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8 Modern House Exterior Lighting Ideas

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:26
8 Modern House Exterior Lighting Ideas

What does it take to achieve that impressive curbed appeal for your house exteriors? Nothing less than the excellent modern house exterior lighting ideas, of course.

Outdoor lighting is an integral part of your home’s exterior appearance. Outdoor lighting not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the outdoors but also provides much-needed safety.

Sadly though, while selecting the outdoor lighting, we don’t expect them to be stylish. But these modern house exterior lighting ideas are about to change that perception for good.

The latest modern outdoor lighting ideas are stylish, quirky, and always make a bold statement. If that’s what you are looking for in outdoor lighting, get ready to be inspired by these modern outdoor lighting ideas.

Here are the top modern house exterior lighting ideas for 2022.

8 Best Modern House Exterior Lighting Ideas You Should Not Miss

Whether you choose outdoor wall lighting or ceiling fixtures for the porch, you can’t do without security lighting. Security lights ensure that you don’t fall when you go out and are a must-have light fixture in every home.

Let’s take a look at the top 8 modern house exterior lighting ideas to transform your outdoors into something stylish.

1. Modern Outdoor Ceiling Light with Matte Black Frosted Seeded Glass

Matte Black Frosted Seeded Glass

Usher in the vintage vibe with this classy industrial-style ceiling light. This outdoor lighting fixture has a matt black finish that’s beautifully complemented by the opaque frosted glass lamp shade.

The semi-circle design adds a touch of class and drama to this ceiling light. It is completely weather-resistant and perfect for backyard illumination or use as outdoor landscape lighting.

You need to use two 60-watt E26-base light bulbs (NOT included) within the seeded glass dome to spread warm light. You can use LED lights or incandescent bulbs.

This is one of the outdoor lighting ideas that you can’t miss this year.

2. Modern Outdoor Pendant Light Fixture for Front Porch

Modern Outdoor Pendant Light Fixture for Front Porch

Pendant lights are one of the best modern house exterior lighting ideas. This pendant light brings home the vintage charm with a touch of modernism. The matt black finish makes the lighting fixture attractive and perfect to be used with outdoor chandeliers.

The geometric patterns and the lantern-shaped frame is perfect to illuminate your porch or backyard to provide security lighting or landscape lighting.

The light bulb is placed within the opaque, seeded glass shade to create the perfect welcoming ambiance. With the help of the adjustable chain, you can suspend this pendant light at the desired height.

3. Outdoor Pendant Light Fixtures with Glass Shade

Outdoor Pendant Light Fixtures with Glass Shade

The industrial style of this light fixture is a perfect match for the outdoors. Be it for your porch, garage, lamppost, or garage, this robust style never fails to impress. Why not consider it as a classy outdoor kitchen lighting idea?

In this stylish pendant light, the cylindrical clear glass lamp shade beautifully contrasts the all-black metallic design of the frame. You can use a few of these pendant lights in your alfresco space to create a romantic and warm ambiance.

The best modern house exterior lighting ideas are weather-resistant, durable, and meant to illuminate your outdoors for a long time. And this light is definitely one of them.

4. Industrial Outdoor Wall Sconces with Clear Seeded Glass Shade

Wall Sconces with Clear Seeded Glass Shad

If industrial outdoor lights are what you are looking for, we have got the perfect wall sconces for you. As one of the best modern house exterior lighting ideas, it's absolutely classy. The complete matt black finish, the criss-cross open metal cage, and the clear glass cylindrical lampshade create a layered style.

A pair of these wall sconces can be installed in various places like the front door, next to the main window, porch, and even as a trendy outdoor garage lighting idea. They are weather-resistant and durable to brighten up your outdoors.

You can consider using a dim light bulb to create mood lighting or use bright LED bulbs to brighten up a space.

5. Dusk to Dawn Black Outdoor Wall Lights Set of 2

Dusk to Dawn Black Outdoor Wall Lights

Dome-shape designs are trending right now and are one of our favorite modern house exterior lighting ideas.

