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7 Best Kids’ Room Wall Light Ideas You Must Try

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:26
7 Best Kids’ Room Wall Light Ideas You Must Try

Are you thinking of changing the interior decor of your kids’ rooms?

Well, then you need great kids’ room wall light fixtures to do that.

Whether they’re outgrowing their pink or blue-themed decor, or you just prefer something chic and vibrant, you’ll find the right ideas here.

We have compiled a list of seven of the best kids' room wall light fixtures for you. Among them, you’ll be sure to find something your child will love, and that will fit right into your theme.

7 Top Kids’ Wall Light Fixtures

Style and functionality are both important considerations when picking wall lights for your kids’ rooms.

The upside to the wall light fixtures we’ve selected for you is that besides being decorative, they’re also flexible. Most of these are compatible with different types of bulbs like LED, CFL, and incandescent. This lets you choose the kind of light intensity and color you prefer for your kid’s bedroom.

Ready to enhance the interior of your kids’ room? Choose and install one or more of these wall light fixtures.

1. Mid-Century Wall Light with an Opal Globe Glass Shade

Mid-Century Wall Light with an Opal Globe Glass Shade

Image Via Claxy

This simple yet elegant wall light has an opal glass shade with a sleek black and bronze finish on the sconce. If you’re going for something minimalistic yet stylish, this is your option for your kids’ rooms.

With its two globe-like bulbs, and the shiny bronze and black combination, this kids’ wall light gives any room the perfect ambiance.

It has a mid-century classic look that is suitable for any kid's room decor. Whether it’s your kid’s study room, bedroom, hallway, kitchen, or bathroom lighting, this is a great option.

This wall light requires two 40-watt bulbs with an E-12 base.

  • Price: $115 (free shipping)

2. Modern Crystal Wall Sconce with a Silver String Shade

Modern Crystal Wall Sconce with a Silver String Shade

Image via Claxy

This wall light is simply eye-catching and elegant. Its silver strings and pearl-like decorative features give it the ultimate aesthetic appeal. It also has a gooseneck sconce that supports its elegant bulb cage to give it a modern look.

Thinking of something picturesque for your kid’s bedroom or bathroom walls? Gift them a new look for their room by using this beautiful wall light.

Besides being elegant, the cage allows for different bulb types and shapes to fit. What’s more, you can also hang it on a curved ceiling if you want.

Also, if your child likes to sleep with their lights on, you’ll be glad to know that they’re completely dimmable. All you need is a compatible dimmer switch and compatible bulbs.

This wall light supports an E12-base bulb and a maximum of 40 watts.

  • Price: $69.99 free shipping
  • 3. Mid-Century Wall Light Brass Metal Wall Sconce

    Mid-Century Wall Light Brass Metal Wall Sconce

    This artistic piece consists of a beautiful partially open cage with a hand-painted, sleek brass finish. This allows for light to escape freely around the open spaces.

    The metallic almond-shaped wall fixture would be a suitable kid’s wall light if you’re going for a mid-century feel. With the open spaces, you can also play around with the bulb shape and increase its visual appeal.

    Prefer your lights dim?

    Well, this handcrafted masterpiece also has dimming capabilities. With a dimmable switch and compatible bulbs, you can play around with the intensity of light.

    This wall light requires a 60-watt E26-base bulb.

  • Price: $99.99 (free shipping)
  • 4. Wall Sconce Lamp Brass 2-Light Vanity Mid-Century Starburst

    Light Vanity Mid-Century Starburst

    This is another chic kids' wall light with an undeniably unique look. This kids’ wall lamp is 17 inches high with a canopy-like caging around the bulbs. This would make for an elegant addition to any wall decor, especially in the bedroom or the living room.

    The spaces around the bulb caging allow light rays to shine all through the room. This wall light gives you the option to mount both as an uplight or a downlight.

    This metallic wall light is rust-proof, with a shiny brass finish, which makes it suitable for your bathroom mirror. It has an artistic look and stunning design.

