded Glass Pendant Light

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Globe Seeded Glass Pendant Light

Usher in some vintage charm with this seeded glass globe pendant light. To create a stark contrast, the light fixture’s canopy and the lamp holder have an oil-rubbed bronze finish.

If you are looking for minimalistic outdoor bar lighting ideas, this industrial-chic light could be a perfect fit. The globe-shaped pendant light is a great choice for the outdoor dining area, bar, or any outdoor space as it is rust-proof and can withstand high temperatures.

Use a dimmable light bulb with this light fixture to instantly create a romantic ambiance.

4. Modern Brass Finish Industrial Clear Glass Pendant Lighting

Industrial Clear Glass Pendant Lighting

Add a touch of glitz and elegance to your outdoor bar with this appealing pendant light. The hand-blown glass lampshade is crafted to perfection to match any outdoor theme.

The right amount of sparkle is provided by the bronze-finished adjustable chain and the light holder. The modern design of this light fixture is apt for homeowners looking for trendy outdoor bar lighting ideas.

Jazz up your outdoor bar area by using multiple of these hanging lights or pair them up with other outdoor bar lighting ideas if you like.

5. Modern Crystal Pendant Light with Mini Glass Cylinder Fixture

Mini Glass Cylinder Fixture

Here is an elegant pendant light that makes a statement right away. The clear glass cylinder shade with chrome finished holder and canopy offers an ultra modern touch to your outdoors.

As one of the most appealing outdoor bar lighting ideas, this light fixture contains seven transparent bubble crystal pendants that are simply gorgeous.

To brighten up your outdoor bar area this mini pendant light requires three 25-watt G9-base bulbs.

This uber-chic pendant light is sure to impress your guests and that’s why it made the cut to rank among the best outdoor bar lighting ideas.

6. Modern Outdoor Pendant Light Fixture for Front Porch

Pendant Light Fixture for Front Porch

Are you up for some vintage outdoor bar lighting ideas?

The seeded glass shades of this light with its geometric design will make a bold style statement in any outdoor space.

This trapezoid shade painted in matte black is both appealing and practical. Install in your backyard and it will serve its purpose for a long time as it is weather resistant.

It can either be hardwired or hung with the help of an adjustable chain. You can use a dimmable bulb and a compatible dimmer switch to create ambient lighting.

7. Farmhouse Polygon Wire Cage, Loft-Style Pendant Light

Loft-Style Pendant Light

Crafted with solid metal, this is an intricate and stunning light fixture for your outdoor bar. The diamond metal cage in an oil-rubbed bronze finish offers geometric beauty in all its elegance.

This is one of the must-try outdoor bar lighting ideas you should consider to render a contemporary feel to your backyard.

Give your outdoor bar a touch of romanticism by using a dimmable light bulb (not included) with this fixture. You can try pairing it up with some stunning mini pendant lights for an elevated visual appeal.

Whether you choose to hardwire it or use an adjustable cord to suspend this light fixture, it will serve its purpose beautifully. It is advised to install this pendant light in dry places.

8. Matte Black Industrial Metal Pendant Light

Industrial Metal Pendant Light

Image Source: Claxy 

This striking vintage pendant light’s barn shade has a double-tone finish. It flaunts a matte black finish on the outside and a white finish on the inside. It’s the perfect choice to add some rustic industrial look to your outdoor bar.

This industry-inspired pendant light is one of the tasteful outdoor bar lighting ideas you can consider this season.

The visual appeal of the double-toned barn shade can be enhanced by using a dimmable bulb. Create a welcoming atmosphere in your backyard with these classy pendant lights.


1. What type of lighting is best for the outdoors?

To ensure that your outdoors are as appealing as your home interiors, you should use the right kind of outdoor lighting. Some prominent types are:

  • Landscape lights
  • Spotlights
  • Pendant and ceiling mounted lights
  • Security lights
  • Wall lights
  • Floodlights

2. Why is exterior lighting important?

Outdoor lights are important for various reasons like:

  • Safety and security
  • Enhance aesthetic appeal
  • Illuminate the outdoors for evening gatherings
  • Boost visibility during the night
  • 3. How can I improve my outdoor lighting?

    Here are a few tips to improve outdoor lighting:

  • Positing the lights correctly
  • Focus the lights at the right spot
  • Use the right bulbs
  • Light up the paths
  • Experiment with uplighting and downlighting
  • 4. Should all outdoor light fixtures match?

    No, the outdoor lighting fixtures need not match with each other. You can go ahead and mix and match different styles. Different kinds, shapes, and shades of outdoor lights can be used to create a visual treat.

    A good understanding of layered lighting should help you experiment better with light fixtures.

    Which Outdoor Bar Lighting Ideas Suit Your Needs the Best?

    Whether you have a well-thought-out landscape or a simple backyard, using the right kind of outdoor lights will accentuate the visual appeal of the space.

    The outdoor bar lighting ideas that we have shared above are apt to illuminate your space in style without compromising on their practical purpose.

    At Claxy, we have a huge collection of outdoor lighting fixtures, decorative lighting, outdoor chandeliers, etc. that can complement your style statement perfectly.

    Choose the lighting fixtures that best meet your requirements.


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