Here is an exquisite pair of wall lights flaunting this design. The matt black finish and the gooseneck design of the fixtures further enhance the drama created by the dome-shaped lamp shade.

To bring home the farmhouse appeal, you can use these fixtures on either side of the front door, on the balcony, or patio.

6. Dusk-to-Dawn Outdoor Wall-Mount Fixture for Front Porch

Dusk-to-Dawn Outdoor Wall-Mount Fixture

Next on our list of modern house exterior lighting ideas is this pair of stylish wall lights for your porch. The black frame with a criss-cross geometric pattern looks classy and bold. The clear glass cylindrical lampshade perfectly illuminates your outdoor space.

These dusk to dawn wall lights come with built-in daylight detecting sensors that switch on the lights automatically.

7. Dusk to Dawn Industrial Outdoor Wall Lights with Sensor

Dusk to Dawn Industrial Outdoor Wall Lights

This is a pair of chic wall lights that are perfect for the backyard and other outdoor areas.

These exquisite industrial lights flaunt an all matt black finish that makes a bold statement. The hexagon glass lamp shade enhances the beauty and the functionality of these lanterns.

This pair of outdoor wall lights come with sensors to detect the level of daylight that helps them to switch on at dusk and switch off at dawn automatically.

These robust and long-lasting lighting fixtures can be used in any weather conditions and will uplift the outdoor ambiance beautifully.

8. Modern Outdoor Wall Light with Seeded Glass Shade

Modern Outdoor Wall Light with Seeded Glass Shade

The last lighting fixture on our list of modern house exterior lighting ideas is this rustic wall light. The vintage-inspired rectangular metal cage has a wood grain finish. The clear glass lamp shade ensures that your outdoor space is well lit up.

You can mount this wall light near your garage or the side door to add a touch of style to the outside walls. You can use LED lights, incandescent bulbs, or CFL bulbs based on your personal choice.

This durable lighting fixture is best suited for dry weather conditions.


1. How do you illuminate a house exterior? 

Here are some ways for illuminating your house exterior:

  • Go for warm light
  • Experiment with outdoor lighting ideas for the garage
  • Balance beauty and functionality
  • Use focus lights for night
  • Choose uplights and downlights to highlight the landscape
  • Use string lights for creating a great look

2. What type of lighting is best for the outdoors? 

Here are some of the popular types of lights you can use for the outdoors:

  • Path lights
  • Uplights
  • Downlights
  • Pendant lights
  • Lanterns
  • Landscape lights
  • String lighting
  • 3. Where should outside lights be placed in a house? 

    Exterior lights can be installed in different places based on your usage and activity. You can use them in any location like:

  • Porch
  • Garage
  • At a side door
  • Pathway
  • Steps
  • Balcony
  • Yard
  • Stairs
  • Pool
  • Windows
  • Deck
  • Garden
  • The lights can be installed at the right height and angle for best results.

    4. How bright should outdoor light be? 

    Different outdoor lights have different lumens. Here are some recommendations:

  • On the walls - 50 to 185 lumens
  • Step lights - 12 to 120 lumens
  • Lamppost - 120 to 180 lumens
  • Landscape lights - 50 to 300 lumens
  • 5. What should you look for in outdoor lights? 

    Here are some factors you should consider when choosing from our list of modern house exterior lighting ideas:

  • Should be durable
  • Should be suitable for all weather conditions
  • Designed to burn from dusk to dawn
  • Should be energy efficient
  • Are You Inspired by These Modern House Exterior Lighting Ideas?

    We hope these modern house exterior lighting ideas have inspired you enough. Go ahead and replace your old outdoor lights with these modern and chic light fixtures to create a positive and welcoming ambiance outdoors.

    For more modern house exterior lighting ideas, head over to the Claxy website and check out the wide collection of outdoor lighting. Go ahead and choose the ones that best represent your style.


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