    You require a 40-watt E-12 base light bulb for this fixture. It's fully dimmable with compatible bulbs and dimmable sockets.

  • Price: $125 (free shipping)
  • 5. Modern Clear Glass Wall Sconces Brass Bathroom Vanity Lighting

    Wall Sconces Brass Bathroom Vanity Lighting

    This is a simple yet eye-catching kids’ wall light, with three bulbs looking like roses on a branch. The brass wall sconce mixed with a black finish also complements its elegant design giving it a refined look.

    The wine-glass-shaped bulb holders are a creative addition suitable for any wall and go with all your furniture. You can achieve a glitzy look for your kid’s room, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, and corridors using this wall light set.

    The clear glass also allows light to shine freely through the house, creating a brighter effect. What’s more, Claxy offers some great deals and prices for this elegant item.

    This wall light is compatible with three 60-watt E-26 base bulbs and is fully dimmable with a compatible dimmer switch and bulbs.

  • Price: $104.3 (free shipping)
  • 6. Modern Set of 2 Square Brass Gold Wall Light Fixtures

    Square Brass Gold Wall Light Fixtures

    These wall fixtures and lamp holders have a sleek rust-proof brass finish that will give your kid’s room a radiant glow. If you’re going for a minimalistic, functional, yet decorative piece for your kids’ room wall lights, this is a perfect fit.

    These lamps can be mounted both as uplights or downlights on your wall or ceiling to give the kids' room a pleasant ambiance. They’re also great in any other room, your kitchen, dining room, or even bathroom.

    They’re fully dimmable but you’d need a compatible dimmer switch and bulbs. The wall light supports 60-watt E26-base bulbs.

    7. Modern Metal Wall Sconces Brass Stainless Steel Lighting

    Wall Sconces Brass Stainless Steel Lighting

    Looking for something sophisticated?

    These kids’ room wall lights have an exquisite design made of stainless steel rods with an elegant brass finish. The metallic pieces engulf two bulbs in the middle leaving open spaces on either end for light to filter through.

    This wall light has a mid-century modern vibe and makes for an excellent addition to any wall decor. It gives your interior a chic and luxurious feel with its eye-catching design.

    Also, it’s a great piece for ambient lighting or mood lighting as it has fully dimmable capabilities. You’ll only require a compatible dimmer switch and dimmable bulbs.

    The wall light requires two 40-watt E-12-base bulbs.

  • Price: 119.99 (free shipping)
  • FAQs

    1. When should you use wall lights for your kid’s room?

    You use wall lights to help with the organization of your room. Mostly when you need to free up space or make the room more attractive. With smaller rooms, they let you free up space especially if you’ve been using table lamps and floor pendants.

    2. What is the correct height for kids' bedroom wall lights?

    Your wall lights should typically be placed above eye level to avoid direct contact with the bulb. This would be roughly anything above 6 feet from the floor.

    3. How much space should be between the mirror and wall sconces?

    When placing wall sconces on either side of a mirror they should be at least 35 inches apart. This could be in your kid’s bathroom or hallway.

    4. Do wall sconces need wiring?

    No. Most wall light sconces are hard-wired. All your technician needs to do is plug them into an outlet on your wall and they’re good to go!

    5. Are wall lights old-fashioned?

    Wall lamps are classic and their significance in both functionality and decor is versatile. It’s one of those trends that have stood the test of time. They can easily blend into many different settings, both modern and vintage. So, no, they’re not old-fashioned, they’re evergreen.

    Change Your Kids’ Wall Light Decor This Season

    The choices are all quite elegant and tempting, aren’t they? That’s a sign that you need to replace your kids' rooms’ wall lights with these stunning additions.

    This is especially so if you have older kids who have their own sense of style. Or you may just want a statement wall light for your little ones.

    If there are a few wall lights that have piqued your interest, head over to the Claxy website and check them out! The options are so many, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


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