Lighting plays a vital role when setting up a new home or redecorating your existing one. The first & foremost thing to do is to implement some basic lighting fixtures. Deciding on the distinct type of fixtures that properly matches your home’s overall design scheme is secondary. Regardless of the amount invested on necessary furniture, elegant furnishings, decorative items, if you do not have well-lighted spaces in your home then something feels amiss.



Layers of Lighting

Layered lighting is a concept of implementing three distinctive lighting techniques within a particular living space that will alter your interiors for the better.

The three layers of lighting are – Ambient, Task, Accent.

  • Ambient Lighting – It’s the natural light from the windows or doors. Installation of fixtures that substitutes natural light by providing glare-free general illumination.
  • Task Lighting – It’s the light needed to perform certain tasks. Fixtures installed for bright & task-based focused illumination.
  • Accent Lighting – Some say it’s the mood lighting and others say it’s the light needed for detailed décor illumination.

For a richer home environment, Ambient Lighting can be combined with Task Lighting to provide shadow-free work areas and Accent Lighting for adding drama to the whole aesthetics.



Types of fixtures for the three layers

  • Ambient Lighting – Flush & Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Lights, Chandeliers, Pendant lights (preferably Single Shade Pendant lights), Wall Sconces and other Ceiling Fixtures.
  • Task Lighting – Pendant lights (preferably downward facing lighting fixtures), Table & Desk lamps, Swing arm lamps, Under cabinet lights, Directed track or recessed lights, Vanity lights and Adjustable floor lamps.
  • Accent Lighting – Wall Sconces (to establish focal points), Picture Lights, Recessed Lights, Track or Monorail Lights, Niche lighting and Chandeliers with dimmer switches.


Importance of Layered Lighting

Every space in your home needs good illumination. The first two layers i.e. the Ambient and Task Lighting collectively create a well-lit space furnished with both the general & functional lighting elements. But it can get monotonous after some time. So, we suggest spicing it up a bit by including the third layer which is Accent Lighting – to add character to your living space.

In general, Accent Lighting should be three times brighter than the inclosing Ambient Lighting for maximum impact.


The proper light bulbs and lighting controls (dimmable switches) should be taken into consideration when thinking about layers of lighting.

For instance: Use multiple lights to break up large rooms. Open-plan kitchen-dining areas are multifunctional by nature and present themselves to be zoned with light. The dining area should be softened with pendants and concealed cove lighting fixtures. The whole design scheme unified by the same colour palette will brighten up your living space throughout.



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