Are you one of those from the lot who loves to spend time sitting outdoors in your home irrespective of the time and occasion?

When the sun’s rays are shining bright during the warm cozy daylight hours and you have the opportunity to boost your Vitamin D count, we agree that it feels pleasant to sit outside.

But what about the night time when the sun sets? Would you still prefer sitting outdoors?

If yes, then,

Are you warm enough and are the outdoor lighting done properly?

It is very important to differentiate between illuminating your garden merely for the sake of visibility and installing outdoor lighting fixtures to enhance the atmosphere to make your garden spectacularly beautiful. You could start by assessing the different outdoor areas like entryways, porch, patio, paths, stairs, seating area, water body if any (like ponds or garden fountains) to see which areas you need to lighten and brighten up to highlight walking hazards and then move onto the places where you want to heighten the beauty of the different features of your outdoor space or garden area.

To assess the areas properly, try to follow the 4 P’s to choose the best Outdoor Lights for your Garden.

  • The Porch light – Various barn and farmhouse-inspired Outdoor wall lights
  • The Practical light – Directional upwards & downwards lights, Hanging lights & Path lights and in-ground lights perfect for your garden area,
  • The Pretty light – Attractive wall lights like Bay lights and Fabric outside wall lights
  • The Party light – Decorative lights like Fairy lights, Metal & Fabric lantern lighting ideas.

Evenings in a garden are about entertaining whether spending quality time with family or inviting friends over for a little after-work party. So, any outdoor garden lighting should aim to provide a sense of tranquillity as well as security.

A few tips to assist you in getting the most out of your garden and for choosing the appropriate lighting fixture:

  • Focus on Garden Features

Concentrating on the significant features of your outdoor space by forgetting about the area as a whole is the first step, to begin with. Certain plants or trees as per your liking would look nice as the centrepiece of your garden or perhaps one specific area that is your favourite spot. Focusing your efforts on how to bring these key features to life by illumination will be the talking or selling point of your garden area.

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  • How to Create the Ambiance

What mood and atmosphere would you want your garden area to reflect? It is considered best to have this information in advance in the early planning stages to make the selection and installation process of the apt lighting fixtures smooth and swoon-worthy.

  • Go Zonal

Consider splitting your garden into several different zones to decide which lighting fixtures need to be installed with the correct temperature for each zone. This lets you focus on one zone at a time. Remember the phrase ‘Less is More’ With outdoor or garden lighting this phrase is gold.

  • Silhouettes

Last but certainly not the least, installation of outdoor lighting fixtures in your garden area allows you to play with various silhouettes and the bold shadows in terms of illumination. A lighting fixture that either projects a dramatic shadow on another surface or is obscured by an object can create impressive silhouettes and shadow effects. Although it isn’t easy to play with various silhouettes and shadows, it can go wrong if not done properly but undoubtedly it is the most fun one to try. You can ask for a professional’s help too.

Outdoor lighting is a form of subtle art to illuminate paths, highlight trees & plants and to guide you towards either the seating area or your home. Therefore, it is useless to illuminate this area like it’s a ground to organize a sports game. Use the proper lights for the appropriate job and area. Try selecting and installing those lighting fixtures for your garden area to keep you safe whilst they are aesthetically pleasing.

Also, the outdoor lighting should be such to withstand the changing elements of Mother nature year-round (all types of changing weather & seasons). When installing your outdoor lighting fixtures, it is recommended to have an idea of what changes your garden area goes through beforehand, for instance, what plants will grow rapidly over the next few months or what effect a particular fixture would have on your garden area with the changing seasons.

Last but certainly not the least, choosing a LED lighting fixture is another excellent option as these fixtures provide long-lasting, energy-efficient illumination by utilizing less energy than traditional light bulbs, plus they are sturdy and need fewer replacements.

Claxy’s extensive collection will assist you in selecting the type of outdoor lighting fixture for your garden area (whether a spacious garden or a balcony garden) that suits well according to the specific areas, landscaping, exterior architecture and furniture to create visual harmony.